Updates after 5th Chemo

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Princess is back at home but as expected, this chemo wil make her feel very sick and will keep vomit because of the drug used.

She just vomitted. As expected, this is the tough one. She was nausea all along, didnt know how to say, kept saying is tummy ache.

Jus vomitted all over again

Love, Char


Anonymous said...

Charmaine jia you!

Feisty team jia you!

Maybe can tell her because of the medicine but will be ok soon. Tell her the medicine will make her ok one.

Anonymous said...

at least she knows is due to the medicine that make her feel like vomit but is essential to kill the monster completely or to be ok again.

Sean said...

Dear Charmaine,

Do fight strong as the whole world is with you.


joey said...

Charmaine you will definitely can overcome the pain.

The medicine will make you terrible but i am sure you can make it. Pls bear with it .....

Anonymous said...

Charmaine , go for it !
Im sure you can do it k ! (:

Stay positive .

Its painful , i know . but just
bear with it .
It will be over soon ....

And charmaine's mum ..
Although i dont know you , Dont think so much k ..

If you break down , what will happen to charmaine .
Stay positive .. as nothing is impossible .

Go for it Charmaine!
<3 .

JKLF said...

Little Feisty Princess,
加油, 我们的小公主。。。

JKLF said...
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