Removing the monster

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"We are buying bullets to kill the monster"

"A knife will cut open stomach and take out monster"

These are words that we told Charmaine yday.

Now, she is in the hospital, getting ready for Round 1.

From now till she gets back, Cynthia will be out of internet access.


SMS Update:
"Stepphing back into the same level 5 brings back all the memories i dont wish to be reminded of. Those first few days of diagnosis.. my days of bad news and crying. Cant hold my tears the whole day. Having the surgeon, oncologist, anathesis getting me to sign forms of consent, explaining the risksmakes it even more tough to stay sane and calm" -cyn mummy


[Edited to add]

On Tuesday night, cyn mummy did a pep talk with Charmaine to prepare her for the upcoming surgery. Our little princess was a little afraid and apprehensive. She asked cyn mummy lots of questions. Finally, she overcome her fear and decided she would face the battle with the monster bravely.

"I will throw the naughty monster in the dustbin and laugh at monster," declared little Charmaine with a cheeky little chuckle.

For the next few moments, Jase and Charmaine were thinking of the various ways to deal with the monster after it was taken out from her "tummy".

Just now at KKH, little Charmaine was as feisty as ever. She was so energetic, often getting down from bed, climbing onto seats and observing the people around her. We could even go to the indoor playground to have a great workout. She truly enjoyed herself with no restriction whatsoever. Seeing her run around with a huge smile plastered on her face, we can't help but smile to ourselves.

Have I already mentioned that char was more than ready to face the monster anytime? Each time we walked out of the ward, she would ask, "Is it take out monster now?"

Fight on, my dear Charmaine! You can do it!



Dannie, 21 said...

Dear Cynthia,
Continue to stay strong! Cute little princess Charmaine needs you there! Charmaine is really cute and she will be fine!

Dear Jolene & Charlene,
Stay strong too because you are Charmaine's guardian angels!

Dear Princess Charmaine,
I have sent some angels over to fight the monster. Get well soon and the whole world is here with you!

Tammy Tian said...

Dear Princess Charmaine,
Fight with all your heart
don't give up without a fight
Everyone will be behind you!
May Jesus hear our prayers

Zling said...

Hi! Keep fighting on and brave all the storms! Really admire little Charmaine's courage.

To Jolene and Cynthia: Jiayou too! Knew that this period is a hard time to get by. Hope that Charmaine will get well soon.

God bless..

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer , for Charmaine and family before i retire for the night .... Hope all will go smoothly ... pls update about charmaine when she is out from surgery, she is our thoughts.... Eerena

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I am truly amzazed by the bravery and resilience of such a young child. Such a pity that she has to go through this at such a young age.
Lots of love and prayers and may God be with her, always.

Laren said...

Please be strong!!! Be Strong! Win the battle and smile! All the people in the world is supporting you!!! U are with us!

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