In NUH for 5th Chemo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear all,

Charmaine is doing her 5th chemo now.

For direct contacts of Cynthia, please do not visit Charmaine if you are unwell as this round of chemo drugs would affect her quite badly.

For the numerous strangers who have dropped us notes and mails with the intention to visit Charmaine, we're sorry to say that we have to limit visitors to only cyn's family and close friends.

Hope to seek your understanding on this.

We mentioned previously that Charmaine has a window period of somewhere between end July to August to receive the drugs in MSKCC. Dr Aung has suggested to send her there after her 5th Chemo.

We have hit an astounding maximum of 2000+ new emails this morning. Charlene has managed to clear most of them a while ago. I could almost feel her heart attack. I've yet to clear those on my hotmail so for those of you who emailed me there, I'm so sorry I need more time to clear.

As mentioned by Charlene in another post, please check the blog very carefully for information you are looking for before emailing us. It would ease our load greatly.

Questions on neuroblastoma treatments, why NY and not Singapore, why only this particular treatment for Charmaine etc have already been answered on the blog. Believe us, if there are other alternatives to increase Charmaine's survival rate without having to to to NY, Cynthia would definitely have done so.

Please always check the blog for updates. Whenever possible, we would definitely update here.

Lastly, thanx to all our human angels for joining Charmaine in her battle. All of you are warriors too! =)



Z said...

have a post with a FAQ rather than just saying "..have already been answered on the blog.."

Anonymous said...

To my dearest princess,

I have mixed feelings when I know you are having the 5th chemo today. Firstly, I'm happy that you are well enough to accept the chemo but sadly you have to undergo another round of pain. Believe me, auntie can feel the pain you're going through, but pls stay strong as we are all praying for your recovery.


Forget about all the unpleasant issues from the blog and focus on Charmaine, she needs you. Stay postive & strong. I believe we will be able to raise the 500K for Charmaine in no time.

Take care.......

Shanshan said...

To my little Princess,

While you are doing your 5th chemo, jie jie is helping you raise funds among my friends :) Hope by the end of the 7th day I will have quite a substantial amount for you to fight the cancer :)

Be brave and jiayou !

You are nv alone.. Many ppl are with you to fight the cancer !

Anonymous said...

wow, already the 5th chemo - so short after the surgery. charmaine is strong and really powerful!

our prayers and thoughts fight with you!
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Charmine,

You going to make it and get well soon. You have so many people out there love you so much, you have to be strong and get well soon ok.
We will be praying for you, God will surely answer our prayer.


Be strong, we are all behind you
Have faith and keep praying

Anonymous said...


You are a strong young lady, we
all love you and will be praying for you.


Be strong, Charmine is going to make it, have faith and keep praying.

chloecube said...

dear char,
you are such a brave gal and pls do not give up, all the aunties and uncles here are standing behind you , jia you!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes, I think readers can ease the feisty team by reading carefully before asking or email them. :)

Charmaine jia you!!! :)

feisty team jia you too !!! :)

Little Jase jia you too !!! :)

Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. Though this blog is open to all.. but still.. respect the creator of this blog.

The team had already tried their best in updating whatever they know. With so limited time and manpower.. having to juggle between their personal life, and to support their dear friend, cyn, I beg you guys to give them a break! Either you offer your help or be a silent reader. Please do not offer your help in increasing their burden!!

Anonymous said...

i read on hwz forum that cyn shouldn't b keeping the dog. wtf. what has d dog got to do wif cancer?! don't u dare "throw away" the dog, cyn! i care for the dog more than anything. damnit. poor doggie

Anonymous said...

u guys even has a doggie fotoshoot to raise funds. so be good to ur pet dog, cyn! i actually care more for the dog to be honest.

dog lover

Aaron said...

dog lover,
It's great to see that there are some people who cares so much about animals. We definitely need more kind hearted souls who feels so strongly about them. However, considering the situation that cyn is in, all available funds must be channelled towards the kitty for char's NY trip. Hence, any other non-essential expenses ( i.e. the costs of keeping a dog ) will unfortunately have to be foregone. I believe if it has to come to that, it will no doubt be as traumatising for the family especially the children. I speak this from experience as a parent who has an ashmatic child allergic to pet fur. It's either the well being of my child or keeping a pet; I chose the former. I guess the responsibility of a parent mandates that she / he put the child's interests above all else ( sometimes even their own lives ). If you have children, I'm sure you can identify with that. But if you don't, perhaps you can go ask your own parents what their choice will be if they are in cyn's shoes. Keep the dog or lose their child ( a.k.a YOU - dog lover )
Having said that, considering that you "honestly" care more for the dog than for char's well-being ( if I am reading you correctly ).Perhaps you could help the dog by
a) adopting it
b) find someone who can adopt it
c) start a blog to save the dog or d) volunteering to pay for it's upkeep so that
i) cyn's family can keep the dog and will not have to be branded as irresponsible pet-abandoners
ii) the children will not be traumatised by the loss of their friend
iii) the dog will have good quality of life ( not be sent to the SPCA and possibly be put down )
iv) and you would have saved a dog that you care so much about ( although you are indirectly helping char but that's just a by-product of your extreme kindness towards the dog ).

How about it ? The dog will really appreciate that you put your dog loving words into action.

Parent and ex-pet owner

Anonymous said...

Pls, if you are not here to help this family, pls leave them ALONE, they already have enough stress & pressure, they don't need any extra burden.


Ignore all those negative comments, as a parent myself I can understand where you are coming from. Stay strong and focus

dear little charmaine,

Jia you!!! We will pray for your speedy recovery

Anonymous said...

Well said Aaron! and dear dog lover, dun just write write write. Put your thoughts into action HONESTLY.... Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

If I have a wish today, I wish that Charmaine will win over the MONSTER FOREVER! If I strike TOTO, I will donate what every balance that you needed from my winnings. If I have a child, I wish it will be as strong and brave and kind and feisty as Charmaine! Sincerely wishing Charmaine on her road of recovery!

Anonymous said...

Sorrie, some grammer error, it not it, it is She will be as strong and brave and kind and fiesty as Charmaine...

G-Mimi said...

Little Heroine Charmaine,

you'll WIN all battles in NUH then go NY to kill the monster, 100% recovery then fly home here !


dun b bother & wori wat others feel, talk behind u...only family members whom their kins have RARE CANCER / CANCER will understand each others' feelings!

Myself & my hubby wanna Charmaine stay strong so is my late mum will watch over Charmaine's winning battles !

kailin said...

i am wondering why everybody care so much about the dog instead of Char?

ever think of the dog might be with the family for long, and it is already like a family member to them, so ask urself r u hard hearted enough to "give away" your family dog?

and the dog might not be at home now, maybe he/she is sitting @ 1 of the relatives hse?

you will never know.

Anonymous said...

cyn & family, u'd really b heartless if u send the dog to spca to be put down (like what aaron suggested). if u don't want the dog anymore, pls put up a notice here & i'll respond to help. i'm sure many dog lovers will do the same too. i hope u guys are not getting aaron to be ur spokesperson? i'd like to hear frm u directly. first of all, its just hearsay frm hwz forum, not sure what u intend to do with the dog. i might not care so much for ur girl, but the dog, yes.

Anonymous said...

first of all,cyn or the feisty team NEVER mention anything about the dog!

2nd, the pet lover (maybe the same anon who keep harassing and making the feisty team more stress,etc), so many of us already told you don't do that again and again. what's goes round will come around!!! put your words into action to help and by not doing what you are doing, you are actually helping!!! Why do you keep want to "kill" with your words and yet trying to sound "noble" and benevolent?

3rd, the pet lover and "those anon", pls don't talk about others things other than ways to help,encourage them. just talk with no actions or talk to hurt and harm ppl can't be a pet to love a pet when you don't even know how to love ppl or show concern but just know how to hurt ppl!!! did charmaine or the feisty team hurt or harm you in any way???? I don't think charmaine are capable of that, so don't you think you are so cruel to a little girl and a mother who jsut doing her best to help her own child??? We donate and help OUT OF OUR OWN WILL, pls save your "concern" to yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Princess,

You are going to better each day,
stay strong, and go to NY for your treatment, we will be waiting for you to come back fully recover.

Love you littel princess, God bless you

Anonymous said...

To dearest princess Charmaine

U must continue to fight on, for yourself and for your mum. We will be here rooting for you!! God will watch over you and He will heal your little body. So be brave and fight on! Auntie will pray for you everyday....

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny/Anon, allow me to say this.

At first, I, like many people, are very pissed at the insensitive and downright EVIL AND DEMONIC comments left by u and all your alter-egos (CCF, Pet lover, or just anon) Honestly, I felt like beating u up everytime.

But recently, I feel myself caring about being mad less and less, till the point that now, I feel sad. But not sad for Charmaine and family, SAD FOR U.

If u were really someone who cared about all the people u claimed to care for, and if u were really someone who really believe in what u are saying; u would have revealed your identity, u would have shown us exactly HOW NOBLE OF A PERSON U ARE.

But no. U never proved once about how much u cared about other cancer kids, poor kids, kids in Africa, Animals.. and by now, I, and I am sure many people, just DO NOT CARE ANYMORE ABOUT WHAT U HAVE TO SAY, BCOS WHAT U ARE SAYING IS JUST PURE B.S

U know the story of boy crying wolf????? THAT IS U IN THE STORY.

Look, no matter how much we tried. Whether its reasoning, explaining, scolding, cursing, threatening, u just don't care. It leads me to think that all u want is just ATTENTION. U could care less what we say, u just want people to respond. It thrills u to see people mad??? It thrills u to manipulate emotions????

That is why, u can see, less and less people care about u already. We just move on and give support and encouragement. And check this out pal, Charmaine is going to get the funds, and she is going to get her better chance in NY. And she is going to be happy, and so is her family, their friends, and basically, ALL OF US.

The only one left will be u. U will have accomplished NOTHING.

This is the last time I am writing to u, and I hope u can understand that what u are doing is going NOWHERE.

Like I said, I am sad for u. In fact I PITY U. Bcos u do not know what is love, what is caring and sharing, and what is compassion.

We may be helping Charmaine, but throughout this process, Charmaine has helped us in return. Through her and her family we can see what is called love, what is called support and what is called inspiration.

Not just her story, but if u care to, open your eyes and open your heart. U will realise there is warmth in human relationships, and there is a big world of a greater humanity out there.

So u can choose to be really learn to care for others and be happy; or u can live in your world of being a parasite and a gelatinous tapeworm surviving on cheap thrills and insults and backstabbling. I mean, yeah if u are bored u can always play your World of Warcraft MMORPG or watch some R21 shows at Golden Mile or just sleep in your room 24/7. But is this what u really want in your life?

Who is going to win in the end? I don't think it will be u if u continue like this.

So pls, shut up, wake up, and grow up.

Hugs and Kisses - Jason

Anonymous said...

I not only PITY you but also DEPISE you because you may be what you are because you are being treated the same way by other ppl??!!?? but you choose to do that to other ppl who did NO HARM to you at all and to try to hurt and kill with your words and EVIL heart yet trying to cover that with all the so called noble words of yours.

I will also not respond to you anymore because like Jason said, you only want attention or you are thrilled to see us responding. you are SICK???!!! I know of a person in reality who resemble you and from pity , I now totally depise that person!!! and worst of all is because that person can talk and lie so well and make ppl believe but then there will be a day the truth will be out and there will be RETRIBUTION no matter you believe or not. of course I am not cursing you but just want to tell you is a fact, so I just hope you will stop all these. If is really because you are being treated badly, why then you are making other ppl suffer in the same manner and what you should do is actually try not to put that to others and able to empathy and concern.

Pls stop and be a kind hearted person. Don't put your own sufferings from others to ppl who did no harm to you.

All the best to you and NOMORE response from me too.

Anonymous said...

To those who say this is a scam, I emailed Dr Aung a couple of days ago, at his NUS email, and received a reply stating that Charmaine's case and medical history is true. It's been on TV, in the newspapers, so there should be enough evidence to convince you that this is (unfortunately) a genuine appeal.

It might be good, though, to know where the donations stand so far, so that we have an idea how much is still needed, and for what. I know it seems rather unsympathetic at this time, but I'm just being practical regarding the reason for this blog - to raise money to help save Charmaine's life. I hope the 5th chemo isn't too hard to bear ...

(And can everyone just ignore the negative comments, and they'll eventually go away.)

Jasmine said...

Dear Charmaine,

Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting. Please do not stop fighting the monster and you will win this race. It might be a race full of challenges, but remember, we are all behind you. So please be strong and fight on.

Dear Cynthia,

I might not be good in words, but you are strong, and will always gain my respect. To me, you're not only a mother to both Charmaine and Jase, but an angel to them.

I know this might be tough for you,
but as the going gets tough,
the tough gets going.

Please continue to be strong and brave.

Dear Jase,

You are a good kor kor who takes care of MeiMei when she is sick. Give her your moral support for she needs it more than anything else. You are a strong and understand boy, and please know that jiejie will always be behind you, meimei and mummy.

Be strong and brave.

Regardless of what all three of you and many others who are going through this with you now are facing, please remember not to give up.


oso a young mummy of 1 said...

Apart from the initial payment of USD350K, what about the money needed for follow up treatment and expenses in new york? Lets not forget, Cynthia is unable to work now. Please dont stop spreading words around about this blog. Even if they raise 600k, I still think its ok. She needs it until Charmaine is healthy again. Only then, she can work to provide for her children. Lets help this mummy ride against the wave.

Anonymous said...

After reading through this blog, i am really sad that a girl this YOUNG has to go through such pains. I really hope she'll be able to fight this major battle in her life now and be able to grow up and see how beautiful the world is.

Im sure she'll be able to do so. Do stay strong! Don't give up :) You've already gone through so far and so much. Cannot give up now! My very best wishes to you :)

(i will try my best to help:)

XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma said...

Why not go to Queen mary hospital of HK, it's cheaper.

Aaron said...

Saw this on xin xin's blog.

Have you ever observed the behaviour of birds in the face of adversity?

For days and days they make their nests, sometimes gathering materials brought from far away

And when they have completed the nest and are ready to lay eggs, the weather, or the work of humans, or some animal, destroys it, and it falls to the ground, all that they have done with so much effort

Do they stop ? Bewildered, and leave the work ?

No way. They start over building the nest again and again until they have eggs in the nest again.

Sometimes,and very often before the chicks are are hatched, an animal, a child, or a storm destroys the nest once again, but this time with its valuable contents.

It hurts to go back to begin again… Even so, the birds do not ever stop, they continue to sing and build, and keep singing and building…..

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your life, your work, your family is not what you had dreamed. Do you sometimes want to say “enough”, the effort is not worthwhile. It is all too much for me!

Are you tired of it all? Do you feel that the daily struggle is a waste of time, your trust has been betrayed, your goals not reached just as you were about to get them?

Life strikes you down sometimes, but do you go on, say a prayer, put your faith in hope, not darkness? Do not worry if you get injured in the battle, that is to be expected. Gather yourself together and rebuild your life,
so that it runs well again.

No matter what happens… Do not shrink back, but move forward. Life is a constant challenge, but it is worthwhile to mostly accept it. And never stop singing.

If God gave the birds the resilience to thrive, so too will you, cyn, have the capability to overcome all the odds.

Pixie said...

Hi Joy (Xin Xin's Mom)

Hope you are doing better now. We have emailed you earlier on how did you do the HK treatment actually (but using my personal email account). Dr has helped us to ask for the medic here or to go to HKG both were rejected.

I agree that cos Xin is a HK citizen, makes things easier and yeap, Cyn is not able to find work there since she is the only caregiver for the kids too =(

Keep on the faith, Joy.

Are you back in SG already?

kailin said...

To: XinXin Battle Against Neuroblastoma,

is it possible for you to help and ask whether Queen mary hospital of Hong Kong take in foriegner? From what i had read from the previous post, Charmine's mom mention that to do this kinda of treatment u have to be a hong kong - ee.
that is why doctor suggesting NY if cyn really wanna prolong or should i say save charmine's life

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I think the best way to stop 'the anonymous' to create more havoc to hurt Cyn & family is to ignore him completely. Remember it takes two hands to clap. As a fellow friend has mentioned earlier, all he wants is ATTENTION! So why must we comply to him by getting mad at him.

A person with no compassion for ppl,children & not even dogs (I suppose) can't be a noble person.

We should focus on helping Cyn & family.

Cyn, don't be bother by the harassing, obviously he did not succeed as there are so many ppl caring for Char. Pls be strong & carry on whatever you'll doing.


Anonymous said...

fight little feisty! you are powerful! i believe in you!

to cyn and family: you are doing great how you handle all this new and also difficult situations!

i pray for char

kailin said...

just wondering how is charmine doing after her 5th chemo is everything all right for her?

Charmine you must be strong and win over the monster!

Anonymous said...

i bet all these positive comments in reply are from Aaron aka Jason aka Anon aka Kao Bei Gia. Each time he said something, there would be streams of comments in support. Cmon, get over it, its not about YOU all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Feisty Princess
Do not worry too much. God Is helping and will help. Hope u get discharged tdy. take care

evan said...

I wanted to ignore you but I can't help telling you this:

Oh then you mean it's about YOU all the time? Face it anonymous, with every comment you make, you are PWNED yourself more and more that even the public like me know you are the same person over and over again. With every comment you make, more waves of supporters would stand up to talk.

And any normal person can see that from the typing, these are all different people. Only you lonesome pathetic anonymous is doing this and so you suspect everyone else is doing the same. I'm sure these people don't have so much time to take on so many identities. You on the other hand watch this blog so closely and jump at every chance to bite. Look at your timing of posting. Posting as another and answering yourself as another. What a pathetic life you have!

You are fighting a losing battle. I wonder what Cyn, Char and friends have done to you to derserve this. I wonder how the feisty team and the rest who have been talking reasons with you tahan you. I hope they manage to track and find out you are the same person and by then you will really sexpose yourself.

Take yourself and all your alter egos away and get lost! I'm going to ignore you after this.

To Charmaine:
Brave little girl. You can fight the monster. When you grow up, you'll be a beautiful lady with an important purpose in life. God sent so many angels on earth to fight with you. HE has his reasons for doing this.

Jessie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Get well soon princess! And to Cynthia and family, take good care in this time!

Anonymous said...


Chemo can't be easy: Hang in there and keep your spirits up, Princess Charmaine! Many, many of us are rooting for your safe, speedy recovery. You're such a brave little girl - feisty is really the term for you!

Best wishes to Cyn, Jase and your loved ones too. The whole team is simply great.

SU (40 yo ... but not half as brave as our feisty girl)

Anonymous said...

Now that there is more than enuf funds, of coz it'll be NYC instead of HKG. If unsuccessful, can always come back to raise somemore funds. If successful, also come back and raise funds for future. As long as the public is willing to pay, they will continue to ask for more money. Now to NYC, next time to god knows where?

Anonymous said...

here we go again...
twisted mind,
twisting facts.
Had too much twisties during childhood days and became a twister junkie.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9.47pm

Please read carefully b4 sprouting comment. It only goes to show everyone your ignorance and stupidity...

Charmaine cant go to HK coz she's not a HK citizen...

Anonymous said...

aiyah, he's been a parasite on this blog for so long he knows everything about the whole situation here. He got slammed by so many about his dog comments so he change topic to let people think he is a different anon. Don't know what else he will bring up to provoke a response. Akan datang lah!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that sporeans has to brace themselves either for more sob-sob fund-raising stories like this, or to put up with a lifetime of loooooong hands stretching out for more funds... after new york, after rounds of chemo... what else is next? A lifetime of keeping tis sick child to sick girl to sick adult for life? Since when does the country have to support this child?

Anonymous said...

this blog is for people who are sincere in helping and not a platform for people to voice out their dissatisfaction.

If u want 2 leave bad or negative comments pls do so at some other site.

The team and Charmaine hasn't done anything to u. So get over it.

Anonymous said...

Tat's really rude of u to say all tis. would u say tis if this gal was ur own sister.U might,I don't know But if it's you in this situation? Think abt it.Anyway Cyn and her friends r never forcing anybody 2 donate.It's the act of Kind souls who want 2 help. U don want 2 help NVM No problem but don give tis kind of negative remarks 2 the poor lady who's fighting for her kids life. Life's a cycle U help someone tdy u will reap the benefits someday and when U think bad Bad will come back 2 u. Looks like u don't know tis theory boy. Go and learn some life experiences Not jus from textbooks. Gd luck to u and may god bless u!

susanteh said...

This blog is such an outpouring of love and care for a feisty child that most of us don't even personally know. What a beautiful testimony to the strength of the human spirit!

Yes, there are negative comments and cynics intruding here too. But who cares about them, and so what if they persist in feeling bitter?!! If we all strive to just be better than our "darker" selves -- give without hoping for anything in return, help without question nor condition, do all things in LOVE --- we could possibly drown out the cynics in our midst. And who knows, pwerhaps we could even convert their cynical souls someday, in their own time! Love conquers all.

Charmaine and family, take care and stay strong. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

charmaine and cyn,

All in ur mind

dun give up

all the way


take care


Anonymous said...

Hey people, either u've money $$$ for the team or lets leave them alone. Anything else they'll slam u & think u are ONE. They'll be shell shocked to know there are many more who disagree with them. Either they've no idea whats sitetracker or they dare not reveal & so they let readers continue to have the wrong idea about the "same anon". Its not a victory if u guys raised enough funds but only if the girl survives cancer. If she gets cured, then wow, i say u win. I'll come back in 1 month & see if its time to celebrate. Then again in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

To all the unsympathetic and "pitiful" people who keeps writing negative comments here... Don't you have more meaningful things to do than to slam EVERY update that the feisty team upload everyday? If you are really not supportive of this fundraising drive, just buzz off. Why make yourselves so "upset" about the rest of us donating to Charmaine? We know what we are doing and we are HAPPY! So?! Why do you care? Channel your energy to other causes that you support! Won't that make your life more meaningful and further fuel your "nobility"??

I really pity you as you seem to live a very unhappy life. On the other hand, I am proud of Cyn, Charmaine and the rest of the team coz they are so STRONG!

Cyn, just go ahead and do what you deem right. You still have the majority of us supporting your bid to save Charmaine.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10.51am July 3rd

Most people can read n discern that there may be more than one insensitive anon out there. I dun think they are shellshocked at all... Most blogger would know abt sitetracker, there is a counter stat at the bottom and a world map at the top...

Anonymous said...

Please just ignore that Anonymous person. They'll eventually go away. Better yet, just delete the posts. It's sad, but what to do? There will always be people like that. Good luck!

Xiu Xia (Cheryl) said...

Hi Charmaine, Cynthia..

I reallly admire your fighting spirit. I thank God that u have supportive friends. Keep gg strong, Charmaine & Cynthia, my prayers are with u all always. Dun give up, persevere on! Do continue to update us if u have the time on Charmaine's treatment progress in NY so that i can pray for u. =)

Xiu Xia

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