Thank you to the medical professionals

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 3 started well with Charmaine feeling chirpy and happy. We played Bingo, puzzle and Candyland and she won me numerous times. Grandpa brought her fav noodle and she ate a huge bowl of it. Chemo infusion started at 1030 hrs and finished at 1700hrs.

Shortly after, she developed a high fever of more than 40 degrees Celsius. We went on panic mode, esp me. Sponged her non stop. She became uncomfortable and upset, crying non stop until she vomited.

Thankfully, the day ended on a good note for me. Her fever subsided a little and when Jase visited with grandma, she was alert and better. I finally fell asleep past midnight when her fever subsided to a reasonable level.

We don't know if the fever arose due to her knee infection or her chemo but for now I'm just glad she is better. Her pain in the knee has subsided totally yesterday but doc thought the swelling has gone up slightly. The orthopedic surgeon came yesterday and said that they are happy with the range of movement she has in her knee now and that the fluid is 2mm in diameter so it's not so much that they want to do an invasive surgery now but they will continue to observe.

Right now, I'm just grateful that things seem to be improving slightly and is pretty much over the fact that we won't get the chance to spend cny at home together with my family. What upsets me most is knowing that my parents will be upset although they will never jeopardize charmaine's health for anything. It's weird hearing some of my friends trying to escape the cny by going overseas whereas I'm so affected that my whole family won't be able to sit down as a family to have our reunion dinner.

But most of all, I realise the people that I should be most thankful to. The doctors and nurses working through the festive holiday instead of spending the occasion with their families. What more do I have to upset with. I'm ashamed truly. Thank you so much to all the wonderful medical professionals working tirelessly to save our little warriors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With hope and love,
cyn mommy


Mama Joan said...

Thank you God for thy intervention. Pls continue with your healing in Charmaine! Glory to the Mighty King! In Jesus Name i give thanks and pray, Amen!

Charmaine, jia you! Cyn, Jia You!

Mic said...

I am glad that Char is feeling better... was so worried when i read the previous post on her fever.. now that i have read ur post... i feel ashamed also.. cos.. i am also unable to spend cny in sg... and was very down... so after reading ur post, i guess i am able to prevent myself from feeling so down... ur posts always act as a form of indirect encouragement for me... thanks..

Anyway, wishing u a happy chinese new yr! May the new yr be a good and smooth sailing year for u, char and jase!

bingkit said...

I felt so sorry after reading your post..I'm sure everyone is praying for Charmaine after reading the as well..pray that she could get well soon and get rid of the cancer cells and wisdom to the medical professionals too.With god's power and guidance,I'm sure everything will be fine in the coming days bcz God is love.

audrey said...

Dear Cynthia,
I am relieved to know her condition has improved. I was really upset by the previous post. You have been very brave and you are able to see beyond your sufferings. I have learnt a lot from you even though I am older than you. Thank you.

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