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Monday, June 29, 2009


melvin said...

Hello Jolene, U have my respect for what you have done for charmaine. It must have been tough on you, charmaine and her family. Its really heartwarming to see donations pouring in for brave charmaine. I really hope she will be able to get to the states for treatment soon. May God bless this beautiful angel~!

Anonymous said...

Hi..my nephew 5years old is also suffering from his is also stage4..
I do not know why is tis treatment so expensive, drugs company are making huge moni!!
I hope parents do not be so sturborn like my brother. There are infact lots of remendies that are comg from plants that can cure cancers. Please do the correct research on internet.
Please remember drugs do kill but herbs will not kill.

Anonymous said...

I did some search using ayurvedic for treating neuroblastoma, you can refer to the link below: It helps to reduce the side effect of the chemotherapy, therefore helps improving the therapeutic response and overall prognosis in neuroblastoma. Hope it helps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia. Last year we were helping this little girl from China, Xin Xin, who was diagnosed when she is staying with her parents in Singapore. You can read more about her and her fight against Neuroblastoma Stage 4 in http://prayforshuqin.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia and you team of angels, if you're feeling down, I hope to cheer you up with this...


Don't give up. You're not fighting this battle alone, we're all behind you.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hy feisty-team

How was the appointment with the doc today?
Take care

Jolene said...


finally cleared all the emails!! Phew!!

Everyone's dearest is now in her 5th chemo. Please do not visit her if you are unwell. This round of chemo's drug affect quite badly on her as she used the same drug as one of the previous rounds. So we are hoping she can get more rest now, before it hits her.

Dr Aung has suggested to send her to US asap, so we are looking at end July. with the fundings that come along, most likely MSKCC will accept her =D

There are alot of people emailing abt why MSKCC, why no HK etc.. they are in the blog already.

For NB, you do not stop at 1 treatment eg. 3F8. We were advised that if we can, give her an array of treatments. Cruel it may soundbecause each treatment means more needles poke, andmore poison to her, it is the only way to increase her chance.

thanks to all who walked all the way here with us.

fellow mummy said...

HiFeisty Team,
I know many people are harping on the whys and whats of the planned treatments for Charmaine. I hope these people understand that there will never be a surefire-best treatment for cancer. Whatever adds to the chances of success is worth a try. So mummy Cynthia, I know ever so often you will be plagued with doubts about whether what you are putting Charmaine through to fight this is the right thing to do. All I can say is, go with your mummy's instinct when making these decisions based on the docs' advice. We are all in this with you..and walking every step with you. We are all praying for little Charmaine.

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