Ourfeistyprincess Santa Party

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Special thanks to Sheau Wen and gang, Haicinda cafe and staff, the magicians and all who attended especially Dora
The kids had so much fun even after crying after seeing the mascot.
Some questions that were thrown to me and I had no idea how to response:
Why Dora mouth cannot close?
Why is Dora tongue pink?
Why Boots never come down to walk?
Why Dora come out from jungle?
Why Map did not come out?
Where is "dao dan gui"?
How come Dora so big?
I guess, it still takes abit more time before they can understand.

It is such a coincidence that, we have been playing "magic fingers" and the magicians also have their own magic fingers trick that the kids could relate to. =)

Oh ya! We hope that the swinging chairs did not break after all the abusive actions and the poor little squirrel did come back to the tree after the loud good-byes by the kiddos.

Charmaine and friends surely enjoyed themselves and again, thanks to all who had been there and part of the enjoyment they had.
They have been waiting for this party for the entire week, calling it, the Santa Party.

We were too busy to snap any photos, so for those who did, feel free to reach us @ our gmail so that we can document all these down.

Love, Charlene

P/s: Safe travels to Charmaine's "future father-in-law". lol.


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