While Jase is resting...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Love, Charlene


Mama Joan said...

Great to see that Charmaine is doing good!! Jia You Princess! Jia You Mommy Cyn! Jia You kor kor Jase!

Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

Good to know Jase is getting better. It put a smile on all of us seeing Charmaine happy face.

Take good care, all things will work out good, we will be praying
for you guys.

Lizhen said...

Hi, came across your blog today. Felt sad that Charmaine is going thru all these stuff at her age. I've put your link to my website at www.joybearer.com.

Press on. Jia you. Have prayed for you guys for a miracle.

isA. said...

Charmaine's life has indeed transformed mine own.

I used to take Time and Life for granted, but overnight, I have taken on a different perspective on Life.

Thank you so much Mommy Cyn & Feisy little Charmaine, may God's grace always be with you.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, press on! My thoughts and prayers will always be with you.

- Isabella, 18, student.

♥佩琦-to believe in myself♥ said...

charmaine :) be a good girl -
everyone will be praying for you .
smile everyday :) jiAYOU !! god bless :)

jacquisbakingsomething said...

Dear Charmaine,

You are so so brave and I Thank God for you, mum & KorKor. You are doing so well and winning every fight. Keep well and hang in there. See you soon in S'pore.

Dear Mumi Cyn,
your blog brought back memories of the days my daughter had to go overseas for her treatment. It wasnt easy but we managed with God's grace and strength. He sent His angels to take care of our every need. Take this time to bond with your kids. It is so beautiful to read your blog to be updated on how you are doing. You are an awesome mum! Very precious to Jase & Charmaine. They are so blessed with your love.

Dear Jase,
You are such an amazing Korkor! Well done for you, big guy. You are doing a great job just being there for Mum & Charmaine. You are so special.
God bless you all.

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