A birthday with a whole new meaning... for my feisty little princess... Happy Birthday Charmaine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today 4 years ago was the day I was pushed into delivery ward alone.
But I came out together with my feisty little princess, Charmaine.

Today, 4 years since 14 July 2005, Charmaine just woke up happily asking, "is it my birthday today? Am I 4 years old now?"

I couldnt help but tear. It a joyous occasion. Its a happy day. I shouldnt shed a single tear but I just couldnt control myself. "Yes, its princess's birthday today and you are 4! Time to brush your teeth!"

Every 14 July from this year onwards takes a whole new meaning for me.
Its not just a birthday celebration.
Its a celebration of life, celebration of family, celebration of love.

That my feisty little princess is still here with me, jumping with joy and informing everyone its her birthday today...
That I still have my family with me on this day...
That I still can see and witness the love of my two not-so-tiny babies...

I count my blessings... I am happy even though I am crying.
Birthdays have never been so special, so meaningful and so treasured like today.

I am thankful that I am celebrating today with my feisty princess, with some of her best friends, godma and new big friends.
In fact, I am thankful for everyday with Jase and Char.
But today stands out a little more from the rest because today Char is 4.

Age used to be just a number, a number I prepare myself for a certain phase in my or their lives... 5 means kids will be in Kintergarten 1, which means its time to volunteer for Primary 1 when they turn 7... I am going to 30s, will no longer be in my twenties.

Strangely, age is not just a number anymore. Not a phase in their growing up years that I track in order to keep up with the norms... In some ways, there's no 'norms' in the unusual life of my princess Char. She's blessed with so many aunties, uncles, kor kors and jie jies' love, and that is special and priceless. THANK YOU.

This day belongs to you too. Because you made it possible.

I am learning to take one step at a time and was taught to not look too far ahead into the future of unknowns... Charmaine said it best when it comes to taking it one step at a time...

Charmaine asked me, "What is wish mommy?"
I replied, "Its what you want."
Charmaine than answered loudly, "I want to go concert, sing and dance. I want to go to school. I want to be 5 years old like Jase. I want to be tall like Kor Kor."

Given a choice, my wish for Charmaine would be for her to grow up healthy, with a doting husband, a family of lovely kids and be a happy old granny...

But I know I should take one step at a time...
Hence my wish for Charmaine would be...
[PS: Sorry. I deleted what I wrote because I strongly believe that I am a jinx when it comes to wishing out aloud. And I will not take any chances with this wish.]

I will try to be the happiest mom I can be today. I should.

May everyone be blessed with good health.

Cyn mommy

Edit to update:

Here I am , in our feistyprincess home where she and her korkor are snoring away =)
This afternoon, Jase said: You must come today ar.. for Charmaine birthday...
Bet they have been waiting for this!

I sang birthday song in english and princess demanded for a chinese version too. You can hear her chuckles.

Thanks to donors from Motherhood forum, Auntie Renee, Uncle Ben and Little Jazzel!
Here's the heavyweight presents and cake!

Love, Charlene


_pdra said...

Happy birthday Charmaine!!! :):):)

yaya said...

Everyday, before I started work I will check on Charmaine's blog... i pray hard for the little girl, wishing her best health & of course would like to see her wide smile putting up on her face! :)

But...every time, when I read on, I will ended up with a tearful face...

Cynthia, you are a superb mummy that I had ever seen! Be strong coz you have all our support!

And, to the little angel Charmaine, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you & MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE! :)

eunice_sng71 said...

Happy Birthday my princess Charmaine. Hope you like the gifts from several mummies in motherhood forum. (with jie jie Charlene) Stay healthy!

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine and may you spend many many many more happy birthdays with your mum who loves you so very much. Stay healthy always!
Big Hugs!

Lynn said...

Happy 4th Birthday Dear.. and Mummy, your wish WILL come true, enjoy your special day and many more years to go! yeah

adeline n joey said...

Happy Birthday to Princess!!

It great to hear that today is your 4th Birthday.

I would pray hard for you to stay healthy and able to go to New York to fight away the Monsters. Hope you will get well soon .

We will miss you and your Beautiful smile!!

Mama Joan said...

Happy Birthday. Guess what i saw today? Among dark clouds i saw the stream of sunlight shone right thru them! And soon, Mr Sun took over the sky and shine bright onto Mother Earth. Immediately i received a message from God. He said 'This is for Charmaine and now then i know its your birthday, i understand why it happen now! The dark cloud means the monster and the sunlight is you, princess! You will and surely defeat the monster and celebrate your birthdays in many years to come. You are a special child, to your mommy, your kor kor and many of us. I dun noe if you believe in God but i know He loves you and your family.

So stay strong and be the winner princess! Happy Birthday!

Cyn, stay strong and faithful. Faith is not seeing it but believing it. Charmaine will be healed!

Michel said...

Happy Birthday Dearest Charmaine. May all your wishes come true, I will be watching you grow up... with many others...love, michel

renaluvshe4ever said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!
May you be healthy & stay stong always :D

Peiwen said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!

Be Strong & Happy always!

SINCITY said...


God bless you and family always!!

Precious Moment said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!!! AnD many many more to come...

Cyn mommy,

Just to let u know u have been a great mum. Be strong, Im sure little princess will win this battle!!1

Jia you!!!

Kashi's Creations said...

Hi Charmaine,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday -- from my son Aditya (10yrs) and daughter Apoorva (8yrs).

They prayfor you everyday and wish that you have a healthy and long life.

Mum Cyn: We are with you, dont worry. Next year by this time you will get so busy volunteering in a top primary school for Charmaine. Good Luck!


littlestylos said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!! :)

Here's wishing you health, love, happiness and many more birthdays to come!

Justina said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Many more years ahead!
Stay healthy n strong, u got the whole world of people with u


littleme said...

Happy Birthday to You, Charmaine!

Cyn, nice meeting you and your 2 kids last night.. will pray for u and ur 2 babies.. hope you will be strong and brave for your journey to US...

Take care and God Bless!


cindy said...

Happy 4th Birthday my princess,

Auntie regreted not able to celebrate your big day with you this year but promise will celebrate with you for the next coming years. Here is your Birthday song:



Cyn Mummy,

As a fellow mummy, I really cannot hold a candle against you. Enjoy this very special day with your love ones.....

Love, Cindy

Juliet said...

Have a blessed birthday dear Charmaine!

totoro said...

My Dear Princess,
Happy Happy Birthday!
Aunty Totoru just internet you an ang bao!
生日快乐 !
千万个祝福 永远陪伴你左右

Mommy Cynthia,
I cried reading your post. I feel your pain and want to thank you for sharing it with us. You have always reminded me to treasure what I have. Everytime I think of you and Charmaine, I hug my kids tight. Please stay strong and enjoy the day, everyday.

zhuzhu said...

Happy Birthday!

God bless you & your family =)

kailin said...

生日快乐 !
happy 4th birthday to little charmine! and i am sure there will still be many years down the road that char can celebrate her bday with the family!

Kiddy Wonderland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shaw Tan said...

Happy Birthday, Charmaine!... and many, many more!

Lots of Love,
aunt Shaw, Lucas (3.5 yrs old) and Alexa (6 months old)

Kiddy Wonderland said...

Happy Birthday our little princess! Hope you like the Dora birthday card (with jie jie Charlene).

With lots of love from JingHong (3yrs) & Yuxin (8 mths)

Cyn mummy
Put everything aside and enjoy today. Have more challenges ahead. You are a great mummy. Take good care of urself. Jia You!!! We will be here for you =)

chloecube said...

Dear Lil Charmaine,
Happy Birthday to you!!!
i wish you will have all these birthday wishes till you grow old...and i am sure you will!
Hugs and kisses to you !

WY said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Gum said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!

tamxav said...

happy birthday ,charmaine :D hi ,charmaine mummy...be strong ok...i can understand your plight as i also one of the cancer survivor,my treament still got few more to go ... i will pray hard for your little girl and may all your wishes come true :)

2am said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine!!!!
May all your wishes comes true!

Loves and always stay Healthy and Strong!

Keavy said...

Dear Charmaine,

Happy Birthday!! May happiness be with you always!!! And Health to follow soon!! =)

Kao Bei Gia said...

Happy birthday Princess =D , get wish soon!

Eileen. 静 said...

Happy Birthday Charmine. Will be praying for you..

JKLF said...

Happy Birthday, Little Princess Charmaine.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine & may all your wishes come true!

Happy princess said...

Happy birthday Charmaine!!! 生日快乐!!!

love_is_all_around said...

Happy birthday little Charmaine PRINCESS!!! :)

Yeah yeah!!!! All your wishes WILL come TRUE! :)

Lee said...


We are a group of radio control off road hobbist. Came across Charmaine case thru another hobby forum.

We decided to chipped in a token hope that it does help a little. I just transfered $1,705.00 to your POSB saving account, please do check.

We can be located at http://www.rctech.net/forum/singapore-r-c-racers/213843-punggol-off-road-track-472.html

Wish Charmaine a happy belated Birthday, all the best.

Please do not reply to my email, just update your comment on your blog.


cyn said...

Happy birthday Princess Charmaine :)

Cyn, please check with Jolene regarding the funds we raised.

Auntie Cynthia

Claudio said...

dear charmaine! for your 4th b-day i wish you all the best! lots of dora movies ;)), that all your whises comes true, and that you will be in real good health soon agian!

take care, cyn mummy, little charmaine and jase. i hope you enjoyed your happy day.

my thougts and prayers are with you

S!3w Sz3 said...

Happy Birthday Princess!!!

I'm very sure all your wishes and Mommy Cynthia's wishes will come true. :)
Stay strong and stay happy!
Keep smiling always!

SmileyFace said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine.... Hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday..

Dear Charlene Jie Jie/Cyn Mommy,

Will you guys be appearing in any of the upcoming activities? Would like to pass Charmaine a birthday present.

yuene said...

Happy 4th birthday, Princess Charmaine! May you have everything you wish for, and much more. Here's to many more joyful July 14s for the feistyfamily!

kian hseung said...

happy belated birthday!! hope to c this kind of birthday post for another 60 70 years!! all the best!

livinginuae said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Charmaine!

Sorry, i was travelling and I missed reading the updates of your blog.

Please be strong and healthy always.

Lots of luv & wishes..

mesa-yon :D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mesa-yon :D said...

Hi Charmaine, Happy belated birthday Sweetie.

Be brave and fight off all the monsters with all the bullets! I'll pray hard for you everyday.

Please be strong and Charmaine will win the battle against those monsters! Loves!

Hong Wei said...

Happy belated Birthday,Charmaine!!!

Chok Keun said...

Happy Belated Charmine, may you be healthy & happy always!

Jolene said...

SmileyFace, email us =)


mum@babe said...

Happy Belated Birthday Charmaine =)
Mummy Cyn, be strong yar!

Luv oinkymum, Carolyn & Collin.

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