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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Many of you have emailed on the fund raising activities, and there are others who have dove straight into execution. Thank you so much in helping and for this group of people, we have been a little slower in responding. So sorry for that.

(If the passage looks highly unreadable, please forgive me for, we have been answering queries, emails, sms, phones for all the angels)

We would like to list as many as we can, to direct those who like to contribute in either goods, services, or in cash, so that efforts can be combined, if required. Most of them will be listed slowly and if I miss out any, please inform me too.

1. Online Auction
- We received alot of old watches, books, etc to donate/sell. We took the liberty to whack into David's forum even though his is into earphones and headphones. Our non-IT feisty team are amazed by it. =X

2. Photoshoots
- Doggie shoots
- Children shoots/family shoots
- Models shoots
These are upcoming and are in the process of confirming the details. Please check out the links and we will (try) to massmail all once we have the info too.

3. Forum Fundraising
- If you belong to any forums, you can also donate via those forums (for now, we believe is VR, and Hardware)

4. Baking (yum!)
- Lovely mommies, mum-to-be and pretty ladies are helping out in these. Again, info will be up for sales once ready.

We also received accessories, mugs, etcetc and sorry that it takes a little bit longer to get all these organize.

Back to the emails and tmr 9am, please pray.

Love, Charlene


Jo said...

hi there,

i have one suggestion.

i felt that you guys should state cyn bank account number on the blog (BIG AND EYE CATCHING) so that people who wld like to donate can just do a bank transfer immediately, i think this is more effective and efficient.

since this is urgent i really see no reason for the sincere donors hving to wait and have to go through the trouble of email you guys and delay the donation esp. you guys are always busy.

besides, sometimes due to the waiting time they might change their mind or ppl who would like to donate might also hv tight schedule and unable to wait for your email etc so i think to raise money faster and effectively this is the best option, i don't think you need to apply any license because i hv seen alot of bloggers ask for ppl donation (for no reason)on their blog and they just state their bank account no. on their blog.

pehaps you can do a daily update of money rec'd so that the donor will feel more at ease and at the same time thank them for their donation.

eg 18/6/09 XX donate $$$
19/6/09 xx donate $$$

my 2 cents worth!

all the best to charmaine!

Jo said...

one more thing, ppl understanding of the delay of yr email reply won't help in your fundraisining in anyway.

instead of getting ppl to understand just state the account no. and let them transfer the money.

i had send the blog link to some of my friends and forum for you but some of my friends are very busy ppl i think they might not even hv the time to read the whole blog not to mention emailing you abt how to donate.

don't waste any more time, time is money to Charmaine and also to some of the busy or no patient donors.

since our interest is to raise fund for Charmaine, doing what is more efficient and effective is more important, right?

you let with abt 6 weeks, don't waste any more time.

kind regards

Jo said...

i think you shld highlight this bold and red (if bank a/c included will be better) :- If you are keen in donating or helping Cynthia and her family in any way:

- Go to
- Contact me at

for those who hv no time to read all everything at least they can see the above and if they want to donate they can do it immediately with wasting time.

Anonymous said...

Cyn mama

I prayed that Abba God will heal Charmainie, my heart goes out to her to having go through such difficulty at a tender age. Be strong Cyn mama, I pray that God's peace, protection and love will be with your family.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you are not comfortable with account number on the page, you can try to use paypal for donation?

Jolene said...

Hi Jo & anon,

I replied on another post so I'll paste what I typed over here too.

To the many with various suggestions:

Some of you were worried and frustrated at having to go through added layers to obtain the POSB savings a/c #.

As mentioned a few times, we had put up a POSB savings a/c # publicly on the blog a few months back. However, we had to take it down as donation was only legal through first degree contacts.

We're in the midst of discussion and finding out once more if we are able to put the POSB a/c # publicly. We also have a paypal a/c but that is my personal a/c specially set up for Char. The funds would all go to her of course but the thing is paypal charges admin fees and we do want 100% of the funds that people donate to go to char.

We are aware that time is a crucial factor here. We'll get back to all concerned parties asap on whether to reveal the a/c # publicly.

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