Day 2: Bone Marrow Biopsy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

0945, Charmaine and Cynthia left for MSKCC to start her bone marrow test. Back in Singapore, the final test we have, was that the cancer cells were not cleared after the 4th, and so we have the 5th chemo. It looks like she will ve to go thru her 6th here and even a possibility of radiotherapy.

Fasting from 12mn is not good for Charmaine, as she has not switched her timing over to NY yet. This means that there is a possibility that either she wakes up too early, or wakes up too late to eat before 12mn. So this morning, she has been asking for food over and over again, before her test.

Even telling her that monster will grow faster does not deter her to have a bite on her favourite food.

While Charmaine and Cynthia are in the hospital, Jase and I were out to playground for a good 30mins. Due to Charmaine situation, Jase had not been in a crowd with kids for quite sometime. The playground was full of kids and he sort of dislike the fact that it was not as quiet as yesterday. He played alone, took the slide alone, and it was obvious that, he did not enjoy himself much, without his sister companion. After which, we went grocery shopping and he reminded me to get two packs of chips for Charmaine, so that she can eat after her visit to hospital.

Then, for the first time, Jase saw horse carriages out on the street near Fifth Avenue as I took him to FA O schwartz to get them a toy each for being such lovely children. He is so excited and said that when Charmaine is well, they will go on a ride with Cynthia as a family. Took a picture with the horse and off we went to get air pistol guns for the kids.

Jase in his first subway ride:

Jase amazed with the horse on roads:

Jase in FA O:

The level of cleanliness seemed to be different as NUH. Kids are allowed to mix in the playroom and there is hardly any children on masks in MSKCC. Probably a different culture that we have to take note of.

Most families in RMH are here with either two parents, or a grand parent. So, as they knew about CYnthia would be here alone, even the doctor had advised her to think of a solution soon when Charmaine has infection or for Chemo, and needs to leave Jase alone. This is one of the disadvantage that we knew from the start when we decide to bring Jase over, but it sure beats over having the kids separated.

Jase in the playroom of RMH on Day 1:

Mommy Cynthia is still working out the options, and how simple it will be, if there would be a second adult that ought to be here. A pity that I am on self-funds. We probably will seek help from our neighbours here but cards are still on the table, and she is still considering.

It is 4pm soon and the kids needs to be awake. We are trying to wean them off the jetlag. The air pistols seemed to be a good weapon now.....

-- Updated with photos--
It turns out, all of us woke up at the wrong side of the world, and they only got to play it at 10pm.


Target Board...
(Thank you Wei Kang for the rice cooker!)

Eagle-eye Jase "found" Charmaine's bullet under the bed but it was in fact on her hands!

We have to take a shot of this "toilet/kitchen/sink" as Cyn Mommy is tormented with the fact that there is no proper washing area for her babies.

Love, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

charlene, thxs 4 the updates. I would vote 4 u 2 stay wif the family. Cyn wil need a close friend 2 b wif her at these times. Back home she hv all the support, but in foreign land, its different. M sure leaving jase in neighbours' hands doesn't sound good, wat if it's in the middle of the nite? Also cyn wil need plenty of emotional support during this times. as 4 living expense, hw much can tat cost? U rent an apt n u need 2 pay whether or nt there is extra 1pax. Eat - u do the cooking n tats saving n healthy! M sure we all wil understand

Chris said...

Charlene, thank u for the updates. Sorry to email u on the trouble to log into Charmaine website this morning, managed to log in now with another PC. Worry for Cyn how is she going to cope without u after next wed.

Cyn, I understand how u feel seeing ur baby filled with fear and crying to u for help and u r so helpless. Be strong Cyn, Charmine is going to make it, she has come so far she will make it, have faith. We will be praying Charmaine.

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