Updates for Day 6 after surgery

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good morning =) So happy wakin gup to the great news. Char was taken off morphine yday morning and has been complaining of bouts of pain. She basically cried whole day especially when it comes to passing urine. Had difficulty as she experienced a lot of pain and urine only comes out in a few drops. Andevery 10mins, she would say she wanna pee again. they have her an anesthestic cream to numb the pee area and it helped a little. She had her first meal yday some porridge and an apple. Dr Chiu came over last nite and had a long chat with me again. Dr Chiu's daily visit is something i look forward to. In the neuroblastoma world, its very small with only a few handfuls of experts. And one has to be in this world long enough to know the harsh reality of it. His visits, the discussions we had, brings me a great deal of comfort. While he tries to give hope, he also balacnes it with the harsh reality of it. Someone came over to do some due diligence and had showed concern. Nonetheless, it brought me more distress. "How do you know Charmaine falls under the 50% thatwould survive and not the other that wont make it?" and that I should speak to someone who can give a clear picture of the reality and you have to face it. Her good intentions i am very grateful. Her doubts and concerns, I understand. But it just hurts hearing them especially one day after the operation. everyone has the right to ask me ho wsure am i that char will makethe 50% that survives. I have no answer for u andn o one will either. But it doesnt mean that just because there's a 50% that Char wont make it, and I should not try. I simply cant sit around doing nothing, watching my own baby fade away. And yes, whatever we are doing is to prolong her life. I dont know if its selfish of me to do that. But shelooks fine to me now, and I;m brought up to not give up without a fight, esp when it comes to something precious and dear. I respect differing vies on how one treats life and all tha tmy mind can think of now is just to keep my little princess alive. I just have to keep trying. I will tryuntil my last breath or my little princess's. Now is not the time to let go. I beg of you not to persuade or convince me to do so because it hurts me greatly and i already have enough of pain on hand. Please just let me hold on to whatever little hope i can find... please...

1832: We just left kk and is on our way home. Abit of drama just before discharge, over cleaning of wounds

(I had to blog all these now! They are so cute!!!)
The moment Charmaine walked into the house, Jase held her hand and they walked to a room together =) Jase is a great help when it comes to rehab Char! All she needed was to see Jase.

Jase's words when he saw the monster..
" Why mnster look like that? Like 'rou' (meat in Chinese)? Monster must be green in colour! I want green colour one!"
Char's reply...
" Because I very powerful! I made it smaller mah!

Now we have a very happy and amused Cyn mommy!

We should conclude our Updates right now, and thanks to all followers that made this very possible!!! Your strength, your faith, your encouragement, and of cos, the practical reason to give us the hope once again, for Charmaine.

Love all!
Feisty team and our Cyn Mommy.


Anonymous said...


Nevermind about those who said or ask you, no matter out of concern or to hurt, because by not giving up, Charmaine has chances of falling within the 50% or higher % of survival and if give up, she will definitely fall outside that 50%! And I can GUARANTEE that no parents or any who love the child will give up. Ppl may say you are selfish BUT which person is not when comes to our loves ones LIFE, I don't mean the selfish for own enjoyment, fame, money,etc. So NEVER GIVE UP AND YOU ,esp the feisty team, ARE NOT SELFISH BUT VERY VERY NOBLE!!! :)

Don't think about all those comments or "concern". :)

Anonymous said...

Never give up ! You are not selfish because who can say they are not selfish ? We are just normal human beings. Ignore those comments. Jia you !!!

The Woodlands Tan family

Anonymous said...

I also hope that those who make those comment even if is out of concern, PLS DON'T ask Charmaine's mummy or god mummy,the feisty team those type of questions or worst is to ask them to give up or to reprimand them. PLS DON'T! What we NEED to do is just to help, can be via donations,spreading the news to get more help,concern and we don't have to ask about all that because that will only make them feel worst. They only need encouragement this moment of period and not those type of "concern",ok? :)

Pls put yourself in their shoes and will be able to understand. Is not easy for them.

Cheers! :)

marilyn said...

I can't believe how insensitive the lady was! You're doing the right thing! No, never give up! Yes, fight till the last breath! I saw my mum fought her breast cancer till she succumbed to the disease. Never once we ask her to give up nor we giving up no matter how costly the medical bill was! I'm glad we could spend a few more months with her. Press on!!

Anonymous said...

Good intentions but must be done in the "right" way.

Good intentions that will hurt the party concern (in this case Charmaine's mummy,close ones)shouldn't be considered as good intentions.

Those who ask or tell them to give up or say that they are selfish,etc, are even more selfish and cruel,esp when there is chances of survival for Charmaine.

I am saying all these just hoping everyone can just give them encouragement, support and the rest of doubts and concern or so called reality shouldn't be our concern because we are in no position to comment or advise,right? Charmaine's mummy is not selfish but is a very responsible mummy. So pls just give them our best wishes, help, encouragement. :)

PLS PLS NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. Understand it hurts a lot upon hearing those comments,even if is out of good intentions and concern but NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! :)

Anonymous said...

Never give up. As long as you try, there will still be hope. As a fellow mummy, I can say with utmost certainty that even if your child has only a 1% chance of survival, you will still carry on fighting. I do not know any of you personally, but rest assured that we are all in this together with you and your family, financially and morally..press on!!!

Chloecube said...

Never give up, ppl can say what ever they want and give all sort of opinions. Omit the bad and listen the good ones. Hang on till the end, that is the best you can do for Char.At least, you wont live with any regrets.Many ppl out there are doing and trying to fight the monster with you and Char, so you must stay positive.Jia you :)

HY said...

"now is not the time to let go"...u've said it yourself. 50% is definitely a fighting chance, and no one should have the right to question you about not giving up anyway. "selfishness" is nonsense, what selfishness is there in a parent trying to fight to save her child's life?? 50% chance is more than enough to hope and believe and fight on. there will always be naysayers but the many people who have donated and shown their support in this blog and elsewhere is proof that many are behind you and charmaine! keep the faith!!

best wishes.

chloecube said...

Just to let you know that even my little neices and nephews are busying helping lil Char by clicking on ur nuffnang ads, so you mustnt give u okie?

hillary said...

Hi. (:
It's rare for a four year old kid to be so brave! No matter what, all of you can't give up! Charmaine is so determined, and so the feisty team must be too. :D You're not selfish, as long as there's hope, there's no reason why you shouldn't go for it. (: Especially if it involves your loved ones. <3
Jiayou! :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone has different roles to play in different situations. Some are encouragers who will bring up the positive level when you feel like giving up. Some are wet blankets who will bring on harsh comments which make you want to give up. What is important is the goal which you want to achieve at the end of the day - ie. to give your best to Charmaine and not deprive her of any chance of treatment. That is the MOST important. Do not lose your focus.

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You have been a great mum and you have brought up Charmaine well by inculcating the positive values of being strong and feisty even when faced with monsters and gaint hurdles. Continue on. Each step you take brings you nearer to your goal.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, little Jase is also such a caring bro and would like to say a hi to little Jase too. :)

I think he has to undergo a certain degree of pain at his age, quite a bit for him too.:) Most kids at his age will also need lots of love and attention and for him, he is very matured because most kids will feel jealous if his/her siblings gets most/all loves and attentions even from strangers. But pls do let little Jase knows that we also love him and concern about him. :)

Jolene said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Cyn understands everyone means well, and like others had implied, reality is harsh, and let's just hang on to the hope that everyone gives us along this path.

Jase has been a wonderful kid. Having to leave him to sleep alone in the room he shares with his meimei and mom, did make me tear, but like Charmaine, Jase is also another feisty one.

Thanks everyone and if we have responded a little slower, especially on the tagging portion, is just cos....we are too busy .

Some of the emails will come in very short simple reply, but we really appreciate everyone's effort in typing each alphabet out.

Thanks once again, for helping us to hit that half mark (soon)!

Anonymous said...

I pity that insensitive lady… she must be someone who never had family love and could never understand a mother's love for her child.

Cyn, you know what you should do. Just do it. Stay focus… Contact the hospital in NY. Check with them on the necessary documents required to get charmaine treated... check with Dr Chiu on what to prepare for the flight… Don't lose focus. Stay positive. Get ready to go to NY!

Charmaine, you have a great mummy and thus you have to fight this battle well. When u read this blog while you are in NY, you would know how much your mummy has done for you. Remember to give your mummy a great hug.

ken_angyh said...

Take a step at a time...
Charmaine nv give up and so do you must nv give in without a fight.
Charmaine will be one of the many miracles...

Anonymous said...

All parents would have done what you are doing now. Moreover, you are blessed with good friends (I would call them Angels) who gave their everything to help you. So don't be discouraged.

No matter how small the chances are, no matter how hopeless it may seem, no matter how many negative comments you get, don't give up the fight.

When you are strong, Charmaine will be strong too. You are her pillar of strength.

"The LORD gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak." Isaiah 40:29

Anonymous said...

10%, 20% or 50% are just statistic. What matter most is you try your best. Don't give up.

Cynthia, you are a great mum. Its take a lot to do public appeal. Only mother with selfless love for their children will have the courage to do so. Jia You!

Charmaine, needless to say, you are such a brave little girl. Jia You! We are all behind you.

Jolene, charlene and rest of feisty team, you have gone all out to help a friend in need. You are indeed best friends one could ever hope for. jia you!

Patrix said...


Anonymous said...

hey, nvr gives up! :D
Charmaine will get well soon!
may god bless her (:

yuene said...

The whole point of our donating is that there is a chance, however slim, not because it's a done deal. Charmaine is a courageous girl and if she hasn't said she wants to give up, then nobody has the right to say to her mummy that she ought to. Keep on fighting, Cynthia, Charmaine and Jase! We're rooting for you all the way.

Anonymous said...

yes,noone has the right to ask anyone to give up or reprimand anyone being selfish in this instance.

Is really not easy for Charmaine's mother to make the decision to seek public appeal.

yes, don't forget about little Jase too. :)

Jia you!!! :)

cyn said...


No matter what the odds are, Do NOT give up! Charmaine, you, Jase and the feisty tema have come this far and it's just not the time to give up as yet. Come on, keep on fighting! I'm behind you all the way and I'm sure many others are too. Just look at the amt of positive comments you've been receiving. Yes, I don't deny that we have to face the harsh reality at times, but I never believe that we should give up without a fight, esp. for things that we hold so dear. Ignore those comments that distract you from your goal, Charmaine's goal. The reason why so many people are helping you and Charmaine out is because we want to try. Even if it means that the odds are only 50%, we still want to try, otherwsie we would have given up long ago. Fight, fight till the end until the experts say that it's pointless to fight anymore. Keep on fighting! We are behind you all the way!

Anonymous said...

Hush now little princess. Your angels are watching you with thier light bright protecting and healing you with each passing second. Keep the faith , let it soar above every prayer, thought and well- wishes. I am sending you positive energy and we must all envision her getting better every day. When there's a will, there's
a way. Be strong.

QP said...

Stay strong (:

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with our friend 10%, 20% and 50% are just statistics. I've seen this specialist in Mt E. He said something to me which I will remember all my life and will share with you. He said "who am i to tell you how long you can live, the only person who can say that is God". Those are just statistics and estimates. So don't give up, keep your faith and fight on.

June said...

I'm sure there be more miracles as i've seen it happening to Charmaine =) And with the strong love & bond from her dear mummy, Jase & everyone around her, i'm sure she be even stronger!

The 2 little ones are really cute! Always makes me laugh with their actions! =)

Anonymous said...

Charmaine is back to home? If so, that's really a very gd piece of news!!! :)

That;s what make kids so adorable, they are so innocent and straightforward! :)

Jolene said...

Yes! Kiddos are back @ home. They mood change totally when they see each other.

I miss them... =D

love, Charlene

susanteh said...

Great to hear Charmaine's able to go home! She's a brave and wonderful little girl! Praise God.

Anonymous said...

Cyn must try to block out all negativity with any who tells her to give up . Regardless whether is is with good intention to remind cyn of reality check or whatsoever . There's is no turning back , how about asking that lady if she would be able to bear to watch a love one wither away ??? It is not a choice cyn has but to keep fighting for char ....Really wish some can keep their "wise words" to themselves instead of causing more misery . Tons of people are rallying to help char survive this ... not for anything , just to put up a good fight so ther ewill be no room for regrets . WE need less wet blankets !

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, don't give up your fight for your girl's life. The fighting spirit is what will help you thru this period. Regardless of what others may say, do not let these noise get in your way and your goal. Every life is worth saving 'cos God created everyone special. Char is special.

Daisy said...

Cyn Mummy...
Dun bother wat others said.... No mummy will give up fighting for their child's life even though its only for 1%... So dun give up on Charmaine...She is a brave girl to have a wonderful Mummy like you..
Hi little Princess,
You are just too great... You have made miracle again.. i am really glad that you are better now and is back at home. You have put up a great fight for the past 1week...Continue to fight on..Jia

Aaron said...


In life there are always detractors who will hold a different view from all the rest. You know as well as everyone here that you have firm supporters that far outnumber these naysayers manyfold. So just stay focussed on continuing the good work that you and your team have been doing as you are just starting to see the results. Very soon, you will far exceed your goal as a tsunami of awareness is currently sweeping not only Singapore but the whole world.
You and only you alone must decide; concentrate on the negative remarks of 1% or on the 99% of your backers; the 50% chance of non-survival or the 50% of survival.
As long as you don't give up hope, you have only suffered a setback. It's only when you STOP trying that you have failed as your success rate is then a definite ZERO.
Trust yourself...trust your love for Char...Stand your ground


Josephine baobao said...

Hi there, I've been following your blog for some time. I'm a mummy myself, and I can totally feel how you feel. I'm so happy that Charmaine is finally out of the hospital with the "monster" outta her now. Little Char is a really brave girl! =)

Do stay strong Cyn mummy!

And also do continue to update about little Char.

I'm not really good with comforting words.

I would like to make some little donations, do email me to let me know how I can start from.

my mail - stubbornmissyjojo@gmail.com

Yvonne said...

Hello Cynthia and Charmaine,

Don't give up. I came across your link late last night and I have been following since. I am a mother of 3 young kids and I can understand your pain and your hope to see Charmaine well again.

Will rally friends to donate and will keep you and Charmaine in my thoughts. She is a brave little girl and you are one proud mommy!

:) Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

To Jolene, you are not forgotten, you started this blog hoping you can help a friend and your god daughter, your hope came true! YOU had done a GREAT GREAT job here and you've succeeded! Good Job! Also give credit to charlene,you've done a great job despite your busy schedule.We all love you!

To Cynthia,
Never give up, we cannot convince all, but most are convinced.
Your ammunition is loading..... you got no room to turn back, your fighter jet is standing by.... get up the jet when ready and bomb the monster away! Keep fighting.
Remember, Nothing Come Close.

To Jase,
Happy (Coming) Birthday to you.
We are Love You!

To Charmaine,
Feel healthy,you mind can fight that monster. Stay healthy always.

Juliet said...

Dear Cyn,

This is Emily's story.

Press on!

Love Jas

cindy said...

Hi Cyn,

Years ago,doctors fm GH told us to prepare for the worst for my mother-in-law,but miracles do happen, not once, twice but thrice.
Her determination had given her another half yr more to spend with us.

NEVER GIVE UP!!! You have come this far, pls carry on. Miracles do happen.

Hi my princess,

So happy & relieve to hear that you're home. You are the bravest & strongest girl, pls stay strong to kill the 'monster'. Jia you!!!

Jolene said...

Love all of you for loving Charmaine so much, for showing your support for Cynthia and for not forgetting Jase. This is what the family needs most -- your constant support and belief in char.

Miracles often happen when one has determination. I believe in that. Charmaine is our feisty little girl and that's her catalyst to overcome all odds.

The feisty team thanx all for your support for us. Jolene here has been feeling very guilty not helping out full steam, not even half steam this June due to personal commitments. Kudos to Charlene for single-handedly replying all emails from gmail and liasing with so many people despite her bz schedule.

Just in case any of you reading this has sent an email to my personal mail, I apologise for not replying these 2 days.


chloecube said...

so happy and relief that Char is back home :)she's such a heroine, pls tell her we are all so happy for her and she must continue to stay strong. Oh yes, she is really very POWERFUL! whahah

Anonymous said...

Jolene,you did a very good start and have done a lot too,don't be self reproach. :)

yes, must never neglect little Jase too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine baobao,you can click on the blog archieve (left hand side) and click on the title "on cash donation and pay pal" and you will get to read the ways which you can do donation.

PS:sorry me a bit kpo but just hope to help to ease the feisty team a bit.

Anonymous said...

hang on there! Jia you! You have all the rights to persevere on! With all the love showered on Charmaine, and the prayers for her recovery, Charmine will win the fight! She's a brave fighter and survival!

didi said...

philipians 4: 13 "i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" believe that God has heard your prayers. Stay strong when u're feeling weak. u've come so far, carry on the journey. u'll never know what the future has in stall for u :)

it has never been easy being someone's mother. hang in there :)

i'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Knight_ said...

I came across this blog by chance. Spend a good few hours reading it. I must say, its really been tough on both of you. I pray that you will be empowered to fight on.

No one can promise you if Char is going to fall into the 50% of survival or the other 50%. No one knows. But it will be selfish if you give up now. No one promises this is going to be easy or hard.

Char is not giving up, none of us here is giving up. And you should not give up. Stay on, fight on. You will have the support from all of us.

To the lady who said she should give up. if you are seeing this. I think you are basically outright selfish. So selfish that you will only think for yourself. Wake up your mind before you make such a comment!

Anonymous said...

Never give up hope. It is you who decide which side of the 50% Charmaine is now. Who can denied the love of Parents towards their child. Do not ever think of giving up but rather channel your strength and love for Charmaine. That is the most important things that she need now. Hang on there.. We are all here to support

Anonymous said...

Seeing all these compassionate people offering support, it is very encouraging. And more encouraging, is the power of love that Cynthia, Charmaine and family share, and the inspiration that we have from the fighting spirit of little Charmaine. =D People like u all make this world a better place.

Zoe said...

i strongly believe, when we give, we give whole-heartedly. But most of us like to stick our nose and justify what people spend our money on - which i guess is quite human nature since they have worked for that money and now given it out to someone else.

A priest once preached, that when we donate, it is no longer our position to judge what that person does with the money. Our judgment/decision is whether to give, or not to give.

As such, the toughest part would be whether or not I want to give, and not how you are going to spend the money because you will face up to it yourself and it's not my business.

Dear Cynthia, I urge you to fight, for what it's worth to you. At the end of the day, you aren't accoutnable to us. I have faith that you will make the best decisions possible for yourself and your children. THese are difficult circumstances.

You have a great team of people supporting you - friends and family..and now 'strangers'. It is very very heart-warming that so many are coming forth to help...even mummies who do home-businesses to supplement their income are donating some % of proceeds to you.

TAke heart for all those who support you. GIve thanks for those who put themselves against you or hurt you, for these only make you stronger and more resilient in life.

You are doing great. It's ok to feel overwhelmed and lost - I felt it when I first read your story. Press on and keep the faith!

Anonymous said...


Little K n family

Anonymous said...

What is statistics? I read a very good article by a cancer patient who was diagnosed with no chance of survival, and he was so miserable when he saw the survival rate of patients suffering from his type of cancer.

He never gave up hope and did his own research and joined an experimental treatment.

He lived on for another 15 years and passed away from a different type of cancer.

So, what is statistics? What is 50%? Doesn't that mean half is cured and half is not? So what would that patient be? 1 side dead, and 1 side alive? Nah,
statistics's just that, statistics, a number and nothing more.

What you need to do now is to concentrate on helping Char fight the monster. Positive attitudes will help you and her.

May your God bless you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more thing I remember very well from my dad is "Whatever you do, 1/2 of the people will not like it, while the other 1/2 will."

So, you have made the decision to fight, and fight you will. Do what you think is right.

Anonymous said...

You have every right to fight on with Charmaine... No one has the right to make you waver in your decisions... Keep up with your positive attitude! Negative comments or "unwanted" concerns, just take it with a pinch of salt... Just bask in the love and support from the rest of us, alright!

Charmaine can do it! So can Cyn mummy and the feisty team...

Jolene said...

Char :
Thanks for all helping out one another especially to Cyn and her family. we are grateful to you all!

Emily story is real touching and i teared a bit in just a few minutes. It really spurs us on, and I could probably sleep a little lesser just to get more funds for our dearest.

FeistyTeam owes alot of emails and updates, especailly the tracking of donation. Sorry sorry on this. I will get back to all the tagging real soon ya?

Dont forget this Sunday's match!! Be there ya?

Love, Char

PetiePet said...

Ive been quietly following your blog for a while now.. just wanted to drop a note saying I've been praying for you and your babies (esp princess Char) all these while. Keep going.. don't give up.. stay strong..

Eve said...

Hi Cyn and CHarmaine,

Just want to encourage you that HOPE is what keeps us going. Not only in your situation, but in everyone of us.

Do we give up school when we don't know if we can make it thru PSLA, o'LEVELs, A Levels etc? No..... we study to the best we can and stop when we can't go further.

Do our parents or even some of us here stop conceiving cos one day we will all die? No.

We all live on HOPE. It is Hope that keeps all of us going, be it work, study or marriage.........

Nothing is 100% sure in life except changes.

So jia you. You are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Mummies don't give up. We just keep trying.

Focus and ignore those words you do not want to hear

Anonymous said...

My apologies if my comment may come across as harsh, but sometimes, we also need to take an unselfish look around. Half a million singapore dollars is alot of money which I'm sure will definitely be raised, before the deadline. If unfortunately Charmaine doesn't make it through, that's half a million dollars gone, which could've gone to other uses like saving 1,2,3,4,5.....10 children or teenagers with terminal illness with better survival chances. Yes, that's a question on alot of people's minds.

VALERIE. said...

Keep on going babes, you guys definitely are the pillar of support Charmaine needs right now.


Advocateur said...

It will be insane to give it all up when Little Charmaine is fighting her dear life here, overcoming every obstacle.

U r a brave mum, and pls ignore words like "giving up". This is not the time, not now...

Do take care and u know ppl out there are praying very hard for Charmaine.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't give up^^,
Just one day by living in this world,
theres still hope okay.
Everyone will support you !
I'm sure of it !
God bless you, <3

Anonymous said...

jy worhz..
nv give up..
miracles do happen to ppl who nid help badly..
it doesn't happen to mi, doesn't means it doesn't exist..
ppl get tired after sometimes, it true.. bt juz hang on there uh?
for ur child(:
u can do it de..
do whatever u tink it's rite..
ignore other's comment..
u dun regret after u make ur decision(:
keep ur stand and nv give in(:
obstacles, expectation is wat life about..
no point pondering over it..
juz spend more time wif her or do smth wit her tat will makes her happy..
life are bound to be full of obstacles,
everyone elses face tat..
bt in different problems..
nv give up yea! jy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, half a million is a lot. One can do a lot of things with it. It can save the lives of many others.

But Cyn came forward with the cry for help. The others if they want, they can very well come forward to ask for help, and I am sure most will get the help. And if they don't, and can't get any help, Char is not the one depriving them of the chance.

It's up to the individual how they want to fight, and each to decide how they want to help.

Anonymous said...

And why focus on if she doesn't make it? What if she makes it? Who is to answer that.

Human brains, only think on the negatives. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Pls stop all these "noble" comment "we also need to take an unselfish look around." even if you are out of concern and noblity.

Just need to ask yourself what will you do if you are Charmaine mummy and if you are Charmaine? would you be so "selfishless" to give up any chances even 0.01% to do whatever you can to save your child's life???

If you are Charmaine, wouldn't you want any adult or own mummy/god mummy to help her to be able to seek treatment to live on at this age or even anyone regardless of age???

I am sure your answer is very obvious unless you don't want to live or you don't love your child at all. What's more there's chances of survival for Charmaine!!!

Many ppl like to talk about selfish, reality, being noble and thinking is for other's good BUT that's doing harm and hurt to the party you "concern" already and that's already very selfish act.

So pls pls refrain yourself making all these "noble, selfishless" comments,etc. Pls pls pls.....Don't add to their pain because these types of comments doesn't help but only add salt on wounds! Pls put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you CAN really do what you say if you are them.

Sorry if my words hurt you but aren't Charmaine mummy make it clear in her post and there are so many comments but you still make this comment which is so just "selfish in disguise" (many ppl are like you in fact, some with ill intention but some with "kind intention". However, both are hurting and doing more harm and pain only.)

Just give them our encouragement and support in donations,etc and leave the rest to them,ok? And we donate willing and want to help,we also don't need all those answers from them at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to use here to give my suggestion to stardusz in HWZ forum. Read that she is concerned with the transparency and how to prove that she handed all the amt to Charmaine's mummy.

Actually very easy, understand she doesn't want to be in the limelight,etc. She can takes pics for her own record/proof JUST IN CASE anyone doubt her(to protect herself). But she can get Charmaine's mummy to tell the reporter stardusz passed to her from the donations drive in HWZ forum.So everyone gets to know the amt that is passed to Charmaine's mummy. That's a very easy and transparent way which doesn't need stardusz to be in limelight and save all the hussle of getting lawyer to draft any documnet. Stardusz can also keep the newspapers cuttings on that to "protect" herself from any accusation,etc, later. Thanks. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would like to use here to give my suggestion to stardusz in HWZ forum. Read that she is concerned with the transparency and how to prove that she handed all the amt to Charmaine's mummy.

Actually very easy, understand she doesn't want to be in the limelight,etc. She can takes pics for her own record/proof JUST IN CASE anyone doubt her(to protect herself). But she can get Charmaine's mummy to tell the reporter stardusz passed to her from the donations drive in HWZ forum S$XXXXXX.So everyone gets to know the amt that is passed to Charmaine's mummy with or without pics of the cashier order. That's a very easy and transparent way which doesn't need stardusz to be in limelight and save all the hussle of getting lawyer to draft any documnet. Stardusz can also keep the newspapers cuttings on that to "protect" herself from any accusation,etc, later. Thanks. Just a suggestion.

Jolene said...

Stardus is helping Feisty team in the collection and the transparency is very clear. we also will have a list of donors that we will in contact once the donation drive is over.

Thanks HWZ folks, and of course stardusz!

Love, Charlene

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I am sure those who make donations don't doubt her just to "shut off" unnecessary comments about transparency later.

Anonymous said...

There are MANY cancer patients out there. Even poor healthy people needs help. Why so special charmaine? Yes, $500,000 CAN put to better use. Even just food for starving children. I know my comment would draw lots of attack frm the feisty team but heck.

Anonymous said...

$500,000 only serves to fulfill Cynthia's selfish desire to prolong Charmaine life (might not even be long. 1 month? 1 year? 2 years?) & also to ease her pain of losing Charmaine too soon. At least now she raised the money, spent it on treatment, then even if Charmaine die on it, the mummy feels better knowing she tried. There goes $500,000.

Anonymous said...

i can understand why u aren't giving up but i'm amazed at the fund raised just for 1 cancer patient. pls come back frm u.s & show us a cure.

Pixie said...

Thanks all and yes you are right. Why Charmaine?

I will let the readers tell u. =)

For me, just cos, she is Charmaine, our princess, our warrior, Cynthia's precious baobei part2.

Thanks for all the faith in us, and even those that are losing the faith for our cause. It gives us many different perspective in lives on how lives are being viewed.

As long as you know what u are doing is right, as long as u are sure of your goal, live with it, even if it gains lesser support than u wished. Becos, u have fought for it once. =)

(Even when replying all these, I know my boss will know I am snaking around, I guess, it is all worth it for this precious life)

Angels, u all amazed us!

Anonymous said...

MuMmy ! ,

I got 50 marks in my exams. i passed! :)

50% . :") .

how many ppl can attain the 50% ? .

you decide to fight for the 50% ?, have you ? .

if yes , then y care abt others ?

they are not going to fight wif u .

u are all alone into the exams hall to fight for the 50% :).

Anonymous said...

Is not cyn's selfish desire but her love for her child! I think you probably don't have love in you,if not, why can't you understand the love of a mummy for her child and even if you say is desire, I think that's a mother love desire and not selfish.

Yes, she is jsut 1 of the cancer patients and what's so special. She is not special but we get to know and we WILLING to help, that's so simple. And it takes courage to appeal to public and is definitely not easy to do that. Hope the anon making those comments can show some considerate and compassion for them. Maybe you have bad experiences,etc, but I am sure if anyone needs genuine help and to save life regardless of % of chances, we will still willing to help. Doesn't mean donating to charity organisation is the only good and only way to help,esp, and at least we get to know that the feisty team is genuine and transparent about the amt.

No quesitons of "speciality", selfish as you think, in any case of appeal for help. We just want to help Charmaine and anyone who is willing to come forward to seek help. Why think so much and so complicate???

Anonymous said...

something to be added to the last post .

people around here are just like the teachers .

to help u in some ways ,
for u to fight for the 50% .

so in the end , if u fall .

people around here cant do anything to pull you back .

believe in yourself .
if you cant even trust yourself . then , forget about letting others trust u :) .

Anonymous said...

and what's more, what you comment only hurts and did nothing to benefit at all. Isn't that worst???
Don't talk about helping others or selfish when you are doing harm and hurting, you are not even helping a person you know right in front here and yet talking about all that noble acts. Pls stop all that comment and keep to yourself. We donators, and the feisty team don't need all that. You are very cruel to Charmaine and the feisty team. Remember what's goes round comes around. Don't you want to be help when you are in need,esp if is to save the life of your love ones or child???? Pls be more considerate and don't mistake your "cruelty and selfish" for nobltiy or selfishless.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous, I don't agree fully with u. Yes u are right, there are so many uncountable people in need, not just Charmaine. SO??

If the 500K is now with u, and u use it for 100 of other cancer patients; HOW WOULD U ANSWER people who say, "how come u are only using the 500K on those 100 people? There are MANY cancer patients out there. Even poor healthy people needs help. Why so special these 100 people?"

Honestly there is a majority of people who are not helping Charmaine. I'm told hundreds of my friends and only a handful are responding. And u belong in this group who feel the $ can be put to better use. There is nothing wrong with that, u have the right to feel so, its your choice and your money.

Similarly its our choice to want to help Charmaine, and its our money. If u don't want to help fine, u are not alone, but can u help us understand why u feel the need to come here and post such negative comments???

Instead of seeing negative stuff, do u think u can see it more positively?

This case shows us the greatest love a child can ask from her mother. It shows the fighting spirit of a FOUR YEAR OLD CHILD. It shows that that as long as we don't give up, there is hope.

I can't speak from others, but to me, this is touching, inspiring and encouraging!

Sorry feisty team, for me spoiling the mood.

Anonymous said...

And also, if according to your "logic", even if that $500K be used to buy food for those who need food, how long can that last them? So they will still die of hunger in the end. BUT NO, THAT'S NOT THE LOGIC!!! What's more, if Charmaine can get cure and there is 50% of survival,who knows, maybe because of this, she can live till the day when there is more advance cure for her and live till ripe age!!!!! So your "logic" doesn't stand at all but only to show that you are jealous, heartless and cruel, just empty talk and doing harm yet sound so "noble". If we only think like you, then that 500K shouldn't even be donate to those who need food,etc!!! You are just misleading and in the wrong thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

and what do you mean by "better use"? Can you tell us what's the better use then? I can also tell you that your "better use" can also be used for "better use"...if these goes on, you will never donate!!!

As long as is genuine and not to cheat, regardless of to individual, to organisations, for food,medical, is still worth and right to do.

You are killing and hurting ppl with your WORDS and yet still making it sounds that you are right and noble!!!

Jon Jonny said...

To: mommy and kid

The world is fighting along side with u. All are backing u up. The world never forgets and will stay.

Remember that u r not alone and let's stay together. Who knows, the world may need u one day to fight with us.

Have faith.

Aaron said...

Sounds like danny a.k.a anon is back to haunt the fiesty team.


Fiesty team, you know the drill. Best solution is....IGNORE the comments!!!


Anonymous said...


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