Back in KK for the night again...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates from KK -

Came in this afternoon for a blood test and routine checkup. How unexpected!
Neutrophils came in at only 0.1
HB is very low
Platelets is also exceedingly low.

During the day, she was her chirpy self and even woke up earlier than her brother so she could walk him to school! It's amazing how happy she could get without any needles on her!

Nonetheless, when she had her finger prick, I noticed that her blood colour was so odd! Asked the lab assistant who obviously could only say we have to wait for lab reports.

It's 10pm now and she just fell asleep after her medication and we are waiting to start the platelet transfusion.
Today's accessing of the port was another traumatizing experience for her and me. I bet the onco nurse freaked out too. I still can't exactly grasp what is her fear; the different procedures, the different needle used or just the accutane side effect which she took while in NYC (which causes depression, anxiety, fear or in extreme cases, suicidal). I pray that I have more wisdom to understand the cause so I can help her better.

The blood and platelet transfusions will take more than 4 hours so it will only be done earliest 4am. With good luck and blessings, pending no fever, we will be able to leave early morning.

Next 3 weeks will be busy with daily outpatient radiation at SGH. That will be another story - sedation doesn't work as well on Char now that she's bigger and more aware. We took more than an hr yesterday to get her to finally sleep! The Dr nearly gave up and wanted to reschedule for a GA instead! Thankfully, the therapists were all very patient and understanding! The challenge for coming Monday first radiation will be getting the sedation to work and make her sleep! (Instead of sleeping only when we get onto the taxi and more than 3 hrs continued at home!)

Platelets just came, gotta sign off!

Goodnight everyone!

With love, hope and faith,
cyn mommy

PS: I read all the comments left by everyone and I appreciate every thought, message and of course all the prayers! Pardon me for never writing any personal replies. Thank you all.


totoro said...

hi Cynthia,
Thank you for the update!
Whenever I had a bad day at work, I remember you and Charmaine and i felt so silly. I should spend more time with my family, my kids. Why should I let my work affect my personal life!

Please take care and I wish Princess a speedy recovery.

good night !

Colton said...

You are the greatest mommy , Cynthia

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