Day 2 of Chemo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Char's knee is visibly swollen but doc has no idea what is causing the pain and swell. She's on paracetemol round the clock to try and control the pain and we are going to do a ultrasound and X-Ray to try and determine the cause. The pain is making it impossible for her to sleep but otherwise she is tolerating the chemo well. Doing the X-Ray is going to be a challenge because she is required to straighten her knee which she hasn't done so in days due to the pain.

I pray that her pain will miraculously subside and that there is no cause
for any concern.



Mama Joan said...

Miracles happen at most unexpected time! Cyn, stay faithful! God is in control!

01 said...

hi cynthia,
hang in there although its tough.
a virtual * hug * for you (: jia you!

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