Day 1: MSKCC Consultation

Monday, August 3, 2009

All awake at 0500. Consultation will start at 1300.

-Edited to update-

Early the day, the kids went to a nearby playground at 7am a few streets down from RMH. They came here as well the day before and some of the photos taken.

At 1pm, the appointment with Dr Krushner was set and while waiting, the children were in the playroom like other kids. It is a good enviornment considering that both of them could blend in very well after a few minutes.


There are alot of activities in this room

Shortly after the nurse called in Charmaine for a blood test, and this, kick off the series of her treatment in MSKCC. As expected, tomorrow will be a round of scans and she will need to be fasting from 12mn now.
All this while, while waiting for Charmaine and Cynthia, Jase spent his 5hours playing in the playroom as well as the marine fish found in the waiting area.

And... the DHL boxes finally arrived!

Love, Charlene


J.H said...

I hope ourfeisty princess will get well soon! God bless you all.

Mama Joan said...

jia you princess charmaine! The treatment road ahead maybe painful, but with determination n love n support from all of us who loves u, pls fight on. We hv managed 2 come so far in difficult times like this, so it means we r already winning half the battle. Nothing is impossible when u hv faith! Pls defeat the monster! We know u can do it! Jia you! My prayers wil b wif u!

totoro said...

Dearest Mommy Cynthia,
I salute you for your determination and courage. Against all odds, you have made it to NY.

Dearest Charlene,
Thank you posting all the updates. I am sure you have given Princess and her family so much comfort by keeping them company all the way to a foreign land.

Thank you for sharing with us a beautiful story of love and friendship.

All the best to Princess Charmaine.

Maggie said...

All the best

Michel said...

well said mama joan...
dearest princess charmaine.. I will pray for you every night for a super duper speedy recovery... stay feisty!!

love_is_all_around said...

Gambatte ne! Little Charmaine, we are all behind you! Fight!

Chris said...

Hi Chalene,

Thanks the website is ok today.

Cynthia, we will be praying for Charmaine, she is strong and very determine feisty princess, she is going to win this battle.

Xing Yi said...

Hope charmaine get well soon. Happy to know that they are in NYC now...

Jessie said...

Well said Totoro!

Cyn Mommy,

As the Chinese will say, 辛苦了! You are already at the half-way mark, and victory is not far ahead! So charge on fearlessly with our determined princess! 加油!加油!You can do it! The Lord will be with you.

none said...

Hope you will get well soon, Charmaine. Dear Cynthia, keep your strength and spirits up. You have come so far and you will go all the way now to win this fight for your little girl. You are a wonderful mommy who is doing everything possible to save your little girl and you have your little boy and awesome friends by your side. Praying for you from the other side of the USA.

emsfronda said...

We'll keep our fiesty princess in our prayers always! God is good all the time! Stay strong Mommy Cynthia!

cyn said...

Hi Cynthia, Charmaine, Jase and Charlene. Will continue to pray for Charmaine's full recovery and for your safe return to Sgp. Take care!

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