Day 3: MRI

Thursday, August 6, 2009

To prepare for her test, Charmaine needs to drink down a bitter solution and we had to mix it with clear liquid, recommended with water, apple juice . we chose 7up as it is a softdrink for her though she prefers coke. Princess is a very brave girl as she cried, refusing to take it down becos of the bitterness. She needs to take this even in SG hence she has develop a phobia on this drug. (UTube is taking ages to upload her gluping down of medication).

Crying Charmaine. Mommy Cynthia has to coax her down before she finally takes it.

Minutes after, our feisty girl seemed to forget about the medication and starts to play with her oxygen mask.

While waiting in MSKCC, Jase waited for her at home. Using the same oxygen mask, he had created himself a bow and arrow.

Them dancing:

A kind singaporean dropped in to get us the snacks for Charmaine as well as porridge&duck for the kids lunch. Yum.. finally something for them that looks more @ home.

To reward our little princess, we packed them for a trip to FA O as well! Both kids came back with radio-controlled cars and of course, our princess had herself a pink car.

Can you spot them?

This afternoon, they felt like they are on a long holiday trip as the chemo will only start next week. Looking at the three of them, hope that Mommy Cynthia did enjoy herself as much as the kids too =D

Instead of cabbing 20streets back, we decided to make use of the strollers and walked back home after getting the toys.On the way back, Jase has KO-ed while Charmaine occasionally request to walk with her mommy. Pavements here is huge and i guess, tempting for her to run around. Our naughty princess saw pigeons nibbling on the food along the pavement and decided to run and scare them, with her hands in her mom's.

Dancing in store:

Our final stop is T-mobile, to get two pre-paid cards (and phones) for Jase and Charmaine. Next week would be the separation week for them and they have this great plan of unlimited calls between T-mobilers. With the chatty kids, this option will definitely be the best.

Jase woke up while we are waiting in line and it seemed that he landed in winter

As we all did not nap during the afternoon, by the time we reached back hotel at 7-ish, we were all kinda slp walkers and finally KO-ed @ 10pm.

Visits by guests and courtesy calls by concerned donors also touched our heart. Thanks to Iris for her snacks, Barby and team from SIA for the toys and colouring books/stickers (and Krispy Kremes for us!). We have also phone calls who assured us that, if there is anything, anything that we need, they are a phone call away. =) Thanks Andrew and another i couldnt catch the name in my sleepiness.

It is Day 4 soon and no fasting today!
Kids are munching nuttela bread right now.

Videos will be up shortly.
Good morning sunshine!

Love, Charlene


susanteh said...

Thank you for the update. I am glad that there's some normalcy for Cyn mummy and children - happy to see you at rest for a bit. Praying for Charmaine to pull through and come home in good health. Take care.

Christopher said...

God bless Charmaine and hope she'll recover soon. Praying for you...

Christopher said...
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Roxanne said...

Charmaine... She is going to be a Miracle, and when she grows up, she is gonna tell her friends. " I have been to the Big Apple!" : )

Hua said...


I wish Charmaine the best of luck. Loved the video of the kids dancing!
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Mama Joan said...

hi cyn, i understand ur pain when u can only helpless watch charmaine get poked n even had 2 help restraint ger. My ger was hospitalised once n i was caught in the same situation as u. She even ask me y i din help her 2 fight off the nurses n i juz cried since she's only 2 n won't understand. She kept herself away frm me throughout the whole stay n wil hide under the bed whenever the doc or nurses enters. It really pains me 2 see her so traumatized. As 4 US, I was admitted once during my stay n its really bad. They weren't as gentle n caring as our nurses here, but i believe there must be some good ones around. I wil pray 4 u n char on this area.
Charmaine: u r very brave! I dun tik even auntie can b as brave as u! So pls fight hard n kill the monster ok? We wil all wait 4 ur victorious return here! I love u sweetie! Pls win this battle, god wil help u n i wil keep u, mommy n kor kor in my daily prayers

Megan, loves G M Xuan. x3 said...
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XiaoXinXin aka HappyTreeFrens said...

God blesses Charmaine.. Be brave!! :)

XiaoXinXin aka HappyTreeFrens said...

God blesses Charmaine.. Be brave!! :)

XiaoXinXin aka HappyTreeFrens said...

Take Care!!

Patrick said...

Dear Cynthia

I do not think that you are listening or even interested in what I'm posting.

So for the last time, please stop giving Charmaine the sugar soft drinks and dairy products. The hospital had recommended water or apple juice, but you chose 7-up.

It is already a barrier that Charmaine has to be doing Chemo and Radiotherapy in NY, when she could have had these done in Singapore at a fraction of the price. The fact that Chemo and Radiotherapy had to be done to ensure that the cancer cells in the bone marrow are gone or greatly reduced, goes to show the capability of 3F8. If 3F8 has the ability, presumbly, greater than Chemo and Radiotherapy, which could have been done in Singapore, why then is there a need for this process.

However, since you are all already in NY, please do your part in helping Charmaine build up her body and health. From the pictures, I can see her strinking away..

It is only one part in bringing Charmaine to NY for a "cure".

She'll have to come back to Singapore alive.

Signing off now


Pixie said...

Hi Patrick,
the hospital has recommended 7up (or rather sprite) as well over Coke.

For 3F8 on radio and chemo, i suggest you read up more or read more in depth to answer the queries that you have just posted as they were all addressed on those concerns.

thanks for your concern and please read, listen and be interested in our posting in why 3F8 and NY was finally also decided.

Thank you,

Maggie said...

Hi hi! U might want to check out their local postings or the internet for the type of apartments available. 1 thing that is very impressive about them is the way they advertise. What U see is what U get.

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