A BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sneaking in for a quick post...

We are at $300K mark now!!!
Thank you everyone!!!!!
See you all on Sunday Soccer Match!

A special thanks to :
- Rafi Ali Soccer School to arrange such an event for us! Of course, the sponsors for the event too! We might (cross our fingers) bring Charmaine along too, so please please remember to bring in more Cash to donate! Rafi Ali School knows Princess Char favourite colour is Pink, so these boxes will all be coloured in bright pink! They must have had great sponsors backing them up because I heard that any amount donated, you will be given a spa voucher too!

- Radio 100.3FM esp Kenneth and team for the money fundraised, for the torture the kids given to you all yesterday,

- Various forums, medias (you know who u are ;) ),

- The fundraising activities listed at the right-hand panel

For all who have landed on this page, who have donated in cash, in kind, in thoughts, in prayers, in accommodation, in food, and who have conveniently forgotten that I should be working, thank you everyone!!!!

Can never thank all of you enough!

(Sensing a pair of eyes behind me soon, so I shall thank till here)

We hope to have all the donations in by July 13th or 14th and have this as the best birthday present that Charmaine can ever receive.

We are all excited about Sunday! How about u?

Love, Char


Char is in very good condition right now. thanks for all the prayers!
I will be putting up her photos shortly.
The culprit Monster will also be put up to be shot to death!


Just received the news:
Dr Aung just called. They found cancer cells in her right bone marrow. Cant stop crying. :-(

Please pray....


Anonymous said...

I am so happy and touched to learn that little Charmaine is doing well. Having read the story of emily and nata, i have great confidence and faith in Charmaine. She is one extraordinary girl who is great power. She touched every of our heart.

Dear Cyn mummy,

Stay real strong. Not easy i know. Believe in yourself and Charmaine and all the people praying hard for you and charmaine. I am a mummy of 2 and fully feel your pain and helplessness. Rest whenever you can cos Charmaine and Jase need you most!

Anonymous said...

May i propose not to bring little Charmaine to the field this sunday. I am worry abt all the virus in the air in midst of height of H1N1. She is all our little darling that needs most protection now. *hugs*

Many of us are spreading words around to create awareness among frens. Even my MIL contributed when she heard abt Charmaine from me. We are all helping!

Let be confidence of our target!

Kind soul out there! Help pls no matter how much u can.

stardusz said...

Cynthia, stay strong. Don't cry.. We are all behind you and we believe Charmaine will win this battle!!!

Charmaine, kill those monsters!! Kill 'em!!!

Anonymous said...

our prayers and thougths are with cyn mummy and charmaine! they way is maybe long and hard - but we belive that its possible! its a bad news - but fight on. one "monster" is dead - the others will follow! little feisty is strong and has great power! she believes in herself - thats really good!
take care

Anonymous said...

yes, stay strong with Charmaine and you all have our continuous support and encouragement! Cry if you all need because is a way of letting off too but do remember to be back to fight the monster after crying,ok? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I also agreed that Charmaine should stay at home instead of going to crowded place. And Well, I'm hoping that you can cross the 400K mark in few days time follow by 500K mark. Looking forward for the figure to raise soon. May I also suggest that we all appeal to Mr Oei to do some donation as well, seem that he still has to spend quite some money to sue the bank. Maybe he should channel that money to the charity instead. Just one of my wild suggestion...No offends.... Or maybe the bank can do likewise, :)

Anonymous said...

Can someone pls tell me if the 3F8 treatment will kill the cancer cells in the bone marrow as well....

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

We'll all be praying for your little princess. She's going to win this battle alright! :)

Anonymous said...

Stories on the survivors...


Anonymous said...

don't cry cynthia! charmaine will be able to fight the monsters out there! she already won 1, didn't she? we will pray for her..

on a sidenote, i also feel that not to bring lil' charmaine to the crowded stadium with all the good-hearted angels this sunday. she needs to be protected @ home.

cynthia & lil' charmaine, you both need to jiayou oh!

tony said...

Fellow Singaporeans, bro & sis, I believe many can still remember the case of Huang Na , a little young Chinese gal, who was murdered , many singaporeans, bros & sis, poured in to help her family …

Now, we have a local Singaporean little darlg gal, born n raised in Singapore, please, HELP SINGAPOREAN

Together, with our help n care, Little Charmaine can pull thru .

HELP Singaporean, please..

Kum siah

Anonymous said...

tony, if u remember correctly, huang na's mom is suspected of mis using the funds. She now lives in a 4 storey mansion in china, even hires a chauffeur. It was reported in the papers.

Anonymous said...

huang na's lesson:


Anonymous said...


If you are skeptical about this donation drive, you are free not to donate...

To put it bluntly across to you, it's our money... we can do whatever we want with it.

Just leave this blog alone. Your kindness is appreciated.

Jolene said...

3F8 is the name of a substance called a monoclonal antibody. It attaches to GD2, which is a marker on the surface of neuroblastoma cells. 3F8 was produced by white blood cells of mice, and it must be carefully prepared for human use.

When 3F8 is injected into a patient's bloodstream, it travels and attaches to the GD2 marker on neuroblastoma cells. The attachment of 3F8 to a neuroblastoma cell serves as a signal to the patient's own immune system (for example, the white blood cells) to attack the tumor cell and kill it. In other words, the 3F8 directs the patient's own immune system (which usually acts only to control infections) against the neuroblastoma. Chemotherapy weakens a lot of the immune system, but not the part that works with antibodies. With time, as the body's own immune system becomes stronger, 3F8 treatments may help the body learn to fight tumors on its own.

>> Extracted from various websites.

Jolene said...


Love, Char

Anonymous said...

Is charmaine scheduled for any bone marrow transplant?

Has a suitable bone marrow been found?

Mic said...

Never give up hope.. everything will goes on smoothly.. have confidence and Charmaine will have the will power to fight on too! Jiayou!!!

Mic said...

Never give up hope.. everything will goes on smoothly.. have confidence and Charmaine will have the will power to fight on too! Jiayou!!!

Jolene said...

Like a backup plan, in case we do not have 525K (to be exact) for US, we will go through BMT. So for Plan B, harvesting of her bone marrow will be next.

Love, Char

Anonymous said...

i seriously hate the monster in putting a darling into such situation. take care and be strong C and C.

Richelle Marie Hogan said...

Dearest Princess Charmaine,

You are a God's soldier! You will definitely battle the enemy and win the war..cause all of us are praying for you in our own little ways. God will not forsake you. You are His Beloved baby...

We will wait for the day that all of us will be able to visit you when you are well and runing around ...

Dear Cynthia,

My highest regards, respect and love is with you - from the bottom of my heart! You are a hero for all of us just by your decision to go all the way out to fight it out for Lil Charmaine. You are doing the RIGHT thing and noone must deter you from your decision. You are in my prayers too. You must get the strength to carry on so that Char can draw energy and strength from you. Take good care ... keep going! We are all behind you...supporting you.

Go go .... Cyn and Char! We are waiting for you at the finishing line watching you winning the race!

Loads of Love,

Anonymous said...

I nod wat is like to hear another heart-breaking news fr doc.

Last yr Nov, my father was also diagnoised with 4th stage cancer of the pancreas. Now is spreading everywhere including the lymph nods. He is so skinny and nt eating well.

Cemo does nt help. BP and blood cells all dw.

I myself also very scare that I will lose him soon.

But when I see Charmine is still bubby and doing fine, there will be a chance to get well. Remember stay positive ok?

sylvia chua said...

i'm touched by the words and confidence charmaine has with her.fight the big bad monster and kill him! stay strong! jiayous! though i've never had relatives i known having cancer,i know how painful it is.as a pupil of beijing chinese tuition centre,i hope little charmaine will be able to have lessons there.(: to cynthia mummy,dun wurry,i'm sure little charmaine is able to fight the monster with her confidence in her.take care and with lot's of loveeesss to you and your family.may god bless.
to reply this comment to me,you may reply at:wwww.preciouslurve.blogspot.com
will be praying hard for all of you.
ur sincerely,
sylvia chua

Skk™ Jean said...

Charmaine, jiayous !
Basically, im just a secondary schooler, however, im extremely touched by Charmaine's story . She's extremely brave can . Can i donate cash t her ? Reply me at lovewithoutyou-@hotmail.com. Thanks .

Anonymous said...

With everyone's prayers and well wishes , i hope Charmaine will fight this "monster" & get well soon . Years from now , perhaps Charmaine will grow up an dthen read this blog and realised how many were behind her to annihilate this cancer . God bless

Elice Lim said...

Will continue to pray for little princess Char, Jase and mummy Cyn... Everyday is precious for all of us. So try to make each of our days unique and pleasant... :)

How is Jase doing? We concern of him too and hoping to get to know his little updating news too... :)

Anonymous said...


VALERIE. said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, i understand that u guys are trying to get as much money as possible for Charmaine. But pls stop posting comments on other people's blog urging people to donate. i've found such "ads" on other cancer blogs. Pls stop being so hardsell.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. You don't know me and neither do I know you. But I do have a 4 yr old boy, and God forbides if anything were to happen to him I am sure i will be devastated. I really do feel, and share, your pain.

But stay strong! To show my support, I have shaved my hair (part of the hair-for-cancer charity drive), and I have tried to share little Charmaine's story with all the people that I know.

Money is just a small part of the issue. Your spirit must stay strong - have faith and you (and your lil' one) will win this battle!

- Alan

Anonymous said...

scarly this turns out to be a scam.. no transparency on donations.. no attempt seems to have been made to find a more willing cheaper doctor.. or local treatment at singapore hospital... is there no other doctor than Dr Ang??.. is he earning commission of 100K?.. ppl don't know what's going on with the money ... and charmine is not the only one in sg with such a disease.. what about the other sg kids who are nearly dying from other problems.. what is making charmaine so special is the publicity ..funds that could be used to help other kids is being channeled to this one... yes i am baseless.. sounds similar to the tv mobile ads of gambling and courtesy

NutZkcas said...

Dear Charmaine,

Great to hear that little char is doing well now. And I'm really looking forward to seeing you along the field, cheering happily. Have already bought tickets for this sunday's match. Hope to see you there!

Dear Cynthia,

I feel the pains that parents go through when their child is experiencing the worst possible moments in their life. I just hope that you can stand by her, and show the little one your strong side. It sure does help !

Anonymous said...

Dear Cynthia,

do not be affected by some negative comments here and there. There will sure be some in every situations.

Stay focus, encouraged, strong willed in caring charmaine.

To some others who may have doubts, you have the freedom of choice to do so and not contributing or simply offering words of encouragement but pls do not post your discouragement here. So hurting to a mummy... u will know wat it feel if you are a mummy. * thanks for being more considerate*

Anonymous said...

I guess the question on alot of people's minds is - what if she doesn't survive BEFORE she goes to New York? Will the sum collected be donated to children's cancer society / charity?

Yes, everyone wants to sound optimistic, but the odds are against this type of cancer, not just charmaine, but hundreds have passed away too. Right now, there is no statistic to prove that anyone can be the exception.

I guess some people are just furious that everyone is blatantly asking for donations.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what others say... there is no wrong in going all the way to achieve one's goal as long as it is moral and ethical.

No matter wat the outcome is, you know you've given your best and Jas; he'll definately be proud that he has a mum like you.

lesson learned...
A woman can be so strong... stronger then i can imagine when it comes to protecting her child..
This is... i suppose what motherly love is all about..

Anonymous said...

Go go jia you Cyn and Char and all those angels around..

Althou there is a toad (froggie supposed to be slightly better lookin than toad rite) still living in the well, thinkin the world is only as big as what he can see..

Let's forgive thou NOT forget. I saw sth in the toad.. he is STILL fighting althou the odds are against him.. althou the FACTs are presented clearly that he is not welcome and the fact that he dun noe how to read, how to interprete... how to understand THE whole issue.. The toad only picks the few words in the few sentences the toad like... Well.. this is a fighter clown that will go on...

I was tearing when I read the post, angry when I saw toad's nasty comments but I cant help laughing at the FOOL-lishness and irony too.

I saw a STRONG and BRAVE fighter in Char.. and a WEAK COWARDLY "fighter" in Toad.. Althou thoad's been booed down.. he is still.. well... "fighting"...


Anonymous said...

Arrrghh.. i wanna convey my well-wishes but i got side-tracked. YOu win, toad.. I hope you are happy, toad.. (happy cuz finally give u a lil credit for winning.. Come on.. learn to smile and say thanks.. lol)

Cyn mummy.. NEVER GIVE UP! YOu can cry but you MUST fight on!

Char sweety... Hugz! Jiayou jiayou! Take in all the positive energy and well-wishes and press on!

YOu have lots of angels behind you all the way. You are the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Btw.. i saw stardusz's dedication in hwz..

cnp by kapo me:

I wish to dedicate this song to Cynthia... And also all the donors who have donated towards Charmaine's medical fund



Dexx™ said...

you should add a paypal donation button to this blog? to get more donations? it kinda makes it easier to donate.... just a thought :) wish charmaine a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I think the more we respond to that anon, the more he/she will be happy. Let's ignore him/her.

Maybe is better if the post on how we can donate is being post on the top instead of in 1 of the posts. That will be much clearer and easier for anyone who wish to donate to know how they can do so. Many may not where to get that info.Btw, maybe charmaine mummy blog on "donation" can be link to here instead of the current one which didn't show how we can donate cash.

Jia you!!!! NEVER give up!!!!

We also like to say hi to Charmaine, Jase and the feisty team and keep going oh!!! :)

Jiayi said...

Charmaine,may god bless you.
you are such a cute girl,i'm sure you will get well.

Ada said...

Hey Cyn mummy and everyone else on the feisty team! The bunch of you have been very brave and strong in the fight against this monster. I am sure it hadn't been easy pouring your hearts out to the general public and occasionally getting wounded because of it. Keep fighting, praying and hoping! :) It is not an easy road to walk and all of you have been doing an amazing job! :)

susanteh said...

So sorry to read about this set-back for Charmaine and family. But Cyn - do take heart. There's many of us rallying around you and praying for Charmaine's recovery. Stay strong and keep positive.

Pay no heed to naysayers here. As a mother myself, I understand that you're simply doing your level best to keep your child - ANY mother would do that.

I RESPECT your courage in going public and asking outright for $ donations ... It cannot be easy to have to blatantly ask for money!

People who don't believe in the sincerity of Cyn's appeal, the worthiness of this cause vis-a-vis other causes ... please do just walk away and say nothing. Save your negative comments for elsewhere, as I think Cyn and family have enough troubles as it is.

Anonymous said...

Cyn mom,

Dun cry... stay strong for your 2 kids, they need you the most now. I'm sure with the public's help, we will able to send little darrling Charmaine to NY for treatment and most importantly she will WIN this battle!

Believe in yourself and ur little girl!

Anonymous said...

Charmaine,stay strong!

Jessie said...

Hi, I've been waiting for more updates since yesterday afternoon, since there is none, I decide to post my question: pardon my ignorance, but how will the latest development affect Char's treatment or chances?

Anonymous said...

To donate or not is your personal choice... to those of you who are skeptical, you can choose not to donate... It is really mean to post negative comments about this donation drive... I agree that there are definitely many out there who are sick... but for Cyn mummy to humble herself to ask the public for help... We should applaud her courage and love for her little darling... and help in whatever way we can... Charmaine definitely deserves a chance to fight the monster...

To Cyn, Charmaine & Jase... Do not get affected by the negative comments... Just focus on fighting the monster... and take good care of each other ok...

Love always!

sk said...

Hi Cynthia

My heart goes out to you and Charmaine. And i will be keeping you in prayers.

Just like a letter needs to be addressed to someone, a prayer should be attention to someone too.

Shall we agree to direct our prayers to the God who created heaven and earth, the one who created you and Charmaine please?

We probably crossed path in KKH ICU last Monday. I was there to pray for the 10 yr old girl who was in coma for 2 weeks. Based on friday's update, the 10 yr old girl can now open her eyes. We are still praying and believing for her total recovery.

In love, and standing with you to believe for Charmaine's total and complete healing,

sk said...

Hi Cynthia

My heart goes out to you and Charmaine. And i will be keeping you in prayers.

Just like a letter needs to be addressed to someone, a prayer should be attention to someone too.

Shall we agree to direct our prayers to the God who created heaven and earth, the one who created everyone, including you and Charmaine please?

We probably crossed path in KKH ICU on 22 Jun. I was there to pray for the 10 yr old girl who was in coma for 2 weeks. Based on friday's update, the 10 yr old girl can respond by opening her eyes when someone calls her. We are still praying and believing for her total recovery.

In love, and standing with you to believe for Charmaine's total and complete healing,

Elice Lim said...

Personally i think little princess Charmaine shd not attend to the soccer match in this Sunday,no matter what good reason is being given.

If the family really care for Char, shd not bring her there. If the public really care for Char, shd not expect somebody to bring her there. Juz to protect Char as best as possible.

Wish she will be always be protected fr unhealthy environment.

Jolene said...

Thanks all for the concern. Bringing Charmaine, while not only was to thank everyone for putting so much, esp rafi ali sch for this soccer match, we were thinking of allowing Charmaine to indulge in that 15mins of enjoyment. the recent news as you have read, pulled everything backwards.

Everyone's thoughts have definitely been put into our hearts, and thank you so much for providing a ray of light for the girl, that meant the World to Cyn.

Love, Char

CCF Singapore said...

I think you bastards should stop sucking money on VR-ZONE .You have already gotten $300k and still sucking on us ?

Please ,other kids are also suffering due to cancer and are more deserving of funds .

I sincerely hope u r using the funds appropriately .

Anonymous said...

CCF, i'm glad someone finally has the courage to say it.

Anonymous said...

To "CCF" and the previous Anon.

I assume u guys believe u are of a higher moral character, so that u can talk down to the feisty team like that?

First off "CCF", can u ask yourselves how high is your moral character if in your first sentence u are using vulgarities????

U think by putting "CCF", u represent all the children with cancer in Singapore??? Who do U think U are????? The only thing u are showing is being a coward bcos u want to insult others but u don't even dare to put your own profile? Scared?????

Yes 300K is a lot of money, but it isn't YOUR money rite?? It belongs to the fund to help Charmaine, and it was donated by thousands of people, who all know what we are donating for.

Yes there are other cancer kids out there, but who are U to judge who is more deserving or not?????
If u think u know what is best, why don't u tell us what u will do with this sum of $$? Can u save ALL cancer kids in Singapore??? No matter how, someone will still criticize u for not saving the "more deserving" kids.

And u use the term "sucking on us"?? U talk as if u contributed your life savings. I believe u have not even contributed a cent here, and by your attitude, I don't believe u have even done anything to ever help those "more deserving" ones.

If u disagree with this judgement on u, PROVE US WRONG.

We are here to support someone in need. It is our time, our effort, our money and OUR CHOICE.

So if u all u have is negative comments, kindly leave. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if kao bei gia is actually related 2d feisty team. or even some other anonymous comments in support of their cause. y so defensive?

Anonymous said...

We all have families, and we all have important people to us. I don't have a child, but if this is my child, I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO SAVE HER.

I don't see how u can disagree.

I work in the medical field, and as much as possible, the family is given the information they need to make an informed decision. Treatment modalities are discussed in depth with the family.

I believe when they made the decision, they knew what they were going to face.

And for the highest chances to save her, this treatment is the way. Now I can't speak for the family, but if there was a better way that didn't involve asking donations, they would do it right?

It is not like u are donating to an organisation or a body (e.g NKF) and then realising there is misuse of funds. To me, I am donating to a person and a person only, and I know all I need to know, so I am making an informed decision. And how much does it cost any of us who are donating???

It is not like we are donating our lifesavings; we are donating an amount we feel is acceptable given our situation. I don't think anyone who donated felt they donated too much and lost out. To us its just this small sum, but to Charmaine's family it means a lot.

If u really have good intentions, then have u thought about how ur comments are affecting the family and the team who are working and fighting so hard?

If u are in their shoes and someone says all those comments to u, how will u feel?

Right now, what is needed is support and encouragement.

Aaron said...

Kao Bei Gia,
save your breath, this anon/danny has been harassing the fiesty team for a while now. He does not listen to reason nor care about the reactions to his unpopular remarks. For all we know, CCF and all the other anons who have posted negative remarks are all from the same person as I cannot imagine there being two of such a kind in existence. Perhaps this individual wants to give the impression that more people are against saving charmaine and constantly portrays the fiesty team as a selfish money grabbing bunch. All he wants is attention for reasons known only to himself. Even though he espouses moral arguments about better use of the money to save other kids it's all just empty talk to buttress his crumbling position. If he really cares so much about other people he wouldn't be harassing the team and should instead be spending his time on causes that he believes in. Talk is cheap. If he truly believes in his stand, perhaps he should go to Tampines stadium tomorrow and set up a booth to publicise other "more" worthy recipients who should get donations rather than char. So how about it danny a.k.a anon a.k.a CCF or whatever ?

Anonymous said...

Aaron, sorry to disappoint u if u think only "danny" or "anon" doesn't share ur views. U might b shocked to know that they are not the same people. Yes, there are many. Check with the feisty team's admin on visitors' tracking or whatever. They've statcounter to do that for you.

Aaron said...

anon, I must admit that you are probably more tech savvy than me. I might be wrong but my understanding of a statcounter is that it monitors how many visits have been made to a site but it does not differentiate between 1 anon from a danny. Anyways, I'm not going to argue on that.
I am not in the least shocked that there are "many" who don't share my views as I know for a fact that it is NOT true. You just have to tally up the comments made in this blog alone to know that you, danny, ccf and whatever other anons there are are in the minority. And if you visit other blogs and forums that are also discussing about char, the same situation is played out. YOU and YOUR gang are in the minority.
Looks like you have a busy night, you were just busily posting your usual extremely "helpful" comments in "What's next" between 12:38 to 12:53. And now at 1:01 you are posting comments here....thank you for increasing the statcounter.

Anonymous said...

danny or anon! YOU hv families too! BEWARE of retributions may fall on yr families one of these days! GOD HAS HIS EYES ON YOU GUYS!

Cyn Mummy, cheer up n ignore these stupid toads! Be brave n stay strong, yr kids n family need you.


christine said...

Whn I first heard the amt needed, I, like many others, thot it will be a mission impossble for an average family. I am so glad that even with the past negative experience with some charity organisations/drives, we Singaporeans are still able to come forward, without reservations, to help Charmaine . I am so vry touched. Who says that Singapore is not a gracious society?!

We are more than half way there with the funds now! Hang in there, Charmaine and family. We are all with you!

Anonymous said...

to the anon, I dont' know who is Kao Bei Gia but I can tell you I am NOT related to the feisty team at all. Pls stop "attacking" be it that you have any bad experiences before, you are simply jealous, cruel, hard hearted, evil, bad",whatsoever, pls remember is "WHAT GOES ROUND WILL COME AROUND!!!"

If you really had bad experiences which result in you today, I know is not easy but you should then even be more easier to understand and empathy,right? Why try to make ppl suffer like you again and why try to derive a girl of chances of survival and a mummy or god mummy of a child? Pls stop ok? Words can really kill a person (not as physically but is even worst than being killed instantly;however I don't mean to agree killing).

Why talk about helping or "better use" "more deserved" when there is already someone who you can help yet you did nothing but hurts and harms only! That's worst!

If you are simply out of jealous, evil,cruel, then just remember "what goes around will come around", and you are actually killing with your words and that's torturing someone and adding to someone's stress and distress.

Pls stop and again, if you are in need, you can come forward and we will also help (anyone) if is to save life or any real cause.

Anonymous said...

I can only say, i am so proud of Princess Charmaine to be able to come this far with that wide smile on her face.

She WILL be fine! :)

Anonymous said...

Geez! This is a blog dedicated to a family whose little girl is dying but yet it is littered with so many negative remarks.

TO THE PPL WHO ARE LEAVING NEGATIVE AND HURTFUL REMARKS - It is because of you people that there is war be it through words or actions.

If this is your CHILD in her place, would you not want to do whatever you can to your best abilities to help her live no matter how you do it. True , the Huang Na case leaves a bitter aftertaste but you don't put them together. I have gone through cancer and survived it. And for a child to go through this kind of suffering, you will never know their pain or the pain of what the family is going through. Have some compassion!!! Who are you to judge?

yuene said...


Let me just say this. Your talk is cheap. And using the moniker of CCF? Seriously, how low can you get? We can support BOTH Charmaine AND the children of CCF. Sorry that your little hearts can't accommodate the notion that this world ain't all nasty and cynical.

If this is a scam, then what concern is it of yours? You didn't donate money. The only thing which you would be able to do is have bragging rights of "I told you so". And if you need that to feel good about yourself, well then, whatever helps you sleep at night.

You want to tell me what to do with my money? Then I'll tell you what to do with yours: since you want to help the CCF, if you have not signed up with the online pledge, take $30 down to Velocity@Novena this Sunday, 5 July 2009 at Hair For Hope, and stand in line with me to shave. Otherwise, seriously, sod off, and let those who want to help, help.

Charmaine, Cynthia and Jase:

Keep going, your family is in our prayers and thoughts. Don't let the setback and the nay-sayers drag you down, because there's a whole community buoying you up. If you need help, just let us know. Don't ever hesitate.

Anonymous said...


I have been following this blog for weeks, I felt very sorry & shameful for u people. Being outnumber by the majority of kind-hearted souls. You are just being foolish thinking that by passing nasty & negative comments, you can change all our minds in helping Little Charmaine. Sorry to let you down.

Why don't u just SHUT UP & MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!

Pris said...

Just a suggestion. Why not enable "comments moderation"? That way negative comments won´t even be allowed to be posted and all comments would have to be "allowed" to be posted.

Jolene said...

I’ve come into the comments sections of various posts every day with mixed feelings.

I have started this blog so that well wishes could leave their word of encouragement here for Cynthia. Cynthia is such a nice and sweet lady and a really great friend. I feel so upset knowing that she would be reading all the negative comments as well. She doesn’t deserve all these.

As much as we tell ourselves and tell cyn mummy not to be put down by our detractors, we can’t help but feel a little affected for we are after all human beings with emotions.

Each time, I wanted to leave a comment in retort, I stopped, thinking that with the time spent to explain and retort, I could have been doing more meaningful things like replying to the many emails, doing work from home, preparing for my wedding and more. Moreover, I know that there would be so many supporters who would help us to reason out with the detractors. Nonetheless, this time I really have to spare some time here.

To our detractors,
It doesn’t matter what you say coz our goal would still stand firm.

To the anon who accused us of being hardselling,
We certainly have not gone around posting about Charmaine on other people’s blogs. We are simply overwhelmed by so many things to have the time to do this.

To those few or probably even just 2 or 1 anonymous,
What we want to say has already been uttered by so many. We know that no amount of reasoning can get through your head(s) because your only aim in coming here is to cause distress to all of us.

BTW, I came across an article which may be of interest to you:

To the many many many kind people,
A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU! Many of you have clearly spoken our minds.
We are thankful beyond words that we have so many of you standing up for us and giving Cynthia so much support. We may not know who you are but we certainly know all of you by your names and pseudonyms.

Some of you anonymous said lots of meaningful words. It would be great if you could leave us a name to remember you by. I had initially wanted to change the comments settings to open ID but by doing so, we would be missing out the many of you here who have constantly been cheering cyn up and encouraging char to fight on.

To Aaron,
Do you know how much cyn mummy and the feisty team love you??? Really very amazed at how you always manage to speak our minds with such good sense and intellect.

Till date, we have not used any of the funds in that POSB a/c. We’re hoping to use it for Charmaine’s treatment in NY. Funds and donors have been tracked and recorded and donors are free to ask us for any verification over email. However, do note that we have exceeded our email replies in a day as there were 900 new mails today. Hence, for the next few days, we’ve got lots of backlog to clear.

We’re certainly aware that there are really lots of unfortunate people in the world. Let’s remember to play our parts by donating, keeping them in prayer and helping these people as much as possible too for everyone is equal and deserving of attention and concern.

Love and peace everyone!


Aaron said...


I am only glad that my comments have been helpful in some small way to your team.

As long as your team's conscience is clear, there is no need to be upset by all the negative people. Perceive them as a necessary evil. As you can see, their nonsencial ravings have brought on a tidal wave of support for your team. Focus on all the support that you are getting rather than the inconsequential few who are not harbouring the best of intentions.
Keep up the good fight!! You have started something meaningful and the momentum is just starting to gather. In no time, the goal of 500K will be exceeded.


Annie said...

Hi darling Charmaine, you are so pretty with the sweet smile. Continue to smile my dear and you will be alright.

Hi Mummy, my husband has filed for divorce after 4 yrs separation. During these years, I kept rejecting the fact that my husband is walking away frm the family. I have been holding this belief... but it is really not good for me. Whenever he was mean to me, I felt very sad and bitter. The pain was like a knife stabbing into me. Now, I learn to relax and have a clear mind. I face the reality that I have to go ahead with the divorce. I did not bother by what he will say to me but just do what i think is right.

Please do not stress yourself. Lets face the problem and handle them one at a time.

God bless you.

Ger said...

I left a link in my facebook "what's on your mind" to inform my friends abt your site...hope you don't mind. Just hoping that more will learn of Charmaine's condition and will offer help. I am very disgusted by those who are posting negative comments. You have the rights to your views but if it's negative keep them to yourselves. I can't offer help in monetary sense but I will keep Charmaine in my prayers. May Charmaine be well soon! Take care!

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