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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear all,

Just a short note here.

As the blog and website get more publicised, we have been receiving lots of emails from the website as well as from gmail. Some of you who sent email to us have been confused about who we are.

ourfeistyprincess.blogspot.com and ourfeistyprincess.com are managed by our little team of 4 namely Cynthia mummy, Josse, Charlene and Godma Jolene.

Cynthia Mummy -- She reads every email on both ourfeistyprincess@gmail.com, contact@ourfeistyprincess.com and any other messages sent via the website. She also updates this blog.

Josse -- She manages ourfeistyprincess.com and all things related to fundraising.

Charlene & Jolene -- We manage this blogspot and gmail replies.

Josse is a mummy who has to work and tend to a young child. Charlene has work and lessons to juggle while finding time to shuttle to NUH and Cynthia's house each time she can. As for me, I've got work, pte tuition and wedding prep to tend to. Hence, we try our very best to reply to emails whenever the time permits.

Please bear with us if we take a little while to reply as we are trying to manage as much as our time permits.

Thank you to all the wonderful people out there for your support and kind understanding.



Anonymous said...

hi, please consider putting up details of how we can leave a donation? i read in one of the blog entries that you have set up a posb account / we can send cheques but couldn't find the details anywhere. (sorry, i'm not very tech-savvy.)

Pixie said...

Thank you for extending your help to us!

Yes you can trf the funds to a posb account or drop a cheque for us. Can you email to us so that we can reveal these details to you?

We also do keep a record on all our donors, so there will be a list of questions.

Anonymous said...


Saw a report on Charmaine on Newpaper today. Hopefully it will help to attract more donors!

Jia You!


Welshia ♥ said...

Hi. Hope she recover sooner yeah.
Consider putting up th details of how can we leave a donation..

Well, staystong :D
I believe she can fight till the end :D

Anonymous said...

Hi I got to know this from Becky's blog and also saw this from Newpaper today.

How do we donate or help? Is there a paypal account or something?

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