End of Round 1

Friday, August 21, 2009

For the first time, Princess Charmaine decided to talk to me on the phone. Cyn Mommy and all are very happy to hear that as that would mean that ourfeistyprincess is now back!

Over the past few days, she has been vomitting and only been able to sleep in the wee hours of 4am, only to wake up early the next day for another shot.

The conversation starts with the standard opening line of the kids:
Charlenejiejie, where are you?
- Working in Singapore
Charlenejiejie, is it night time there or morning?
- Morning here, and NY night time right?

Then, Charmaine started to inform me about her 3F8 saying.. I did my 3F8 finish already. Very painpain.... Got win Monster?

Of course my dear. U have been such a strong girl and with so many bullets fighting rounds, Monster surely wont be back to you soon.

I miss all of them.

Thanks for Cyn Mommy's friend for coming by for a week + as well as Iris for being with Jase in the crucial days.

Yes love, Charlenejiejie will be back to sleep in that.....sofa bed you all specify. =D

Love, Charlene


Cyn's sms:
I'm hoping to meet elizabeth and her folks on every cycle because that means that our girls have not hama and is on schedule! I'm just so glad that its over. Its friday. All of us can finally have a breather and have a decent sleep. Next on, radiation. I wont think abt it until mon. Just wanted to say thank you for all the prayers that got us through cycle 1 safely. Thank you all. I am forever grateful. Thank you.
[SGT 00:55 22-08-2009]


Joey said...

jia you

Mama Joan said...

It have been a daily routine for me to check on this blog for any updates. And so does my lil' ger. Both of us got a little worried when we did not see any updates for the past few days and my ger actually ask me to call and ask. Now i feel so relieved to know tat Charmaine is ok for the 1st round of 3F8. I must call my lil' ger and tell her this good news.

Charmaine: You are a great princess! And yes, the monster must have been beaten by you upside down! Good Job!

yaya said...

Charmaine, you did it for the 1st round!!!

Real happy for you! :)

Continue to fight on...ok!

jiaqian said...

How many rounds of 3F8 will Charmaine be doing?

happybee said...

Charmaine, I am so proud of you. Auntie Renee will prepare a big present for you and Jase gor gor when you fight win the monster and back to Singapore ya! I will keep you in my daily prayer...God Bless you, my sweetie princess :)

Pixie said...

Hi Jia Qian,

It shld be between 4-8rnds depending on situation. there is a blog post aerlier to explain =)

Thanks all!

Yes we are so thrilled to hear and the way she says "3F8" is so adorable too!

Love, Charlene

Sleepy Cat said...

Princess Charmaine, remember to hammer the monster hard hard =P

love_is_all_around said...


Little princess! You did it!!! You are a brave little girl!!! Cyn mama and Jase jase kor kor must be very happy for you right?

Go on and fight the monster till upside down and it lies flat and got kicked OUT!!! Ok?

Rest well these two days.

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