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Friday, July 3, 2009

Aiyah! Blogspot hates me =( I have problem (still) with the posting of the blog.

Nowadays, Charmaine has many secrets to tell everyone whenever you call her. Everything is a secret to her. "Charlene jiejie, tell you a secret.... "

Cyn mummy has slowly told her the idea of having treatment in US. However, she said that she wants to be back @ home.

But, is getting better today. And all she has in mind now is, playing snow and putting Charlene jiejie in a box, tie her up and transport her there. Afterwhich, Charlene jiejie would have to lug all the luggages and be left behind.

Cheeky girl =)

Back to the topic, I am now done tagging up to 22nd June so for those whom I did not reply, it means, you cant be traced either with the nick that you provide or thru CASH or Cheque. Drop me an email so that I can match based on the amount you donated.

I am halfway through 23rd June.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Lotsa fund raising activities coming up!

Love, Charlene


Edited to add:

To those who emailed me at my hotmail a/c,
Apologies for the delay in replies. I've managed to clear most mails except for receipt confirmation to donors whom I'm not able to track via the printscreen.

DBS iBanking service is currently not available as they are conducting maintenance work on their system. Silly me didn't see a link to click for information on the expected uptime and so happily waited till now (4.46am). It was only a moment ago that I saw the link to click and realised that it's undergoing maintenance from 0000hrs - 1100hrs on 4th July.

So Sorry for the delay. I'll get back you asap.

Thanx to all the angels and warriors for your love and support!



JKLF said...

Hi Charlene,
It must be tough tagging the donors. Really touch by all you guys who is doing whatever you can to help our princess and family.

CFN said...

Thank you for all the hard work !

CW said...

Hi Charlene

You did a good job! I had run a fund raising for my company before and I know it is definitely not an easy job at all, especially have to keep track of the amount.

Keep it up! Jia you!


Anonymous said...

WHO CARES? a waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?
LOL I am so tickled! It's so funny how someone not care and yet keeps coming back to check on what the Feisty team is doing, I think you girls have a few secret admirers lor.:P~~

take your time Charlene, just get everything clear and in control takes a lot of work especially with such a big amount of donation.Like what I have mentioned earlier, I will be making the balance of the transfer with me after you acknowledge, just in case you cannot tag us properly :)


JKLF said...

Hi Jolene, Charlene and the Feisty Team,
Thank you for all your effort!
Our Dearest Feisty Princess Charmaine,
You are a very brave and strong girl... 加油!

G-Mimi said... I've read and realised didn't replied email to asked Mummy Cyn checking rec'd our donations?

Our main worries for Heroine Charmaine rather than donations coz' having RARE CANCER is worst than striking 1st prize winner in TOTO draws ! U may think I'm talking rots & critising in this comments' column..... my own mother passed away with RARE cervical cancer in May'09 whereby worldwide there are 20 females and she's the 1st female Singaporean in these current 10yrs to have such kinda of rare cancer! I understand how Mummy Cyn feels as I've gone thru it and even on my bastard father wanna sue to high court for causing my mum's cancer.

I know many curiousity readers are concern about Charmain but pls DO GIVE Mummy Cyn to have lotsa of breathing air to have strength to support both her dearest Jase & Charmaine !

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