Blood transfusions just started at 1am now

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My only thought now is that everyone should be taught medical subject in school!

A nurse from a different hospital once said to me that she is taught blood 'die' within 2 hours and it really puzzles her why blood transfusion for kids takes over 3-4 hours. I'm puzzled too. Whenever I casually ask every nurse, each one gives me an interesting answer but seriously doesn't answer my question. Granted, fear of severe side effects is a common reason given for a slower rate over a longer time but if the blood dies after 2 hrs, what's the point of the next 1-2 remaining hours.

When I was a kid, I only knew that we need to study hard because it will enable us to make money. But no one has ever taught me that education and knowledge is also absolutely essential to enable you to maybe help save your own or even your loved ones' lives. I'm thankful my parents provided me with a good chance to study but I truly regret that I'm not smarter than I am right now. Medical jargons and medical journals are seriously the hardest subject!

In this world full of information, different opinions and different practices, decision making is such a delicate and stressful task.

And of course knowing a lot doesn't always mean a better decision will be made but not knowing is what I am taught in school.

Goodnight again.

A rather puzzled and full of question marks Cyn mommy


Pete said...

Transfusions can take up to 4 hours.

Good luck and best wishes for your daughter.

eILeEn gOh said...

Hi Cyn - Never would I imagine that I will bump into you and Charmaine this morning. I will keep you and Char in my prayers and wish everything to be smooth as you wish for. Take care and best wishes!

Caryn said...

Dear Cynthia,

I'm touched by your efforts for your daughter, and the love and support from your friends. It pains me to see lovely Charmaine going through these. I'm a mum too. Always drop in to see the latest update, praying for Charmaine, you and Jase.


Yew Heng said...

Happy New Year to Charmaine and Family. I am always amazed by how strong you are and am truly humbled. The new year will be a good one. Everything will be well again. My deepest well wishes. : )

Mama Joan said...

Princess, Jia You!!

dedicated to me by Lamerz said...

"It takes an average of 2-4 hours to transfuse one bag of blood." - HSA

don't worry! =)

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