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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In terms of MSKCC treatment wise, nothing is in progress yet as the next meeting will be this Thursday since she is cleared of cancer cells. However, Mommy Cynthia has been talking to parents in RMH and MSKCC to try to learn more on their experience on their individual fights with monster, both in the emotional and medical way.

For the kids, RMH is a big playground for them. Even laundry days! These little helpers of mommy cyn love to head to the laundry room with the pink laundry bag. They figured out it is too heavy to carry by one person, they decided to do it this way:

In the small room, emptying the bag:

Just a few trips to MSKCC where they had chemo outpatients, they picked up how the kids are taped with tubes at their back and decided to decorate mine with it too!

Jase is such a darling to Charmaine. Whenever we had to head out in the sun, he made sure that Charmaine's head is covered by the stroller, or she wears a cap. Once when she was slping on the stroller with the Sun shining, though we have covered the stroller, she still gets shined. Jase then used her pillow and held on to it to block and shade sleeping charmaine.
Then, there were a couple of times we had to carry the food from the kitchen, and little helpers are needed. He will make sure that he carried the heavier ones while Charmaine either do not carry or carried the lighter ones.

Wonder if it is the food or the air here. They are growing so fast and both had put on weight too!

I am leaving New York tonight and guess what is the part i miss about them most? when they woke up. They look so cute and always seeking for each other. If the brother woke up first, Charmaine will search for her bro and hug him before snuggling back to bed again.
Jase in return, will hug her back and they will just cuddle into a ball.

Bless you, dearies and we shall see one another soon!!!

Love, Charlene


Maggie said...

Jase is really a nice big brother, very attentive. I am sure U are going to miss them but they will be fine. They are all warriors. :)

Maggie said...

Hey! Someone left me a link to a Dad's blog on neuroblastoma. Maybe Cynthia can read and take heart in it

2am said...

I couldn't help but to feel a liitle worried as to how Cynthia and the kids going to be as Jolene is leaving NewYork tonight. I hope they are able to manage and everything go smoothly for the mummy and kids. God Blessed!

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Hope everything is going well. I mentioned you and Charmaine in today's post at
I have nearly 30 NB blogs listed in Cancer Blog Links.
Take care, dennis

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