Still in KK

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Charmaine and mommy are still in KK. Char has to finish the 5-day course of antibiotics which is a standard procedure in KK.

Her neutrophils is still 0.

Some brighter news:
1.Fever subsided.
2.Black spot on tongue has lightened a lot.

I pray that means it's geting better but we're still on our toes.

I thank all who have been constantly givin us support and thanx for all the word of encouragement. Pardon us if we don't reply.

We've also been heeding some advice from various of you who had given advice and suggestions.



Maggie said...

That is good. Had been checking regularly for updates. Keep the faith

Maggie said...

That is good news. Had been checking regularly for updates. Keep the faith

Dee.. said...

here with you. take care. keep updating us. we are following you.

ZayvenzLim said...

be strong.. hearts are with u.

Patrick said...

Neutrophil level can be affected by the blood's pH. My sister who is in her 20th chemotherapy cycle has 60% neutrophil

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