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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mooncakes with a twist

Mid Autumn Festival is fast approaching. If you like mooncakes with a twist, you can consider ordering Hello Kitty mooncakes from one of our readers in support for Charmaine.

Here is an extract taken from the word doc they've sent us:

"Let us help her. We are making Hello Kitty mooncakes and 100% of all sales proceeds will be donated towards Charmaine’s medical fund. Each box at SGD$25 consists of 4 different flavours of Hello Kitty Snow Skin Mooncakes, namely, chocolate, pandan, strawberry and plain. All are filled with home made lotus paste and red bean paste. Collection will be from 27 July 2009 onwards. We will try to accommodate all requests, please let us know in advance."

Please contact: Hwee @ 96328234 for orders and collection.

Made with love by Pink’s Creations –


UGG Boots

UGG boots are comfortable and fashionable.

One of our readers have created a gift card for ourfeistyprincess readers which gives them $30 to spend at their store.

Here is an extract taken from the email:

"All your readers need to do is visit our website and enter the code OURFEISTYP into the cart. We ship to all countries and there are no conditions."

ugg boots


Edited to add:
Fight The Monster Fund Raising-- Fun Jumpers Workshop & Fun Games
Venue: Bishan Park Dog Run (small field)
Date: Sat 11th July
Time: 7 - 8pm
Fees: $50 per dog & owner
Additional dog @ $10 each
1) Fun Games eg: Doggie Race, Hurdle Race, Best Costume ( Prizes to be won )
2) Fun Jumpers Workshop

Do register with your name, contact number & full payment. As this is for Charity, there will be no refund. Do register by 10th July Fri.

Email your registration & enquiries to:


Feisty Princess Fund Raising @ HEART Market

Venue: Sculpture Square

Date: 11 &12 July 2009 ( Sat & Sun)

Time: 10-7pm

Fees: Free Admission

Activities: There will be a booth specially set up for Feisty Princess Fund Raising.

* Mr Casey Chen had donated out 100 lovely badges @ only $2.00 each and 100% of the income goes to the fund.

* Dolly Deer had made more pretty accessories for you to bring home! 100% of the income goes to the fund too.

* Hot items from Dolly Deer, Button Earstud for only $3.90, every earstud sold, $1.00 goes to the fund. Don't miss out the good deals! you might not get good stuffs and great price after this!!

* 'Love Bank' will place at the booth, you can drop the feisty team a note over there! Cute papers will be provided.

* Live band to entertain you over there!

Email your enquiries to:


totoro said...

Dear Princess,
How are you feeling today?
Hope you are eating well...

Mommy Cynthia,
Please bring Jase to NY, there is no doubt on that. I will make the same decision. As a matter of fact, I will probably make all the same decisions you have made so far. It is a painful experience and i really really wish all the best for you and kids.

To Jolene and Charlene,
Thank you for all the effort you have put in...

Take good care everyone..

Iruka said...

Will be helping to get some orders for the mooncakes among my friends. =)

We can do little to help but hope this little bit from everyone will make up a lot and help Cynthia and Charmaine to get pass this rough phase.

Mama Joan said...

Everytime i read your blog, it bring me to tears> Your bravery touches my heart, your pain and suffering makes my heart ache. For your mommy and Gor Gor (Jase) pls fight and defeat the monster!!

Mommy Cynthia:
I totally agreed with totoro. You should bring Jase. Both of you are pillars of strength for Charmaine. With both of you, she will definitely fight and win this battle. So pls bring Jase. M sure Jase will want to be there for his mei mei. Please bring another adult. So that you can have someone to discuss with on important matters and also to look after Jase. It wouldn't be healthy to keep Jase at the hospital all the while and you would definitely want to be with Charmaine in a foreign land during the night. So you will need another person whom you can trust to be with you at such important time. M sure another person expense will not be too high since i lived at USA for 2 years. Please take good care of yourself as your kids needs you.

Charmaine, remember: IMPOSSIBLE = I M POSSIBLE. So fight on princess, and you will be the winner. Nothing is impossible to God. Auntie will pray for you everyday, God will heal you. JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!!!!

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