Pray for a smooth journey

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cyn mommy has decided not to intubate charmaine at this moment, a strong yet difficult decision to do.

Pray not only for Charmaine, by Cynthia, to face the final moments.

Thank u.
Love all,


Anonymous said...

Is charmaine in Nuh? Would like to go there to say a prayer for her , please kindly SMS me at 98440049 thanks .

Eurofighter said...

Had been feeling restless since morning tody, and just read the post...
All my prayers go to Charmaine, Cynthia and their relatives, even though I didn't know them in person, this story touched me deeply when I got to know about it from a link at Jo's blog.
I hope God will make it as easy and light as it's possible in the situation.

stacey said...

Dear Cyn, I know it is very difficult. I am praying for you and Char. Char has shown courage throughout the process. I am sure She would like to see you continue to stay strong for her, for yourself and for your loved ones.

ah per said...

Be with her. Stay with her.

You love her so much.

She knows.

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