My Other Challenges...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I have quite a handful of challenges to sort out soon...

Firstly, the current maid is not adjusting well to the environment at home with us and hence, unfortunately, I am on the lookout again... This really is the worst timing of all... I have 12 more days to go before Char's big surgery and I simply have no time to go down to agencies looking for a new maid. I have been spending hours daily until the wee hours searching online for maid bio-datas and am going bonkas soon! Quite frankly, I am not confident I can get a good one and I seriously do not know how to choose a good one either. I need a reliable one, a hygienic one, a clean one and a healthy one because I cant risk anything with Charmaine. I almost wish I can do without one. Yet, the annoying thing is I cant do without one. :-( So yes, in between hospital and home, I am desperately surfing and calling...

Secondly, I am also trying to coordinate with New York MSKCC to see if we can work out any arrangement for Charmaine's treatment should we not raise enough funds in time. From my layman's understanding, New York has replaced bone marrow transplant with the 3F8 drug (for some kids I assume, because I am not sure if it for all NB kids) because they have apparently achieved better or comparable results.

The standard protocol for NB Stage IV kids is generally chemotherapy, surgery and bone marrow transplant. Charmaine has already completed 4 out of her schedule 5 cycles, and she is scheduled for her 5th cycle after the surgery as soon as she recovers. After the 5th chemotherapy, doctors will harvest her blood for her stem cell transplant (in case we fail to raise enough money to go to NY, Char will have to continue with the stem cell transplant which is a nightmare that I dont even want to think about now). So anyway, ideally, to optimise the chances for Charmaine, she should leave for NY as soon as she completes the harvesting which is most slightly sometime in end July or latest by early August. I dread to think of the 'deadline' and I sincerely hope that Char doesnt miss the 'critical window phase' for her 3F8. Hence, I wrote to New York, pleading with them to please allow me to bring Charmaine over as we continue to raise the funds and maybe allow me to pay them in instalments.

I have been pleading and begging so much in the last 3 months of my life and this has been the most humbling experience ever. Before my divorce, you can probably classify me as prideful lass whom will rarely plead but would rather die a prideful loser. Motherhood changes everything. Its weird how one would rather die than beg for oneself but when it comes to doing anything to save our very own babies, anything... even my life... not to even mention any pride. It has really been not easy. I just feel that I have totally lost my own purpose in life, no principles, no individual goals... unexplainable... like I am no longer living for myself... and my only purpose in life is to prolong Charmaine's life for as long as possible until a cure for neuroblastoma is found. On the one hand, I should not be upset really because at least compared to alot of others out there trying to find a goal in their lives, I have one clear and straightforward goal thrown onto me without needing me to figure out. So yes, I am fortunate in that sense. On the other hand, its tough, tough to lose your own identity and yet be able to remain positive and hopeful in front of the kids so that they dont lose their own dreams and purposes in life.

Thirdly, Charmaine is scheduled for her CT scan on the 9th of June, Tuesday. Charmaine needs sedation because all the huge machines freak and traumatise her tremendously. We always need to get her sedated so that she is not aware of what is happening to her. There was once when she was doing her MIBG scan at SGH and the sweet auntie nurse insisted that since Charmaine is coming 4 and she could do it without... We had such a a hard time comforting Charmaine because she just cried non stop and nearly vomitted from all the crying... Eventually, we managed to calm her down enough to do the scan but we just couldnt get her to keep her head up within inches of the machine from her forehead. Hence, on day 2, sweet auntie nurse said "sedation"... Its not nurse auntie fault... Coming from her perspective, sedation is no good because they worry that the child might stop breathing which I could totally understand. In all honesty, I dont want to sedate her too, given a choice. But, as much as I fear for her vitals, I also hate to see her cry her lungs out and struggle so much. So, yes between the 2 evils, I choose to have her sedated so that she doesnt live in the fear of all the images of these huge machines and only I will have memories of my own daughter being tied and hooked up to all the scary machines, deeply imprinted onto my head.

So I digress. I am having mixed emotions for Tuesday's scan. Its the first time we are going to come face to face with the monster tumor after we started chemo, since the CT scan done on 14th Feb. Dr Aung asked me yesterday, "You will be excited to know the results from me, wont you!". Well, yes and no. I wish that she can tell me, "The monster has miraculously disappeared!". In my own denial state, I just dont want to know anything about it because I hate it. And its mentally tiring to hear anything about it. But as a rational being, in order to win the battle, I have to know my enemy well so I have to face it. A few possible scenarios, no bed and we have to reschedule the scan, or results - book an appointment with Dr Chui and more, more news and information that I dont want to know but have to understand - the risk, what's going happen, how long is the surgery... I am already crying typing this. I hate myself for being such a crybaby sometimes! How the heck will I win the battle with me crying all the time. Argh! (that reminds me, I have to drop Dr Chui an email informing him of the scan), or results - dont know what to expect...

Fourthly, I have a few friends asking me if I approached the foundations. We approached Ronald McDonald, they have apparently closed applications for this year. Well, I am not surprised with the financial crisis. Our social worker from Children Cancer Foundation also said that she can only help if the treatment is in Singapore. This is why I am begging and pleading you to help me. It seems that these foundations only can help if treatment is in Singapore. But how do I tell them that my Charmaine's additional 20%-40% chance of survival is not in Singapore but in New York. :( I wish, more than anyone else for the treatment to be in Singapore! But my doctor is also helpless. She tried to write to them to allow the drug to be brought into Singapore but we failed. 'Clinical trial, not humanized, no drug company willing to manufacture the drug because there is not enough demand for it (although NB is one of the more common childhood cancer, it is still not THE MOST common)'--- some of the info I read up. Oh, apparently, money would be invested on drugs that can also be used to cure other cancers, instead of a targeted cancer... commercial motivations... lots of many many other reasons... all that makes rational sense but nothing that is helpful really. [I also read about the many other scientists and researchers devoting their time and effort to finding a cure for NB, a very big thank you!]

Five, I brought Jase in for a blood test yesterday. I got the scare of my life. When the nurse came out and informed me that his platelets were too low and they needed to do another blood test for him, my tears just came streaming down non stop. I am very vulnerable now. I can break anytime and I cannot take another blow in my life. SO PLEASE, whoever is up there hearing me, PLEASE SPARE ME!!! Anyway, I was discussing with a few mommies with Luekemia kids and somehow, Jase is displaying the same symptoms. Losing weight, complaining of knee pain when I dont see any wounds, fever on and off... They advised me to bring Jase for a check just to be safe. Ever since Char's diagnosis, I always have this tingling feeling. Jase is affected. Some friends say it could be pyschological issues and that Jase is subconsciously falling ill more than often to get the attention that he so desperately need from mommy me and yet I am so ashamed to say that I hardly could provide... Anyway, thank goodness, I waited anxiously for the second test result and it turned out fine. They found a blood clot in the first test which resulted in the low platelets count. Well, I am not resting my guard yet, probably never will. Charmaine's first blood test also yielded nothing too fearful but look what I gotten eventually... Hey mommies reading this, please dont be freaked out by me... I am just an over-the-board paranoid mommy now. Doctor did find a couple of swollen lymp nodes around Jase neck and we are going to have to observe him carefully. It could be just from a simple viral infection to ...................whatever... I dont want to think or know now.

Lastly, to the many people with questions on the fundraising that my friend Josse is coordinating and the questions coming into the blog, please do bear with us. I seek your kind understanding here because as some of you might already know our dear godma jolene is getting married in July and busy with her prep while trying to help as much as possible... Charlene is also busy with her work and lessons... Josse is a mother of one, with kids and work to worry as well... I admit that we are in a bit of a "trying to figure out" and "work in progress" mode, with all of us sorting things out on our end... we try to call, we try to email... but we are not operating like a steering committee who gets to brain storm and sort the challenges out. All of them, including many others working silently in the background, are doing it out of a goodwill for me and for Charmaine. We dont have a structure and we only have 4 of us but we know every cent of the money that comes through our way is hard earned money and I know that I am picking the worst time in pleading to you to help me because of the financial crisis... I know that many of you out there are having a tough time like me too... BUT PLEASE, please believe me that I have no wish to mis-use, cheat or put the funds to inappropriate use... Charmaine's battle with neuroblastoma is a life-long one... For as long as she lives, there is always a chance for relapse and living life in my shoes is not pleasant at all... I have lost my carpe diem...

I just like to end by saying that: "I thank everyone for everything, donations, words of encouragement, and just being around. I am forever grateful. THANK YOU!"

Cyn mummy.

PS: Please take good care. Good Health is priceless.


Me said...

Dear Cynthia

Do not be defeated by the "Price" of USD350,000 ransomed on Charmaine's life.

In the first place, why would there be a need to send her to the US for this when the Cancer Care in Singapore is as good if not better.

Consider this.

It is not just the cancer that is to be treated but the difficulties that will arise from the immediate treatment.

Working with my sister and other cancer patients, I find that the medical support and facilities in Singapore would be a better choice.

An example is the case of my sister where she could call upon the specialists of 3 different hospitals to jointly treat her varying conditions.

Another patient could call upon the support of friends and relatives in Singapore for contribution of blood cells to support his treatment.

THe USD350,000 is merely a deposit, the nightmare starts when the money runs out.

Have faith in the Singapore Healthcare infrastructure and more importantly, work with them.

The hospitals could only treat Charmaine's condition, however, in order for the treatment to be effective and successful, Charmaine needs to be strengthen physically, mentally and spiritually.

Charmaine needs not a famous surgeon or hospital to help her get well but the following;

1. A good environment with plenty of Oxygen and minimal radiation.
2. A strong line of natural nutrients which does not put strain on her body and does not feed the cancer.
3. Activities to stimulate her body's natural defense and circulation.
4. Love and warm of the people around her.

These will be missing in the US.



Anonymous said...

Ya, i'm not giving someone money to afford the "luxury" of choice to seek treatments at US when it could be done cheaper locally. Patrick is right but its cyn's call to dump USD350,000 if she raised it, so... bye. Danny

Joanne said...

Hi Patrick,

Why is US instead of S'pore? Coz, with the medication, Charmaine will have 40-50% chance as compared to Sg 10% chance,

U can find out more on the previous at

To Danny -
'I'm not giving someone money to afford the "luxury" of choice to seek treatments at US?' Please read carefully y US instead of Sg before u post such insensitive comments. Thanks!

Jolene said...

Hi Patrick,

I can see where you are coming from and I know you mean well. I agree with many of the things you mention.

Truth to be said, all of us hope that Charmaine could be treated in Singapore as well instead of going to NY -- a new environment with no kin there. However, the 40-50% chance of survival is really quite a huge difference from the 10% in Singapore. Hence as a mother, Cynthia is defnitely going to try and she will never forgive herself if she gives up without trying.

We are definitely following all the 4 steps you've named esp #4. I really believe in a person's health taking a turn for the better as long as there is love and warmth. I believe this must be one of the reasons why Charmaine is going so strong.



Hi Danny,

The treatment in US and in SG is not the same at all. Hence, you can't really measure them in this manner and saying that receiving treatment in US is a luxury. From 10% chance to 40-50% chance, we would still try as much as we can no matter what.

We definitely won't be put down.

Pixie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Me said...

Hi Joanne

It really makes no difference if it is US or Singapore, if the patient is unable to survive the treatment.

In truth, more patients die from the treatment for cancer than the cancer itself.

There are 2 aspects in the fight against cancer;

First, is the treatment. This can be in the form of surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.... While each would seek to terminate the cancer cells or tumor, they would also cause harm and damages to the body. The patient's chances of survival does not depend on the success of these methods at the elimination of the cancer cells or tumor, but on the body's ability to recover from such treatment.

The second and more importantly, is the Defense. On it own, the body has defenses against cancer cells, however, this had been weaken by the environment and the nutrient level that the patient had been receiving. Putting a patient through treatment procedures without first establishing the patients ability to recover may be suicidal.

The application of drugs can be drastic, if the young child's liver and renal system is unable to process such application. Liver failure maybe a cause of death rather than cancer.

Although cancer does not affect the body immune system directly, high dosage in drugs application(to kill the cancer cells) may breakdown the imune system as well. The cause of death in this case could be a simple infection.

Then there is the issue of the body rejecting the drug or allergy(new drugs).

Ultimately, before we try to fight cancer, the body must be strengthened to withstand the battle. In feeding the body, we must ensure that we are NOT feeding the cancer.

Pain is always the fear in cancer, but Happiness will overcome that.



aclx said...

Patrick, I believe in Cynthia's viewpoint, there is 1 factor that will override all - better prognosis for the US treatment. There is a great difference between 10% local treatment prognosis to 40% US treatment prognosis. As a mom myself, i totally understand why Cynthia MUST try all available means, exhaust all efforts, to seek treatment in US.

Building up Charmaine's body for its defense against all those noxious n invasive treatments is non-debatable. Regardless where treatment is sought, this should be done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,

Although the social worker has her limitation for request of fund, U might wish to try writing in to Foundations directly or seek help from the MP at ur area to help (If I rem correctly, ur district belongs to Minister Teo's GRC and he does attend MPS at ur area on rotational basis). There might be a possibility of u getting some donations if some big shot assist you in writing? Bring along documents as attachment. It may take some time off from ur kids at night, but maybe worth considering :)

Try Lee Foundation, Shaw Foundation and HSBC Trustee.


Anonymous said...

u guys deleted a rude reply... why? trying to be nice now for the sake of money...?

Anonymous said...

Hi Annon, sorry to disappoint u. I have deleted my own post, because i would felt that my comments would be clouded by my emotions for the kid.

If you like to read it, please send me ur email addy, and I would be most happy and willing to share with u.

While it is the cost of USD350K, it means a 400% increase in the survival of charmaine.

Thanks Ally. Yes, the RC has been very understanding in this, and I believe they have kindly visited Cynthia and Charmaine yesterday night.


Joanne said...

Hi Anon,

Till now you are still trying to create trouble over here?

GROW UP, get a life, find other sources for ur entertainment. Maybe xbox or PSP?


Me said...

Dear Jemy

Sadly, the USD350,000 is just the deposit for the promise of a 40% chance of survival vs a 10% chance if treatment is in Singapore.

I can understand that a mother will want to do all things possible within her means to save her child.

However, this price for a hint of hope may be the cause of distraction from the focus of treating Charmaine.

There is no cure for cancer, just treatment to prolong, with the consideration of improving the quality of, life.

Putting a USD350,000 deposit on a hope of 40% chance is survival may not be prudent for the following reasons;

1. There is really no difference between 10% and 40% chances, the deposit is a high bet to place on the odds which still hold a 60% chance of failure.

2. This is only a deposit, there is still the actual costs of treatment to be considered, not to mention the costs of relocation and sustainance in New York.

3. After exhausting all resources, and if Charmaine should survive, is there still anything left to ensure a quality life in her post treatment?

4. Is the family going to spend the rest of their lives trying to recover as well?

5. Can the sum of money(if available)be better utilised?

Cynthia would accomplish more for Charmaine by giving up on this hope for funding as it would consume her and prevent her from giving to Charmaine the full love which is most important now.



Stephanie said...

Dear Cynthia,

I read that you asking for God Almighty to spare you another trouble. He is not the author of sickness. But He is the author of healing.

He is very willing to heal Charmaine, minus all the cost and the suffering and stress that the whole family plus friends need to go thru.

If you could only believe in a 100% healing by Jesus than some 40% or 10% by drugs.

Sickness given by devil and Jesus came to this world as Saviour, to save us from all our troubles. Don't you want to give Him a chance for a easy healing?

Anyway, take care!

aclx said...

[Patrick] However, this price for a hint of hope may be the cause of distraction from the focus of treating Charmaine.
[Jemy] Whose distraction? Are you not simply making your own assumption?

[Patrick] There is no cure for cancer, just treatment to prolong, with the consideration of improving the quality of, life.
[Jemy] That’s a good enough reason to exhaust all efforts to seek the best treatment available.

Yes, 350k is just the beginning. Cynthia+frens will no doubt try their best to raise as much $ as possible. Whether they can succeed or not of course is another story. But this should not even be an excuse not to try. I don’t think we can measure efforts over trying to save a person’s life to “being prudent”.

At the end of the day, I guess different people have different opinions. The most important thing is to be true to oneself. I sincerely believe we NEED to try. Even if we failed, we have tried.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

You may believe in natural treatment but to suggest they give up chemo and treatment in USA seems too much. How confident are you in Charmaine's recovery by following natural treatment?

I do read quite a fair bit on Alkaline diet and Gerson Therapy which is also classified as 'Natural Treatment". As with all medical cases, there are successful cases, there are also unsuccessful cases. There is no 100%, just like conventional chemo etc.

What i am trying to say is that we should support Cyn in what she do because as a mother, she only want the best for her child. I am sure if there is a 100% cure available - she will go all out.


Aaron said...

Hi Patrick,

I'm not sure about your motives for playing the devil's advocate here. But I sincerely hope it stems from good intentions and I've misread your comments that seem to have the same underlying notion that the money can be better spent somewhere else. I do hope I am wrong.....

I have 2 young kids of my own ( 2 and 5 )and ever since I've heard about charmaine and cynthia's predicament it had often set me thinking what would I do if I was in cynthia's shoes. where would I get USD 350K and is it worth it to "bet" on a 40% chance of success vs 10%? I believe most parents would go for it even if it's USD350 for an additional 5% chance of survival. Perhaps it's foolishness to some people who thinks that this "clutching at straws" mentality is just an irrational knee-jerk reaction driven by emotions rather than logic. However, to a helpless parent looking on as life is seeping out of his\her own flesh and blood it does not require logic to determine that any price to pay for "a hint of hope" is never too high.
At the end of the day, if all funds and avenues have been exhausted but result in nought, I believe parents who had fought till the very end will no doubt find peace and accepting the eventuality will be more palatable as they have done all they could and have no lingering regrets haunting them for the rest of their lives.
In instances like these, hope (even a sliver ) is one of the most important determinants seperating victory and defeat. If there's no hope, cyhthia would have collapsed by now without a fight and charmaine would not be the fiesty princess. So what is the price of hope ? I guess everyone has a different price tag and will have to decide on our own whether it is worth USD350K to purchase a lottery of hope or not. So please, do not espouse unsubstantiated statements like

"There is no cure for cancer, just treatment to prolong, with the consideration of improving the quality of, life."

Putting a USD350,000 deposit on a hope of 40% chance is survival may not be prudent for the following reasons"

"1. There is really no difference between 10% and 40% chances, the deposit is a high bet to place on the odds which still hold a 60% chance of failure."

"Cynthia would accomplish more for Charmaine by giving up on this hope for funding as it would consume her and prevent her from giving to Charmaine the full love which is most important now."

as such comments destroys the very foundations which cynthia is drawing her strength from right now.

Cynthia has decided on her best course of action in the HOPE of achieving the goals that she had set her eyes on. And you have said your piece as well. I'm sure she appreciates all inputs supportive or opposing. However, the ultimate decision lies with her. Unless anyone of us have anything else that can help her reach her goal, we should refrain from any further negative comments on her plans as it will just cause her more frustration which she can do without right now.



C.M said...

Dear Patrick,

I'm an educator in Science. Father of none. May I ask what is your profession?

"There is no cure for cancer." said by you is not entirely true.

There isn't just 1 cancer but many different types. Different cancers respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them all.

Even though there is no guaranteed cure for any cancer, some cancers can already be cured thanks to the cancer research that has been done so far.

Since 3F8 has been invented, many patients have benefited from it. The only gripe is that it is a drug still undergoing clinical trial which is why Singapore doesn't allow it here. When it comes to medical treatment, Singapore always takes precaution to go by the standard tried and tested treatments.

Before anyone starts to question the exorbitant fee of a drug that is still under the clinical trial phase, think again. Would so many cures for diseases be found without the use of clinical trials?

I agree that diet plays a huge part. However, to ask Cynthia to give up hope on medical Science is a little too much. I believe as a mother, she knows what is best for her child and we should all respect her decision.

I am a Christian. God heals. Science would further His cause in healing.

Pixie said...

It is not a mere 30% increase chance of survival from 10-40% but a 400% increase chance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick, u are right. Cancer is a death sentence. Chemo & drugs only delay time. Cancer is also an expensive journey. If Charmaine is terminal, how much money can her mom afford to dump on her? But hey patrick, let me remind u that the intention of this blog is that they WANT the money. So anything else, they'll put u down. They'll reply u with rude remarks & ask u to get lost. So people like us should leave them alone.

Joanne said...

Dear Anon,

And I wonder why u are still not leaving the blog alone? U are just here to create trouble for your entertainment and to spew negative comments at any given opportunity.


Patrick said...

Dear All

USD350.000.00 (just the deposit) can save many other lives, besides that of Charmaine, here in Singapore if wisely expended.

I wish Cynthia all the best



Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

Just wondering how you put a price tag to someone's life? What criteria do you use to decide if it is owrth it? To a mother, no amount is too expensive to save her child's life.

Lance Armstrong had terminal cancer years ago but he went on to win many races...... If someone decided that his treatment is just too expensive - there won't be a Lance ARmstrong now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

This is Eve. For the record, i do not know Cynthia,Charlene or Joleen......... A friend point me to this blog and here i am reading. I have never met anyone of them.

Therefore there is no need to categorise us together as 'them'. And i don't meant to be rude to Patrick, just pointing out different believes. To you, the purpose of this blog is to get money. To others, the purpose of this blog is to raise money to save a life. There is a vast difference.

And there is also no need for you to put yourself in the same category as Patrick. He, at least contribute useful suggestions although it may not be in line with what Cynthia and friends are pursuing.

You contribute nothing positive, not even a word of encouragement (which is free you know - so don't be stingy about it). You only take up space on the blog without serving any purpose..........


Aaron said...

Hey Anon or danny,

I'm not sure what you have against cyn or charmaine that you are harassing them as such. Why don't you put yourself in their shoes and think. If you were the one diagnosed with NB and have a choice of 10% chance f survival in Singapore vs 40% in US would it still be a "luxury" to choose US ? Or would you be benovelent and say "what the hack, 350K can save a lot of lives in Singapore I will take the 10% chance and donate the rest of the money."

Hopefully, you will take your own "sound" advice that you've given to Patrick and leave this blog alone from now on.

Everyone, let's just ignore his comments from now on and once he finds no responses will get bored and go harass someone else's blog.


Anonymous said...

This is an extremely trying period for you indeed. I know it's hard to stay strong every day and I wish you all the very best, really. It is very touching to know you are doing everything you can do help your sweet little girl. I am sorry that I cannot do much to contribute with regard to finance, but I have forwarded this blog link to all my friends. May I also suggest you try contacting either Today (1800-2364888, or The New Paper (1800-7334455, request for an interview on your daughter's plight?


Patrick said...

For the benefit of those who would like to know about the 3F8 treatment;

f said...

to anon:

i hope you get cancer one day and no one, including yourself, your family members and friends (do you even have any?), can afford to get you treated and you're left to die on your own. it seems that your only focus here is MONEY and not LIFE. you're pathetic.

i'm not cynthia, jolene or any of their friends. i do not know them personally.

wait till you experience this yourself. believe in karma.

Anonymous said...

dearest cynthia,


i have 2 girls and i'm crying with you. don't give up!


you're in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Dearest f, not everyone believes in Karma. But since u do, i hope YOU do not fall in on itself & that God forgive YOU who've cursed.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait, anon. Heaven has eyes.

- KW

Anonymous said...

KW, first of all unlike you i didn't curse char or cyn or anyone else. i just don't agree with some of their efforts. Am i a sinner in this case? Haha, or r u saying karma has fallen on char or cyn...? i'm not a believer but obviously u do. So wait for your "karma".

SL said...

"So people like us should leave them alone." <- Oh wow, I thought someone said he/she will leave the blog alone?

Dear all,

Let's jus ignore anon.

anon gets his/her daily thrills by reading the blog (contradicting!), posting negative comments (even more contradicting!!!) and waiting for people to react and reply.

It is quite obvious u have something against the authors of this blog but to take it out on Char? This is not the place for childish behaviour.

Time to GROW UP and stop ur nonsense anon. Hope u'll be more sensible and not cause anymore trouble here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, anything besides money means trouble to u guys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not a believer of any religion. I understand perfectly that you do not agree with most peoples' views here, but who are you to put down others' efforts to save a life when you have never experienced something similar? who are you to judge which cause would be a better use for the funds raised?

FYI im not cursing you either. I wont insult myself by putting a curse on someone like you. all im saying is you should examine your character, since i think there is something fundamentally wrong about you being so bitter about this whole episode.

If you dont wish to help (not even to offer a word of encouragement), then whats your motive of posting all the negative comments to pollute this blog with your insensitive comments?

I suppose you get a kick out of arguing with people? And why are you so concerned about the money when you haven't donated a cent yourself? perhaps you are hoping the money could be yours so that you can put it to "better use"?

I'm disheartened to know that people like you exist in this world.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cynthia, Do not be discouraged by those insensitive remarks esp from anon(danny). After reading the New Paper report,I at first intended to donate $200. But after reading the insensitive remarks from danny, i decided to increase my donation to $1,000 and will make extra effort to approach my circle of friends to help with the donation. U have done the right thing, Cynthia. Your only concern is your daughter. Many people with the right mind will understand and support u. So to danny, the more insults you spew, the more people will come to support Charmaine.Its better for you to leave the forum. Patrick, u have your point of view but dont discouraged the mother. Every mother will cling to any chance to save her child. She is the only person in this world who knows what is right for her daughter.Jolene and Joanne, u both are truly angels.May God bless Charmaine speedy recovery and good health. From: Teo

Anonymous said...

Haha, good for you, Teo! Pls donate more. More.

Aaron said...

Anon \ Danny,

You might not have cursed char or cyn or anyone. And you are certainly not the cause of their current problems either. However, your behaviour is analogous to someone who saw a building on fire and blocks the way of the fire engine to prevent anyone from saving the occupants. In this case a 4 year old girl!!!

You said you "just don't agree with some of their efforts." What is it exactly that you do not agree with ? Based on your comments so far, you feel that going to the US where the chances are 40% is a luxury whereas continuing with local treatment with 10% chance is the logical choice. Despite the better odds you are still against the idea. Perhaps you have strong reasons for your convictions but it is not evident from your posts so far as all you have done are pass snide remarks to agitate everyone. You seem like a smart individual so if you have some other suggestions which you think might be able to help alleviate the pain and suffering that cyn and char are experiencing I am sure they will be more than happy to listen to your views. If not, just leave them alone to their efforts in sorting out their problems.
Whatever your religion, faith or beliefs might be. whether you believe in karma or not. You might not realise it but your actions so far does not help cyn or char in any way. In fact, your efforts thus far just causes more distress for them and if you do manage to thwart their plans, it's akin to ending char's future birthday celebrations prematurely. so are you a sinner ? Only you and your god (if you have one ) can answer that.

The objective of this blog is to save an innocent 4 year old girl's life, if you think this is a hoax despite all the available evidences then there is nothing more that anyone can say. Since you are unwilling to help in any way, the only thing anyone can hope for is for you do cease all harassments and leave in peace. Please have some sympathy for those who are suffering. Help alleviate it if you can but don't add to it.


Anonymous said...

All i can say is, Charmaine, don't die on the USD350,000, baby. Pls tell us there's a cure for cancer. Then whatever "karma" might be, its not cancer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,

I got to know about this blog thru my brother and have read some insensitive remarks by that quarrelsome Danny. Be strong.. I know it's difficult to be there as a single parent. U gotta know that they are a lot of people supporting you and your decision to bring your gal to US for treatment.. JIA YOU! =)

Kindly provide me your email so that I can commiunicate with you personally for donation details.


Aaron said...

Danny / anon,

I guess that's all you are capable of then. Smart one-liners for your own amusement. Very uniquely, sick sense of humour you have. Your intentions are clear for all to see, you're just here to gloat and provoke.
Anyways, continue to have your fun ( as I am sure you defintely will ) as you know very well that you are protected by the anonymity on the internet. Don't bother to respond ( which I know you defintely will too!! ) as I will not be coming back this way to be part of your little charade. And unlike you, I will do as I say and definitely NOT be back.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone understand WTF anonymous at June 17, 2009 10:39 AM is saying? I make no head and tail of it at all. Is the comment by the same evil person? I don't understand all the things this person is trying to say.

Charmaine, you will beat the monster! GO!

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,hope you are feeling alright.I heard about your illness from a friend's blog.I pity you alot however I want you to know that my cousin have been thorough what you are going thorough now.Ulike you my cousin's family was very poor than,and her illness was different.She was actually down with brian cancer and the doctor said it was incurable.Charmaine,the reason why I am telling you this is because I want you to know that in this world,some poeple are less fortunate than you so you MUST NOT give up!!!!Know matter what happens,you must remeber that your family will always be with you!!I belive you can defeat that monster!!!

Anonymous said...


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