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Friday, July 24, 2009

A fundraising campaign has been launched for Charmaine by Nuffnang.

Here is the microsite:

An extract from the site:

"Our little Nuffnanger Charmaine was diagnosed with 4th stage neuroblastoma on 13th February 2009. She has 10 to 20% chance of living if she seeks local treatment. She has 40 to 50% chance of living if she seeks treatment in New York.

As of 5th July, Ourfeistyprincess team has managed to raise $500,000 SGD and they are preparing to send Charmaine to New York for the treatment.

Nuffnang is truly inspired by little Charmaine’s fighting spirit. Thus, Nuffnang have decided to join in and do our part as well. Nuffnang would like to invite all our fellow Nuffnangers to join us in providing our little feisty princess with the love and support she needs.

With 40,000 Nuffnangers in Singapore, we believe that together we can aid Chamaine in her fight and make a difference.

This fundraising campaign would run for a period of two months from 23rd July to 24th September 2009.

We would also like to highlight that this is a nonprofit campaign and every dollar donated will be given directly to Charmaine’s family."

Thank you Ming, Elaine and the whole nuffnang team for helping Charmaine to fight this battle.



Kelvin said...

Glad she is recovering now:)

Mama Joan said...

Feisty Team: I must really salute to you guys!!! Keep it up!!

Princess: With so many of us supporting you, please fight on and win this battle!!! Jia You!!!

LYE HIN said...

Dear Jolene;
When I first came to know about princess Charmaine condition was on July 4 and at that time we were told the short fall was $80K,so all of us who attended the Limkopi gathering did our part to come out over 20K.Congratulation that you have already met the target of $500K on July 5.Enough is enough.I am keen to know the reason to extend the fund raising for another 2 months knowing the fact that there are many other people also need help from the many kind donors.Uncle Lim

Elaynne said...

Dear Lye Hin,

I'm replying on behalf of the Nuffnang Team. We would like to inform you that this fundaraising campaign is solely a Nuffnang's initiative in helping our little nuffnanger.We believe in fighting Charmaine's cause.

I hope you understand.

For more enquiries, please do no hesitate to contact us at

Mama Joan said...

Dear Lye Hin:
Pardon me for typing this.

But to my knowledge during my stay in US - Arizona, for foreigners like us to seek special treatment in US, we will to have to show certain form of guarantee to them as proof of ability to pay up. I think when the Dr Aung in NUH said the treatment cost SGD$500'000, the hospital in NYC may require the family to show some kind of guarantee more than SGD$500'000, perhaps even double. Moreover, Cyn had used up her own saving for Charmaine's local treatment. So they will definitely require more funds than before.

Since they have tried their utmost best to make all donations transparent, i am sure that they will also keep track records of the expense transparent too.

kay said...

May god be with Charmaine all these days! :) Charmaine, fight on! Jia You!

Jolene said...

Dear Lye Hin,

Firstly on behalf of Cynthia and the feisty team, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you and the people at the Limkopi gathering for all of your generous donations.

Like everyone who has been following this blog, we were also happy yet surprised to be able to raise the targeted amount of funds so quickly after Cynthia has decided to accept the media's help.

With regards to the fundraising organised by nuffnang, Elaynne has provided you with an answer.

Mama Joan is also right about the part on foreigners seeking treatment.

Ever since we have reached our target, we have not been actively seeking help in raising funds. Nonetheless, there are many of our readers who are aware of this fact yet they continue to help out of goodwill.

I understand your concern and I hope to seek the same level of understanding from you too.


Hong Wei said...

Good work, Nuffnang !! =)

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