Charmaine Operation Progress

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sedated and in OT.

Charmaine was very strong when she went in. She didnt cry at all. And she didnt put up any resist. Am very proud of her maturity and her courage. She's still inside.

The anathesist just came out for her break. She saw me and said the op still has a long way. Pray for Char

Dr Chui just came out. Said they removed 99% of the tumour and 10% of her liver. Lost blood and had a few packs of transfusion. Dr Ong is stitching up her wound now. Will take some time. But she's stable and will be pushed to icu.

Char is still not out yet

Char just came out of ot. I still cant go in yet.

Cyn is wif char in the icu ward now. So she cant use the fone. We only get to see char ard 8.40pm in the icu ward. Get a glimpse of char when shes pushed into the icu ard 7.30pm if not wrong. The doc took out the respiratory thing after the ops. But later they feel that her breathin is not up to their expectation or standard. So they give her the oxygen mask and insert a tube through her nose til the nasal to help facilitate her breathing. Shes still breathin on her own. Char also have high chances of bleeding. Cyn will confirm wif dr chui as he didnt mention to up earlier on. thus they doing blood transfusion now as well. Shes also sedated with little bit of morphine as her wound is rather big and will hurt. Overall shes considered stable.
- sms from Angela Chua

Thank goodness.

Love, Charlene

Char woke up abt 10.30pm. She cried very loudly, shouted pain. Her nasal tube to aid her breathing got wrenched out. The doc decided to take it out than. She also asked for water but we couldn't feed her any. She cries that her throat is painful. :-( when i was told to wait outside, she again cried loudly for kor kor and mummy. I tried my best to hold my tears because i really don't wish her to see me cry when she's already in so much pain... She eventually calmed down when i told her e 'secret' of how Jase fell at waiting area.

I told Charmaine, 'you have already won your monster! Mummy knows you are in pain but just focus on 2 days later when e pain will be gone. Told her that if she drinks water now, she wil vomit and its more painful. She understood everything i said. She listened quietly, and asked for her towel pillow and dozed off into her sleep shortly. I don't know how is it that she can be this brave and strong, but she just is. So much stronger than this mummy of hers... I'm just sitting outside at e waiting area, too afraid to fall asleep now.

Sigh, char is having a fever now :-( am getting worried. The transfusions have not stopped yet. Plasma, packed cells. Hopefully she can pass tonight safely.

I just whispered into her ears, saying I'm going to rest for an hour. She's asleep but she actually shook her head!

She woke up in pain again. Immediately after my last msg. Cried, and wanted everything off her. :-(she can't sleep through. The painkiller they gave cannot be too high because she's not on respirator. Painkkiller will shrink e airway.

Please continue to pray for Charmaine to pass through everything safely.


19 June 2009
Fever has subsided but still having plasma transfusion.

Pls put on the blog that I'm in ICU the whole day. No handphone allowed. Pls call unless its urgent. Else text me. I will check phone when i'm out.
(Email us, and if needed, we will provideo our contact number instead)

Love, Charlene


Anonymous said...

Hi Charmaine

I saw this blog through AJC Alumni. Right now I command every illness to leave your physical body in the name of Jesus Christ. I command the name of illness to bow before the Glory of God and I speak healing into your body and soul. No weapon that is formed against Charmaine shall prosper. I ask Jehovah Rapha, my God my Healer to overshadow you with the presence and power of His Holy Spirit and I command every darkness to leave Charmaine in Jesus' name

Anonymous said...

Pls keep us posted...

Anonymous said...

Be strong! I will pray for you and your family. I will try and see how I can help raise funds!

God bless!

Jasmine Toh said...

*hugz* Jia you!!

Anonymous said...

Be Strong =) i will keep her in my prayers

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you... Be strong gal.... You will be fine...

Auntie D said...

Dear charmaine, you must stay strong, you still got a long path to go...ganbatte nei...Jia You, Jia You, Jia You!!!!

Im praying to GOD for you!!!

mitchell said...

i'll be praying. be strong no matter what happens.

pinz said...

fight on mummmy and ger....

the monster will be kick out...

Anonymous said...

Little Princess,

All mummies, mummies-to-be, aunty, uncles, jie jies and kor kors praying for you!

Zoe said...

fight on. press on.

mummy cyn, be strong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene,

Any further updates? Eager to find out how is the little princess.


Anonymous said...

My friend told me about this blog. May god bless her. She'll recover soon! Best wishes to Charmaine and her family. I'll put her link in my blog. Hope my readers will help if they can. Please take care and keep us posted.

Mommy Elaine said...

Charmaine...jia you!!!!! Win the battle and kick the monster out of you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

While mummy Cyn and princess Charmaine are fighting the monster, let's not forget about the fundraising... That's what we can do for them at the moment...

Princess Charmaine,
You are a strong girl. *hugz*... you will be just fine

Mummy Cyn,
Be strong, charmaine needs you.

Chloecube said...

Dear Char,
i hope and pray that God watch over u, be strong and we all love u.
Dear Cyn,
Be strong for Char cost she needs you, we will all be supporting you.
Jia You!

Anonymous said...

Hi Girl,

Be strong and i'm sure you will be fine. We are all behind you and pray for you. Jia You.

Dear Mummy,

You are such a great mum. Jia You.

Elice Lim said...

Dear little princess Charmaine

Stay strong... Mummy and kor kor need ur companion.

Hav been praying for u since I knew this blog thru forum. Will continue to pray for u in Jesus name to protect u. Jia yu!!!

Jolene said...

Hi all,

The surgery is estimated to take about 6hrs but may be longer. We'll play by ear. Charmaine will jia you with so many angels watching over her.


PS: If any of my bosses see this comment, please forgive me for coming here "illegally" during work hours.

Anonymous said...

Charmaine was mentally focussed - thats a good sign and important to fight a fight like this..
We are with her, with our prayers and thoughts!

Ade said...

You'll be in my prayers. Keep on fighting, Charmaine!

Anonymous said...

Jia You.. We will support and pray for you.. Be a strong and brave princess..
Cyn Mummy...
Stay strong... Jia You..

pinz said...

mummy cyn

have a good rest now. you have a long day ahead of u.

Andrea said...

Mummy Cyn and Char,

Stay strong and fight the monster!
Everyone's rooting for you.

jasontbk said...

to her mummy:
Have faith in charmine! im confident tt she will be able to pull thru!

to Charmaine:
jiayoz!! may the force be with you to fight the monster!!continue to be brave and defeat it!

Anonymous said...

Hi charlene,

Many thanks for the updates!!!! So happy and relieved to hear the great news!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is really god bless.... she will be strong....

Jia you...

Sunshine girl said...

Hi.. well i cant really do anything but i'll keep on clicking on the nuffnang ads. sunshine will always shine on lil cute charmaine. im sure she'll be fine(=
there's always sunshine after rain. Go charmaine and family !

Anonymous said...

Charmaine in the US now or doing Ops locally?

Joanne said...


Charmaine's in Sg currently.

Eve said...

Jia you Charmaine!

Jolene said...

the operation is to remove the tumour. The US would be for the treatment.
Love, Char

Anonymous said...

Be strong charmaine, always in our thoughst and prayers.. will try to raise funds...

Justina said...

Hey y not update via Twitter?

Jolene said...


Feisty team is kinda... IT idiot. =X


Sunshine girl said...
you may want to sign up for it.
its kind of convenient for you(: you can use it via mobile too(:

Jolene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jolene said...

OK twitter is up.

I am not sure how it works., but it is /feistyprincess


Love, Char

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,

Keep on fighting and never give up!!jiayous!!

chloecube said...

i am so anxious abt Char and keep logging on to see the updates, pls keep them coming in. am glad and relief that she is stable now. continue to pray. she will be ok, i am sure.

Anonymous said...

To the very brave Charmaine: You will be fine!

Cynthia Mummy: Stay strong and positive! Charmaine will pull through this and all will turn out well soon :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Char, stay strong and fight on dear girl!

Dear Mummy Cyn, stay strong too cuz dear char needs you(=

Have faith and God bless always.

Anonymous said...

Hey, stay strong cynthia! We'll definitely keep charmaine in our prayers! Remember you have to continue being strong, you have all our support (:

Elice Lim said...

Glad to know the updates for Char.

Hi cyn mummy

Try to get gd rest whenever its possible. Char needs u more in coming days. Stay strong and healthy!

Will continue to pray for Char, Jase and u. Jia you...!!

Elaine said...

Got to know this through AJC Alumni too. Wanna say be strong Charmaine and Cynthia.

Hippokia said...

Please stay strong!

Anonymous said...

I got to see this through AJC Alumni too. Cynthia mummy, hang on there, you still have a long battle to fight along with lil' Char!

Looking at your blog and encouraging comments really make me tear and the least I can do is to keep clicking the Nuffnang ads.

So yeah, hang on there and you're doing a great job! (both cyn mummy and sweet darling char) Jiayou and God bless (:

Anonymous said...

And Cynthia mummy, you're so fortunate to have cute lil Jase Jase who cares and protects Char a lot!

Rmb, you're not fighting this battle alone with Char because you've loads more 'warriors' --- Jase, Jolene, Charlene, etc etc. Fight on!! (:

Alien_Mommy said...

Char mommy,u have whole world behind u.. stay positive! she will be fine soon!

Anonymous said...

dear charmaine,

the good lord will watch over you tonight.

if u see him in your sleep, go and give him a hug for he loves you.

keep your faith and keep breathing.

when the oceans rise and thunders roar, we will soar with him over the storm.

father, you are king over the storm. We will be still, know you are God.

Jo, i am sorry we could not talk longer on the phone this afternoon. i will keep her in my prayers. Please believe in the power of prayers.

Joanne said...

Heya (person who left comment June 19th 12.42am),

Are you Zes? A little confused coz Jolene is also known as Jo.

Thanks for ur prayers and encouragement! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi while I think it is important to make sure little charmaine is okay from the operation and such -- we will need to try to raise funds for her for her treatment overseas.

Maybe if you are not comfortable with account number on the page, you can try to use paypal for donation?

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,

you are once brave lil' girl & I know you'll never give up in fighting against this ugly monster... Keep up the strong fighting spirit & I'm sure with your loving mummy & others, you'll defeat this monster & walk strong & healthy again!!

All the rest, lets stand out & help Lil' Charmaine & her family in all manners within our means...

To Charmaine's Mummy, Jolene & Charlene: Stay strong & take care of yourselves too cause you all are lil' Charmaine's important physical & emotional support...

Jolene said...

Hi all,

Thanx for everything. Charmaine, cyn mummy, cyn's family, the feisty team and cyn's friends rallying around her would stay strong and healthy.

Please continue to pray for Charmaine k? She's in great pain and she can't sleep at all. My heart breaks just seeing what cyn text. =(

To the many with various suggestions:

Some of you were worried and frustrated at having to go through added layers to obtain the POSB savings a/c #.

As mentioned a few times, we had put up a POSB savings a/c # publicly on the blog a few months back. However, we had to take it down as donation was only legal through first degree contacts.

We're in the midst of discussion and finding out once more if we are able to put the POSB a/c # publicly. We also have a paypal a/c but that is my personal a/c specially set up for Char. The funds would all go to her of course but the thing is paypal charges admin fees and we do want 100% of the funds that people donate to go to char.

We are aware that time is a crucial factor here. We'll get back to all concerned parties asap on whether to reveal the a/c # publicly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,

may God lend you His Strength and tide you over this difficult period.

I will pray for you. Stay strong. :)

Anonymous said...

Charmaine, Cynthia, you are in our prayers, how I wish we could take Charmaine's pain and share it amongst all who care. Don't lose hope!

th-JESS said...

i just left a comment at the note to all post but i think i shall post it again, is thr any chance for me to visit this poor like girl, the victim of fate to pass her some little gifts ?

or maybe i could pass it to a friend or family member ? which hospital is she at ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Little Princess Charmaine,

You are a very brave girl! =) You fought a beautiful battle, and will win the monster. Keep up the fight~ Will keep you in my prayer..


Jolene said...

Charlene here.
She is in KK but i dont think she can receive gifts at this point. You can email over and I will arrange on the logistics for this with u.


Justina said...

Reading this post in tears coz I could actually felt the pain lil Char is in.
But I believe she will get through this ordeal, she's the strongest lil girl I know!

Charlene, couldn feistyprincess
find in Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charmaine,

You must really stay strong, the monster is out of you and you will be fine. Auntie here will pray for you.

Hi Mummy Cyn,

Please stay strong for your kids, I know it is not easy but I know all mummys will stay strong for their kids no matter what happens.
I will pray for you.

edwin said...

u r half way thru already and will do well
best regards

edwin said...

u r half way thru already and will do well
best regards

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