Happy Chinese New Year!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just another short update. Charmaine blood tests yesterday showed that she is neytropenic (zero immunity).

I was rather surprised because though this chemo is high dose but it's apparently not as high as previous rounds however, this is the fastast her counts has dropped to zero already on the fifth day! Previously, it was usually aroun the 10th day or so.

Her fever is still going up and down like a roller coaster! Yesterday it went beyond 39 again! Not sure because of the knee or the zero immune. Whatever it is, she's already on 3 different types of antibiotics. Hopefully she will get well soon so at least I can get her to try and walk again. I don't dare to imagine how long our stay is going to be and worries if I can keep her spirits high for so

Nonetheless, I should just focus on tomorrow and not think too much.

It's tiger year! My biggest wish is for everyone to have a healthy, happy and safe year ahead!

With love and hope,


Marvelliciously said...


and Cyn Mommy & Family, JIAYOU
加油! :)


Ms. Potatoe said...

Happy CNY and V day Trio... Please continue to fight the 2nd battle!! You'll defeat the monster... Stay strong and we're all here... for you! Trix

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