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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Many thanks to the angels that fly and stopped by to pray for Charmaine. No matter if it is monetary, faith, or words of encouragement, they are dear to us, and it means alot to Cynthia.

With the help of media, the last two days have given us the glimpse of hope, that we have been searching for.

Charmaine will be in the surgery this Thursday, wheeled in at 9am (if that does not change still) to remove that monster. After which from the recovery, that is the best window for her treatment.

There are requests to visit Charmaine, and we would prefer it to be after July, where a reasonable amount of time is given for her to recover. Why not before some might ask. Jase jase and Charmaine are very close. We are trying to have them spending more time with each other as much as possible. Hope you all understand.

I think I sound a little incoherent right now, and if we do not get back to the emails queries as fast as we wanted, please hang on, or re-email us again. Be sure that it is definitely not that we had overlooked, but under-staffed.

A busy period for all of us, and yeap, we shall be retiring in bed soon. =)

Thanks to all angels!!!

Charlene, Jolene, Josse.


Anonymous said...

have a good rest and be ready to fight the monster with Charmaine!

Kelvin said...

So sorry that i can only help with clicking the ads. Hope Charmaine can get well soon:)

Mike Yip said...

I'm sure with God's grace, her surgery will be a successful one.

Maybe you guys can set up a Paypal account so it's easier to transfer funds over whenever possible?

I could only transfer that much over the ATM machine but I would like to do more via my Paypal.

Jolene said...

Hi Mike, Charlene here.
Paypal can be set up, but as it was done in a personal email (we did not have this current one then) we decided to provide only by email. Please send me your contacts.

Also, we are tracking our donors so that we can inform them, once this wave of fund raising tides down.

Again, many thanks to all the angels keeping us busy at this point in time!

Passerby said...

I am sure charmaine will be able to recover soon! god bless her!

Dewi said...

To the Feisty Team,

I believe in the bread, wine and anointing oil. It has worked many times for a lot of people and for my own family. I hope someone can apply that to Charmaine every single day, as often as any of you have the chance to. I would say, as desperate as you can be.

And believe that Jesus has finished the work at the cross, and we are here to accept it, receive and rejoice over the unmerited and undeserved blessings called grace.

Although I can only help by clicking the ads at the moment but I trust in HIS greater miracle, not only to cover the medical funds, not only for a great recovery, but much more, as big as we want it to be.

Btw, Charmaine looks so similar to my own 4 year old :-)

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hihi, u mentioned that you are seeing the glimpse of hope. Does that mean that Charmaine is able to go to New York for the treatment??

Anyway, have u ever tot of letting us know how much more u need for the treatment?Coz personally, i will use that to gauge how much more i muz donate to hlp Charmine.

Have a good rest the feisty team & i m sure Charmine will be able to hv a successful surgery. :)


Anonymous said...

Don't lose faith - God will answer your prayers. Ask not for what you want, but for Him to show you the way.

I have prayed for your princess.

Capprimas-Stars said...

It pains my heart to read about Charmaine, she's such a sweetie. Will be spreading the word ard, you guys have did great ! Don't lose hope.

Zhihui said...

You can do it Charmaine! i will pray for you. Tomorrow will be a better day and get well soon!

Jolene said...

Hi Chloe, Charlene here.

All thanks to the angels out there, our fundraising has increased tremendously! Over the past 2 days, we have been kept very busy and if I am not wrong, it has a donation of around 40K in addition to our pool. So right now, we are hovering around 70-80K (due to some cheques pending). Together with all savings that Cyn has, we are around 20% mark of the 500K =D

400K might seem a little too much still but well, before all these angels come upon Char's lives, we haven even dared to think of 100K =)

Many many thanks to all and yes, we still owe alot of emails.

For those who like to look into our account books, please feel free to email to us.

bubbles said...

My gal went thru a short illness n d her biopsy at age 1plus....
I know how painfully it is for you to go thru tis as a mother....
Its painful but we will survive!!!
God will hold ur hand n carry little char in his arms. HE is with you. BELIEVE!

BuRnInGsUnZ said...

I hope Charmaine will get well soon, its so sad to hear this kind of things happen. I posted Charmaine's story in my blog as well, so i hope everyone will play their parts and help.

helen said...

As a mother who has been there, I know how heartbreaking this must be for Charmaine's family. May God hold you all close in His loving arms. Will keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


You can do it

To all the angels,
Let's continue with the fundraising... we can't stop half-way...

To cyn,
Be strong...

To the feisty team,
Thanks for the effort.

AlexL said...

Stay strong..may god bless heart really paint about charmaine case...

Anonymous said...

Try the alternative medicines;

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found out about little Charmaine from my schools bake sale. I'm baking some special stuff and hope my little contribution helps you in some way. It really breaks my heart to see this innocent angel going through so much pain. I pray for a miraculous recovery and hope your lives will be blessed. Cynthia...please hold on. I admire your spirit and strength...I can see where little Charmaine gets her feistiness from.

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