Admitted for fever

Friday, February 26, 2010

Highest was at 39.2 degree.



stardusz said...

Hi Jolene, I've emailed you an email. Hope to hear from you soon :)


Mama Joan said...

Charmaine, press on! Jia You! Cyn, Jia You!!!

RTCT said...


If you can find sometime and if you do not mind, please update us to the donation situation. After spending the money on the US trip and coming back to Singapore for continuing of treatment, will need lots of money. The last thing you should be worry now if money.

I am a Buddhist and I promise that each time when I chant Compassionate Sutra, I will include Charmaine name. In fact, my daughter name is Charmaine too. She is 1 year younger than your Charmaine. May Buddha be compassionate towards Charmaine and lessen the pain and suffering she has to go through and quickly lead her to the path of recovery. I also hope Buddha help you find your inner stregth as your are suffering too.

Do let the reader understand your finacial situations.

Mama Joan said...

Charmaine, don't be afraid! God is with u always.. Cyn, seek wisdom from God for He will always provide you with answers. My prayers are with you n your family. Jia You!
Happy moments, Praise God
Difficult moments, Seek God
Quiet moments, Worship God
Painful moments, Trust God
Every moment, Thank God

kittymin said...

waiting for updates... hope that everything is fine.... hang in there cyn, jolene and everyone!!!

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