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Friday, July 10, 2009

1. FeistyPrincessGifts

With the efforts by the Gift Association and Universal Venture, they have printed and will be selling the following items on

A preview of their item:

1) T-shirts crew neck adult sizes $20 each (available from XXS-XXL)
2) T-shirts crew neck kid sizes $10 each (available from size 28-34)
3) Pens (assorted) $2 each
4) Keychain $5 each

This Blog is set up just to sell little Charmaine merchandise to raise funds for her medical treatment. All items are sponsored by the corporate gifts and premiums companies and 100% of the proceeds will all go to her.

2. Flea Market -
There will be a flea market on 18th to 19th July and the organizer has kindly asked if any of the interested parties would like to have a space to sell the items for Charmaine. With this, if you are keen in having a space (i think is around ECP area like the carbootsale), please email me with your Name/Email/ContactNumber/Items to sell and I will provide the contacts to the organization.

Register at and in the field/question: How did you find out about us, please get them to enter (In support of Charmaine).

Thank you again!!!!!


Some conversations with the kids:

Charlene: Come kids, let's choose the photos for your passport
Jase: Mommy this one is nicer. Her eyes open
Charmaine: Yeap, can see her teeth also. Hair also very nice.
Charlene: What about Charlene jiejie?
Both: Not pretty. Mommy prettiest.
(Cyn, u must check their eyes la)

Then, when they are choosing for themselves,
Jase: This one for Charmaine. Cos the light brighter, and can see her eyes.
( Note that Jase always cares about the eyes. LOL)
Charmaine has no comments as anything her korkor chooses, she will just agree!

Charmaine: This one korkor handsome. Just now that one can see nose too big, .......
(And she blabber a whole lot of not nice points of the previous to derive to the photo below)

SO yeap, the kids are on the way to have their passport soon!!!

Talking to the kids are so much fun. Reminds me of the recent Mother's Day and Father's Day.
Jase came back and wrote on a card: Mommy, I am nuts about you! and had a peanut shell stuck on the card. I thought it was pretty cool!
What came next was Father's day. Jase had a hard time thinking who to give his card to. Pass to mommy? Nope. He said father is a boy. Mommy is a girl, cannot. Pass to Cyn brother? Nope. He said, Gu gu is gu gu not father. And he was so cute walking around the house and decided to pass to GongGong, Cyn father, instead. Such a sweet boy and you really dont know what u have missed!

Char has been lazy on the updates with photos, but I guess I will have to buck up onthis =X


Before I end off this long post,

Congrats Jolene for her BIG Day today!!!!

Poor girl has been suffered on the preparations...
Heck everything and just enjoy babe!!!!
The kids will be waiting for you and I will remind them of your new status!
Enjoy your these two days, before.. the load is passed to u. hehe.
Muackz and Hugz!!

Love, Charlene


totoro said...

Hi Charlene,
Thank you for posting the updates of the kids. I can tell there is so much love between the kids and their mommy.

I felt sad on the part about father's day...But very soon i realised that the kids have a much meaningful life than many kids with a complete family. They had a great experience about facing and fighting with challenges that kids of the same age will never have...

thank you again for all the daily updates...

Jolene said...

The Father part is easier than I thought given thestrong bond Cyn has forged with the kids, something that can never be taken away by anyone. Part and parcel of growing up, we now have a different sets of questions that made us go.. dumbfolded. HAHA =)

Love, Charlene

yaya said...

I love the conversations between Little Charmaine & kor kor when choosing the photo. Kids are kids and they are real cute! :)

Also, my heartiest congratulations to Jolene on her big day today! Do enjoy...

Elaine said...

Hi charlene,

May I know how to go about ordering the green pen (with the thumbs up)? I need about 10 of it?

You may sms or contact me at 96894340.

Thank you.

kind regards,

Elaine said...

Hi charlene,

May I know how to go about ordering the green pen (with the thumbs up)? I need about 10 of it?

You may sms or contact me at 96894340.

Thank you.

kind regards,

Janet said...

Hi Elaine,

I can process the order for you. You can sms me at 93800484 or derek at 96886411. I will get in touch with you tomorrow otherwise.


Happy princess said...

Hi, my friend is interested in the flea market. Is it still available? And can she jus do for one day ie 19th of July only?

Elaine said...

Thanks Janet for the effort in arranging for the collection of the 20 green pen!

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