I love you.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I just got the first "I love you." from my precious child since we got into and out of ICU a couple weeks back.

It must have been weeks BUT it felt like eternity. And it was so very painful not to hear that from her.

And just like magic, she did it again.

She said those 3 precious words to me out of the blue. I screamed out many "I love you"s to her hoping that I could probably get another but no luck.

Nevertheless, that one "I love you" is worth all the pain and heartaches and suffering.

I want it to be deeply embedded into my brain, my heart and my soul.

I love you my dearest child.

Cyn mommy


2amYH said...

My heart struck when I thought Charmaine went into ICU again, but then I re-read it then I understand what you meant. I pray that things is getting better each day, and healing process is already taking its course.

tomiko said...

Dear Cyn mummy,

Would like to pray for Charmaine, if it's possible, could I come to ur place to pray for her? You can contact me at: songblower@gmail.com

God bless,

stacey said...

This is a video showing how universal energy is used in healing. This energy is expressed in the form of love through prayers, chanting, meditation and other practices. Gregg Braden presents a video showing cancer being cured in less than 3 minutes using the language of emotion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmMNlmn1DPc&feature=youtu.be

Love being the purest form of energy exists in physical and non-physical world. It is in God and it is in all of us.

Pink Lotus said...

Dear Cyn,

Can I tell Char a story (you can choose not to publish this).

At the eastern Pure Land called Lapis Jewel Land, there lives a Buddha called the Medicine Buddha. Medicine Buddha is a fully enlightened being and he has two main Bodhisattvas (菩萨) assisting him. Under these two Bodhisattvas are 12 medical generals and under each medical general has are 7000 disciples under him.

The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma. It was understood that Medicine Buddha was a medical doctor in many of his previous lives. Medicine Buddha has made a vow to help those who call upon him when ill or injured, and to aid people to achieve a long and healthy life.

Last Friday, I went to a place and they were having this month-long Medicine Buddha practice. So I joined in and recited the Medicine Buddha sutra and mantras. I prayed to the Buddha for your healing. I am sure Medicine Buddha and his millions of disciples are working on it now.

Little Char, I hope you find comfort that whether or not you are having pains, Medicine Buddha as well as all other Almighty ones are with you. They will accompany you in your journey of healing and you will get well. And when you grow up you can be a doctor or a nurse or in any profession and assist in other peoples’ healing journeys. Smile.

Unknown said...

For thoese 3 words, u must hang on Cyn mummy! Jia you to u n Char!
Love her and u!

Unknown said...

for these 3 words, the more u must hang on Cyn mummy! Jia you! we all love Char and we want her her to say these 3 words to everybody once she's well!

mich said...

I love you baby Charmaine
Loves auntie michel

mich said...

I love u baby Charmaine , loves Michel

Rose said...

I have been a follower of this blog for 1.5 years and finally could not hold back my tears last night when I read about the previous post " is this real"
Char char is only 6 years old but has such strength and sensibility! Stay strong mummy Cyn!You and char char have taught me valuable lessons and i have nothing but admiration for you both.There are lots of friends who are cheering you on even though you do not know us. Lots of hugs and love, Rose

Pauline 慧敏 said...

Charmaine, our hearts are spilling with so much love for you. We love you too!

mt196 said...

Hi..I am josse's friend. I pray for Charmaine and for her to feel better soon. The little feisty princess has always been in my thoughts, ever since i read your blog a couple years ago. Charmaine is very strong, like her mother! And she has the best mother in the world. Strive on!

Hsin-Li Chia said...

Dear Cyn Mommy, I'm a silent follower of Charmaine's story since it became public in 2009. I am very saddened to hear how difficult Charmaine's condition has been of late. I read this article last night which I wanted to share with you. I hope it gives you encouragement as well as courage to carry on as the strong mother you are to Charmaine and to her brother. Your children are lucky to have you - their dragon mom, in the best possible sense. The Great Creator couldn't have chosen a better mother to carry your daughter and son through this. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/16/opinion/sunday/notes-from-a-dragon-mom.html?_r=1&src=tp&smid=fb-share

Unknown said...

Dear Charmaine mummy,
Charmaine mum,u should know me,we saw and play with each other before with ur son jase and ur daughter Charmaine.I am Wan Ling's sis(Xiu Ling).Don't be sad and don't ever cry coz if Charmaine saw u crying in heaven,she will be sad and she will not rest in peace.If u do want her to rest in peace,please be strong!I know it is hard to be strong but u really must control urself to not be sad or cry in order Charmaine will rest in peace.U should also know that many ppl cares about Charmaine even my whole families cares for her too..I also feel very very sad for her,i feel like crying but i know i must be strong.So i hope u will be strong too.I know it is hard,but u must really really control and stay strong...I feel so srry for Charmaine.I thought i can play with her again and again.After all this happening,i think my wish was not fulfill....Please rest in peace Charmaine...

Unknown said...

Charmaine,Hope u will rest in peace in heaven.Remember that time me,my 2 sisters,u,ur mum and ur brother played together?It was so fun.But now that u are gone,i miss playing with u... :( That makes my heart hurt and i can't hold longer... :( I could not believe this was happening to u...I thought that u will be fine...But all this happening now must be very hurting to ur families and my families and many other ppl..... I wish i could play with u happily like that time we played together.. :( I really feel so so srry and sad for u....And today on Sun 23/10 i visit ur house and i saw ur grandma crying.....Ur mum and the others which were at ur house did not cry but i know that they are sad........I comfort ur mum and ur grandma........ Charmaine,i miss u so much! :( Please rest in peace Charmaine.I will never forget u...

From:Wan ling sis (Xiu Ling)

Charmaine mum:Be strong!!!Charmaine is forever my good friend!!!!

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