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Thursday, June 25, 2009

*Edited on 1st July*
Thanks for helping out!!!!

On behalf of Daniel, where orders can be sent to

We're raising funds for this little girl who is suffering from Neuroblastoma.( Many may have heard about her plight, and my friends and I would like to do our little part to help them. They need $500k to send the little girl to the States for treatment, and currently they've raised $180k, slightly more than a third of what they need.

We will be selling 8" square brownies with dark chocolate frosting at $25 each. Of course we welcome any extra contributions. =D Deliveries to our office will be on Monday (29th June) and the following Monday (6th July), as we will be baking on the 2 Sundays. We're hoping to raise as much as possible for them through our little bakesale over the 2 weekends.

If you are interested to order, pls send me an email latest by the following dates
Friday ( 26 June ) for delivery on 29 Jun
Friday ( 3 Jul ) for delivery on 6 Jul


As we have limited manpower, would appreciate if you could indicate that brownies ordered are for self collection in Sengkang.

* All proceeds from the above will go directly to the little beneficiary *

Love, Charlene

-Updated 29th June-


Anonymous said...

Hello Mummy Cynthia, our heroine Charmaine and loving Godma Jolene,

Our one and only daughter has gone throu all the procedures and is in a year remission with everythi looking good. Dr Chui is really good. Our savior too. We had treatment in kkh and later at mt e as we changed doc. He's Dr Anselm Lee. One great guy too, humble and kind like Dr Chui. We had 5 cycles of N7 followed by Stem cell transplant. Those days were tough. You can contact me at 97625902 for a chat. I'm willing to share my exp. and hope my sharing will somehow lighten your burden. It's very difficult to walk blindly. I know and understand. Have a speedy recovery, charmaine. Keep her happy and cheerful. In a couple of months, all treatment will be done and we will have a healthy girl.

Auntie Pat

Evien said...

hi! (: i'm from singapore, and i heard about the news. i felt quite sad. although it may be tough, but perhaps its a challenge from god? and learn how to fight against it. thr's a word says that "life is not about waiting for the rain to stop, its about learning to dance in the rain" dun give up hope (: i bet ur daughter will be strong enough to fight the illness with you. i know by saying this words will not help much. but i just want to tell you that, anything is possible. and its also possible that your daughter can be a normal happy and healthy lil' girl as soon as possible (: dun give up hope (:

good luck ^^ everyone is supporting you ^^ you're not alone (: GOD BLESS YOU ALL ALWAYS <3

Evien (:

Anonymous said...

Hello to Cynthia, Charmain and Jolene,

These days are tough, I couldnt wait Charmaine to smile again just like the picture in the blog.

Although I am not able to do anything but I sincerely hope the god will bless charmaine.

May Charmaine have a speedy recovery!

Xing Yi

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you guys try approaching the government? Are there any ways our government could help donate to the fund? It would be faster that way too!

Anyway, I really admire your courage to face such difficulties. Pls continue to JIAYOU and i'll definitely help spread the words for more donations. I'll donate too of course!

- Ms. R

Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy Cynthia,
pls be strong coz your little princess needs u a lot. After reading your blog I felt so sad and pain in my heart, I have wonder how hard your little gal has been fighting and how strong are u. Continue to be strong and positive we will all pray for Charmaine.

God bless,
Auntie Elaine

KeziahPetrina said...

I wan to help. Actions!

call me 97849363

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