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Sunday, August 23, 2009

She is back from hospital at 2-ish am, however, will need to head to hospital again for her antibiotics shot.

Top left: Mommy Cyn and Charmaine
Top right: Charmaine and her Magic Wand.
Bottom Left: Her new pram and baby.

She will be starting her radio on Tuesday to 3september before the next 3F8 round will start in mid September.

Love, Charlene


Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

We understand the fear, the pain and all those tears that u r going thr right now seeing Charmaine going thr so much pain but take heart that Charmaine will win this battle.
Charmaine is very strong, she will put thr all these treatment.

Take care, will be praying for Charmaine, Jase and urself.

Mama Joan said...

Charmaine, Jia You!! All of us are praying for you and mommy and kor kor, And i know God is working on healing you! So Jia You, Lil' Princess!

yaya said...

Hi Charmaine, is great to see your cheerful face again!

You are one step ahead the victoria, keep fighting on & we will pray for you & family...

Love & kisses :)

cyn said...

Jia You Charmaine! I know you can do it!

Mama Joan said...

Princess, today you are starting your radiation treatment. I hope it will not be as awful as the 3F8 treatment. But i know you are a brave ger and you will sail thru this treatment and surprise your mommy again. Remember, all these treatments is to help you to get rid of baby monster and every pain you suffered, baby monster suffered double! Jia You!!! I know the rainbow will appear soon.... Auntie and my lil' ger are praying for you everyday. love you sweetie!

love_is_all_around said...

Hurray! Little Princess Charmaine, round 1's winner! :)

And today will be the start of round 2. Let's hit the monster hard hard in this round 2 and it is becoming smaller and smaller everyday.... You are the winner for ALL ROUNDS!

Jia you! Jia you! Jia you!

Jase jase kor kor, remember to sing songs to mei mei when she can't sleep oh... Mei mei needs kor kor soothing voice, of cos not forgeting Cyn mama, she needs your everyday pat. :)



XiaoXinXin aka HappyTreeFrens said...

Hang on there charmaine!! Never give up on yrself and dun let your mummy down ar!!

whyteach said...

Hi Cyn, Keep your faith up. Both of you will win the battle. Will keep praying for your family :)

Elaine♥ said...

Char is strong, she can still stay happy despite all the pain she is suffering right now. This also shows she knows how to cherish life (:

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