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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I hope it's not presumptuous of me to make use of this blog to post a short note. I figured this is the best way to reach out to all.

I won't be able to reply to mails sent to my personal hotmail a/c till the end of this week as I'll be tying up all the loose ends before my wedding on Friday. Getting a wee bit stress as things haven't been going very smoothly for us due to the H1N1. Plus, I need to get more sleep coz friends around me have been telling me that I look terrible. It helps when I have jie meis who encourage me to sleep by saying they dun wanna outshine me on my big day. What a bunch of jie meis really!

Sorry to digress... I'm typing this with half my eyes closed.

I've yet to reply to the many emails sent today too. I will only reply to follow up email corrspondence and those which require immediate attention. Hope to seek your understanding on this.

For prompt response, direct your mails to Charlene will respond to you. Sorry ah Charlene, add more load over your side. =P

Thank you all for your support and in believing in Charmaine.

Take care all of you.



totoro said...

Dearest Jolene,

All the best to you !
I am sure Princess Charmaine will love to see a pretty happy bride, so do take care for your wedding. And i want to congratulate you on finding a understanding partner at this difficult time. He must be a true one that you can depend on !

Take good care !

JKLF said...

Hi Jolene,
I am sure most people will understand that.... You need to sleep more then.
How is Little Princess doing?
Hope she is eating well now...

SleepyMama said...

Hi Jolene
Have plenty of rest before the big day and enjoy yourself oki.
God bless you.

yuene said...

Dear Jolene,

Thank you for being so generous with your time and efforts, even while handling your own wedding. May you have a truly blessed union. Congratulations!

Chris Lim said...

Hi Jolene
yes, indeed u hv to rest a lot more, and do take care too

congrats to you!

Michel said...

Congrats jo..many blissful returns on your big day.
enjoy and immerse fully into the big day... you will have a fab time...
love, michel

Michel said...

Congrats jo..many blissful returns on your big day.
enjoy and immerse fully into the big day... you will have a fab time...
love, michel

Irene said...

Congrats to u Jolene.

You are great and have a big kind heart! You will have happiness!

Congrats again!

Rain said...

All the best to you Jolene :)
I don't know if this will work since its a Singapore to USA flight, but do try just in case some corporate plane is travelling at the same time?

G-Mimi said...


Gong Xi Gong Xi !!!

Do catch some longer Panda naps or else yr dearest groom will be standing next to Panda Jolene bride thru' out the whole day leh !

J.H said...

Hi Jolene,

This is my first time in this blog. But having lived in UK, I am very much aware of this rare cancer. I wonder whether you know of this website?
I think it list quite a number of survivor to this rare cancer. I hope being in contact with them probably can give Cyntia a hand while she is in New York.
I believe all this mum that had been in Cyntia's shoes will understand and will very likely offer to meet up.
I hope the feisty princess treatment going smoothly, and I am waiting to see her cheeky smiley face.


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