Updates for Day 4 after surgery

Monday, June 22, 2009

A little update today. Char was allowed to start drinking in some amounts. She drank milk and had sips of her favourite Season's Ice Lemon tea. And she finally had enoughlung power to practise on her "incentive spirometer" and cant wait to sho it to Dr Chiu tonight =) Its an apparatus for lungs rehab. We have also finally got down to our last transfer! The general ward, the ward that left haunting memories for me. Char also managed to sit herself upright for a good 1 min without support. She still complains of pain from the tube still inside her right abdominal, used to drain liquid and blood. I'm hoping that Dr Chiu will order that tube to be removed when he comes later. Am sure that would thrill Char tremendously and would get her even more motivated to start standing up. She's been feeling the hunger for days and looks at least 1kg thinner. But I'm just so so so glad that we have gotten that monster out!! Its an experience, that's painful, yet amazing. Painful to see the kids in lying ICU, all hooked up to machines.. A 10yr old girl whom complained of headache, sent to hospital and rushed to emergency op and has not yet regain her consciousness. Its been 2 weeks, pls pray for her recovery. Seeing her mom makes me realise that heaven is still kind to me. Amazing because these kids show suc resilience, strength andcourage that humbles me. My little girl, along with the other kids, have shown me that as long as there's life,anything is possible. I came with a heavy heart on the 17th wiring that 18th never comes. But I'm leaving here with a recharged mind.


Angela said...

hi. have been coming to this blog to read about Charmaine's improvement everyday. i felt relieved upon knowing that she's fine. she's a strong girl! and i know that is has been tough on you, mentally and physically. so do take good care of your health please (:

Daisy said...

Charmaine... You are jus too great..Fight on..

Anonymous said...

Hi, pls do send my warmth regards and concern to Charmine and her mother. I will also try to help to spread this news to help Charmine. Don't give up! jia you! jia you! jia you! :)

I am sure she will be blessed with so many well wishes and help. Pls Be strong and healthy in order to be able to stay with Charmine to fight win the battle!!! :)


Sharina's World said...

hi there,i have been following this blog for quite a while.All i want to say is that u are an amazing mum to your children! stay strong and i'm so proud of Charmine... she is a fighter!
and i hope u will reach ur target soon !!

Patrick said...

Dear Cynthia

all your efforts will go to waste if you continue to feed Charmainw with Sugar and Dairy products. Season Ice Lemon tea might be her favourite and it might bring her some cheer, but if you understand that the cancer cells feed on sugar and are protected by a mucus of milk protein, you would certainly not want to be feeding Charmaine with those.

Best regards


karen yap said...

Hi Mummy Cynthia,

Words cannot express how i feel for u and ur princess..i am a mother of a 8mth old baby gal,i fully understand how u feel for ur children.And i wana tell u tat u have been e greatest mother one can ask for!Coz i can neva imagine myself goin thru all tat journey..U r superb!Pls hang in tere n march on wif ur darling k! The darker the night, the nearer the dawn. :)

Little Charmaine, u r a very brave and strong gal! Tat smile of ur's can melt my heart..And u r very fortunate to have mummy,khor khor and godma fighting e battle wif u so NEVA give up! Auntie will pray for ur recovery.

Godma Jolene,u r e best godma n fren one would ask for! Things would have been different without u,thank you for being such a strong pillar. I am sure Cynthia and ur angel love u to bits..coz i would too..JIAYOU! :P

Lotsa love,
Auntie Karen & mei mei Kayla(Uncle Charles' lil' terror)

Anonymous said...

God bless you. I do not know Charmaine or any of you personally, but I have been anxiously reading this blog for updates. Happy to note the progress so far - Charmaine, you're a HERO! Supergirl! Love and God's blessings be on you.

Anonymous said...

To Charmaine, you are a very brave girl. Keep up the good spirits and I wish you a speedy recovery!

To Charmaine's mummy and Jase, both of you have been wonderful pillars of support for dear Charmaine. Superwoman and superboy. Stay strong and keep on encouraging Charmaine.

To Jolene and all others who have helped and supported this cause, God bless. Very heartwarming that there is so much love and care.

Anonymous said...

Any further updates on Charmaine's progress?

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the highlight... so charmaine must stay away from sweet stuff right?

You have many aunties and uncles behind you... continue to fight the battle bravely... :)

Anonymous said...

Little Charmaine, you are brave & strong girl, jia you! jia You!God bless you always!!

Mummy Cynthia, it has been veri tough on you, pls take care yourself, you just able to stay with Charmine to fight win the battle!!!

God bless!!!

Dana Mummy and Daddy said...

Dear Cynthia

Charmaine is a very brave lil girl. She's going to recover and use her lifestory as an inspiration to many others in this world that miracles happen to those who believe. We've made a humble donation to strengthen Charmaine's armour. Hope she can fly to NY for her 3F8 treatment very soon! Praying with you....hugs.

Jolene said...

Dear all,

All of you are Charmaine's human angels. =) Charmaine, Cynthia and the feisty team (Charlene. Josse and me) couldn't have done it all by ourselves.

Thanx to all of you that Charmaine has fought so well.


Dear Patrick,

Thanx for the highlight. In fact, Charmaine seldom drinks such sugared stuff. However, it's probably due to the fact that she has grown so thin due to not being able to eat from all the pain of the tubes in her body and wound that it acted as a little treat for her.

As for milk. We read about that too. However, Charmaine is only turning 4 and kids definitely have to drink milk, no?

We know quite a bit about the various food to avoid for natural cancer "cure" and the reasons to avoid them. Nonetheless, many steps are difficult to administer upon a young child coz they cannot comprehend why they have to avoid certain food and why they have to eat certain food even tho it's good for their health. It's much easier to follow these steps when one is an adult.

We'll definitely take note of all these and slowly introduce and avoid certain foods.



Patrick said...

Dear Cynthia

Charmaine would be in the 50% survival group if you want it to be.

The first step is to stop helping the cancer. What the treatment so far has been is for Chemotherapy to reduce the size of the tumor, so that less of her liver needs to be taken out, surgery to debulk the cancer cells, in this case 99%.

2 things to note.

1. There is still 1% of cancer cells circulating in Charmaine's body, and these will be looking for a new area to lodge themselves and grow. Charmaine would have to undergo further Chemotherapy in hope to kill these cells and bring her tumor markers to normal range.

2. With the liver surgery, Charmaine's ability to cope with drugs and toxins, (chemotherapy drugs and painkillers included) is greatly reduce. Thus, the priority for her liver functions would be to handle these essential drugs. Charmaine should abstain in total from any other synthetic or processed food & beverages. I understand that it appears to be difficult to get a child to do this. But you are blessed with a very understanding and strong child in Charmaine, that's a gift from God. She'll understand if you give her a chance.

Until the time that you manage to raise the required amount for the 3F8 immunotherapy, Charmaine's best chances lies in 2 steps;

1. Don't help the Cancer
2. Help Charmaine's body to regenerate, her liver which can grow back to normal in weeks as well as her blood counts should be top priority.

So to do this, Charmaine would need the nutrients essential for regeneration which is found in red meat and green leaves. (I can tell you more of diet and preparation if you wish)

For strength and energy, fruits and vegetables carbo would be a better choice as these would also provide the essential vitamins of A & C as well as fibre and minerals like potassium.

Fighting Cancer is not a sprint, it is a marathon. The cancer cells(being a part of our body) will mutate and change their habits and targets continuously. I'm not telling you these to pour cold water over your recent joy, but to let you know that this is just the beginning of the fight. So it's best that you learn to know your enemy.



della said...

Hi Cynthia, the 10 year old girl U're talking about happens to be our dear one. Thank you for keeping her in prayers ... Please continue to pray for her recovery as she will be undergoing a major brain operation on 2nd July (thurs). Hopefully, after that, she can regain consciousness and on the road to recover.

Lil' char, press on and fight on. Lots of people praying for U.. .

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