SMS update: Scan result

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

By Cynthia on 14:45pm

"Bad news is the monster is still there but good news is it looks to be half the size now. Only very preliminary results. Nonetheless, i'm grateful that it has become smaller. Char is still sedated, but she's fine. I will fix an appt to see Dr Chiu, cant wait to hear his expert advice!"

Fundraising updates:
Thank you for everyone in extending your help. Nothing is too small and thank you so much on it. We will keep those in the email loop whenever we can as currently we are quite tied up on other items on hand.

Yesterday, community spirit was high up in Cynthia place and thanks for those that made last night a good one for Cynthia. While she is very scared with what she has to face, last night experience was very comforting for her. Thank you once again for all the suggestions.

Love, Charlene


Anonymous said...

Half size its good - its a progress. And every progress is good. Dont loose your hope!
We will keep on pray for Charmaine and Cyn
Take care

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear the good news!

Jia you Charmaine - you can do it!


mrs tan said...

its great to know that the situation is improving! things are turning to a positive direction!

Anonymous said...

that's good!and by the way,
perhaps you want to update on the amount you have gathered just to let the public have a feel of how much you are short of, then people who genuinely want to help would think of ways of helping - through selling things etc

Yann said...

:) thank G.

Keep that spirit alive.

Cyn, u are awesome!

Pixie said...

Thanks Ann!
Yeap,for those who have emailed us, they were given a list of questions, and also they can write to us anytime to have these information revealed to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey why not post ur bank account number here, it will make donating much more easier.

Anonymous said...

what's ur personal blog address? Is it but i don't seems to see any ads there.
I would like to help you click on the ads.

Jolene said...

Hi anon on 10th June 7:47 & 7:52,

Unfortunately we are not able to reveal the bank a/c number on this blog. However, you may write in to us via

You can click on the ads on this blogspot itself. The dot com doesn't have nuffnang ads.

The ads are not always displayed so each time you see them, do click on them.

Thanx! =)

Hi Claudio, Eve, mrs tan, ann, Yann,

Thank you!

Pris said...

Hello. I just read about your blog. My heart goes out to you, my mom suffered from cancer for 3 years. Just a suggestion. Could you subscribe to "Google Ads"? There´s more money per click there. I use both Nuffnang and Google Ads and my Google Ads earned S$40 for the same amount of time that Nuffnang earned me S$5! That´s 8 times more.

Jolene said...

Hi Pris,

Can nuffnang and google ads co-exist on the same website? Is there any clause that says no? I know nuffnang is fine with other ads but I dunno about Google.

Thanx for the suggestion.


Jimmy said...

If u hv the same Dr. Chiu in KK as e one my little girl had 6 years ago (due to some birth complications probs), she is in good hands. Good luck, and hang tough.

Anonymous said...

Jolene's and pixie's blogs are very easy to locate. You just to google and type the correct keywords. Pixie's link can be found here itself. Jolene, please don't delete my comment as I been helping to click and read. The ads appear more on your blog than here.

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