FundRaising Activities

Thursday, July 2, 2009

1) Fun Jumpers Workshop
1 hrs Fun Jumpers Workshop
Venue: Bishan Park Dog Run (small field)
Date: Sat 4th July
Time: 7 - 8pm
Fees: $50 per dog & owner
Additional dog @ $10 each
Do register with full payment.
As this is for Charity, there will be no refund.
Do register by 4th July Sat 1pm. Do forward to your friends who might be interested. Thanks.
Email your registration & enquiries to:

2) Radio 100.3FM Drive
Fri 3rd July 1230pm @ newton circus , and 6pm bedok stadium
Goodies bag and donation box has been set up

Thanks to sponsors:
- Wen Ken group
- Hoyu Beauteen cosmake colour
- Chrispy Chocolate
- 1824 Clipper tea
- Kirei Kirei Hand Wash
- Systema Toothpaste
- Rober Timms Coffee
- Yamie Rice

All fund raising activities are also listed at the right hand panel of this blog.

I cant put up photos today. Probably blogspot wants a birthday break from me too =X Will put up our cheeky girl photos later.

Thanks all!

Love, Charlene


Mummy of 1 said...

Heard nothing much abt FM100.3 fundraising activities, so far.. But looks like a bad timing and location for me.. Nevertheless, will try to go to Bedok tmr evening.
Dear Cynthia, our little feisty princess and loving kor kor,
Please take good care. We are seeing lights... Dont give up!!

Anonymous said...

Singapore ! well done! Charmaine needs our help!

Anonymous said...

am so happy and touched with all the fund raising activities. this shows tuan jie jiu shi li liang. jia you charmaine you are not alone, i can feel the whole singapore is with you so as the god. you are mighty strong little gal, keep it up we will see bright future in you.

Pixie said...

Yeap =) Well said!

Anonymous said...

There is this online store which sells baby stuff which are also lending their hand but i dun seem to see it being mentioned in this blog. Could the adminsitrator pls do something??

Do support them if u can...

Jolene said...

Thanks! Done!

Anonymous said...

Is this another con job like NKF? anyway good Photoshop job and well done to make-up artist.

Anonymous said...


I was the one who requested for the link to kidzcottage earlier. Thanks for updating it so quickly. =)


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