Cynthia and the kids are back in SG

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi all,

Cynthia and the kids have touched down safely in Singapore. Safe yes, but healthy no.

The kids developed high fever on board the plane which lasted the whole 12hours. It was fortunate that the SQ staff was there for them or Cynthia would not have been able to handle it all alone.

Cyn mommy is also developing symptoms. Before flight, she was already very sick vomiting and all. Charmaine is currently admitted to KK and Jase is at home resting from his high fever.



totoro said...

Dun worry, there are many of us wanting to help. Now that you are back here, it will be more manageable. Just let us know.

Tell the kids, Auntie Totoro is preparing hong bao for them.

Take care.

yaya said...

Hope all speedy recovery!

Mama Joan said...

Welcome back, warriors! Sorry to hear that all of you are down, do take care and drink lots of water too!!

Claudio said...

dear cyn

now you are back in singapore. back at your family, your friends, your roots.....all are behind you, with you!

i wish you and charmaine will find some new power (now back home), for this next fight against the monster..

never give up cyn!

my prayers and wishes are with you


LXMummy said...

Welcome home!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Hi Cyn,

Welcome home!!
I am sorry to hear that all the three of you came down with bad fever. Please take care.
Just wondering is it convenience to visit Charmaine at the KK hospital? If there is anything I can help please email me at or my mobile 96855158

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