Goodbye & see you soon!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cynthia, Charlene, Jase and our dear feisty princess Charmaine left for New York in the morning.

The kids were so excited at the prospect of taking an aeroplane, unaware of the many challeges ahead of them.

Took quite a number of photos and videos. Will upload the videos another day. Youtube is taking a loooooong time.

Here some some photos from today...

I wonder if they've landed. Yet to receive an sms from them. Hope all of them managed to get their well deserved sleep on the plane so that they would be all geared for the jetlag and also for Cynthia mummy and Charlene jie jie to build their energy reserve to settle all the logistics.

Gambatte to all of them...

And especially to our feisty princess!



Precious Moment said...

Dunnoe what happen, but it just bring me tears when reading and looking @ the photos... Jia You and take gd care all...

Sankrish said...

Charmaine , I am sure u r gonna come back as a winner . we will all be eager to receive u in singapore . All the best dear .

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