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Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you everyone on the kindness and support.
Many have asked, and we thought of having an indicator on the blog for the fund raised level. However, the IT non-savvy feisty team is still trying that out. Hence, a traditional method of updating...

As of this morning, we have about SGD118K but by now, I will assume that we have about SGD130K with the cheques cleared as well as a little from the Paypal.

Since Feb, we have started this fund raising, we have not used any amount yet as Cynthia has been using her own savings still.

One good news that we have heard from Hardwarezone:

"14. An anonymous soul wish to drive the donation by offering a matching exercise of $1-to-$1 donation subject to the maximum of $10k. Any donation that comes in after 12pm today (19 Jun 2009) till the end of this drive (29th Jun 2009), Charmaine will get double.
However, there' are conditions to meet:

* Charmaine must survive her op yesterday.
* Donors must be a member in HWZ.

I am really at a loss of words for his kind and generous act.
Hope that we get more donations to help Charmaine."

Please donate via HWZ with Stardustz! =D

For fundraising activities, please look to the links at the right hand side column. We have auctions for watches, audio, shopping goods, photoshoots ongoing.\

Have a blessed weekend!

Thank you so much!
Love, Charlene


Anonymous said...

This was posted in HardwareZone this evening. You might want to put a link on your site to publicise it too.

"I appeal to all brothers to take a look at my 3 sales thread listed below, and my eBay auctions under "clippersg"

I hereby pledge all sales amounts from now till 30th June to Charmaine's fund. At the end of 30th June, I will transfer the total sales amount during this period to Stardusz's account.

I hope all the HWZ bros and sis will support my items for sale. Remember that its all for Charmaine now till 30th June. While it may be inappropriate for me to post sales thread in this sub-forum, I hope the mod will allow this special circumstance as it is for a very worthwhile cause.

If anybody wants to contact me directly to purchase any of the items I have for sale, you can email me at garyngls@yahoo.com or msg me at 97603934.

Thank you for your support for Charmaine!


eBay Auctions - http://shop.ebay.com.sg/merchant/cli..._sopZ12?_rdc=1"

susanteh said...

I am praying for Charmaine to be strong and for her speedy recovery from surgery. God bless Charmaine, Cynthia, Jase and all of you who love Charmaine so much .

Anonymous said...

Hi Charmaine,

Pls stay strong and fight with the monster! We will be praying hard for you!

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