NUH 5th Round Chemo

Thursday, July 2, 2009

With technological advances, here's something for all. =)

Sorry that I cant upload it, so had to use a viewer in this case.

Top Left: " I dont want to kiss you" - She refuses to kiss me in the morning
Top Right: " You cant see me!" - She is playing for the first time, with the girl beside her bed.
Bottom Left: "Happy Birthday to you" - They were so cute! They sang in English, then in Mandarin, and finishes the last verse in English again! So sweet
Bottom Right: "She did it this afternoon" by Cyn

Love, Charlene


Iz said...

Charmaine, you have a very lovely smile... Really warms the heart to see such a beautiful smile... Hoping and praying that you will overcome and conquer your predicament and live a long, healthy and joyful life. God bless...

Anonymous said...

hehe look how feisty and cute she is!! YEAHH! and this after a chemo!! Respect! she is very very powerful, and ready for her way and the fight!!
take care little princess, cyn mommy (who is doing a great "job") and the whole feisty team..

our prayers and thoughts are still with you

Charmaine said...

It's so heartwarming to see your beautiful smile, it actually brought tears to my eyes. You are a really strong girl, keep it that way sweet darling. Wishing you a smooth path ahead.

Praying for you everyday,
Auntie Charmaine.

cyn said...

It's really heartening to know that Charmaine is smiling and responding well to her treatment :)

Anonymous said...

My dear princess,

So glad to see your happy smile, have been worrying for you though.
Your smile really brightens my heart & my day.

You have win half the battle, keep on fighting. You will win all eventually!!!!

Well done! Charmaine.

lots of hugz,

Anonymous said...

Whether you are young or old everyone will die one day eventually. Its good to die young than old as you do not need to suffer to study or earn a living. I consider you are fortunate to have this sickness at this early age. I hope you will leave this world peacefully without much suffer. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

FOR GOD SAKE! Please be realistic. The amount of money raised can save more people in Africa than one. BE REALISTIC!!!

Anonymous said...

to the above 2 anonymous, i hope you both (or perhaps 1 person?!) suffer the worse fate and try having NO ONE TO HELP.

Dan said...

To Annon at 0740,

Are you young or old?
Are you dying soon?
Or do you have the illness like Charmaine?
I hope that when you are as fortunate as charmaine one day, you will remember what you have written here.
You pathetic soul.

Dan said...

To the Anon at 0743,

The children in Africa are waiting for your help!!!
Quick, do what you can to help them.
On the other hand, I do not think that you can even do a fraction of what the feisty team has done, so get off the blog.
We will help Charmaine and YOU please go and help the children in Africa.

Anonymous said...

A blog is like a "house", with the blogger being the "homeowner". It so happens that the homeowner in this case has opened up the "house" for the general public.

Bitter Anons out there - please refrain from casting aspersions on Charmaine and family on THIS BLOG!!! To carry the analogy further, I believe you'd be shooe-d away with the household broomstick if you were to say such mean things in person to your host.

Thank goodness this is but a virtual world and the community here can only use words to politely ask you to leave.

Anonymous said...

A blog is like a "house", with the blogger being the "homeowner". It so happens that the homeowner in this case has opened up the "house" for the general public.

Bitter Anons out there - please refrain from casting aspersions on Charmaine and family on THIS BLOG!!! To carry the analogy further, I believe you'd be shooe-d away with the household broomstick if you were to say such mean things in person to your host.

Thank goodness this is but a virtual world and the community here can only use words to politely ask you to leave.

chloecube said...

she's such an angel :). Pls tell her she is always in my mind and i really wish her well :).Although we have never met before, but i still love her :)

RT said...

To the Anonymous @ 7.40am..I HOPE that YOU will Leave this world by TODAY. Then you will no longer have any SUFFERING.I think you are an IDIOT to say all those things. If you think is fortunate to have this illness then may you have all kind of CANCERS in this world. Then you will be the MOST FORTUNATE IDIOT in this world.. GOOD LUCK..

Charmaine, my wife and I will always by your side even though we are not with you..No matter things are going up or down, NEVER give up. You still have a long way to go..TAKE CARE..

Ken Ang said...

Many people tend to forget that at least they had gone through childhood, the process of study and into the working society, life cycle of a human beings... These are not sufferings, just obstacles in life.

Little Charmaine is in pain everyday and is suffering, the illness deprive her of schooling, where she can learn to grow, make new friends and contribute to the society when she is a working adult.

Let us, everyone, give her a chance to live. The money are contributed from all the kind souls out in the world. We won't deprive a young kid from all the joy and laughter in life. No one can take anyone's life away.

She's strong and will get thru the most difficult time in her young life, i believe in Little Charmaine, she prove it all the times, i have faith in her. She will be like anyone of us, doing the same thing, helping out those who are needy and sufferings.

Let's not be bothered by those who wrote and pour cold water. They are people who are not kind at heart and wouldn't know how impt life is all about.


JKLF said...

Dear Charmaine,

It's really good to see your sweet and beautiful smile....

You are a very strong girl... Keep Fighting...


Anonymous said...

To little Charmaine,
Glad to hear you are responding well to treatment. Press on...

To Mummy Cynthia and the feisty team,
You're the best! Keep going...

To the soulless anonymous at're a such sore jackass and since you've no reason to be around, pls buzz off..

To the anonymous at 743am..realistic or not, we're the best judge so there is no need to "poke" the issue further..


Aaron said...

wow!!! our infamous anon is really cranking things up here. You are more active than the fiesty team commenting at 11pm last night on another part of the blog and now at 0740 you are here again!!! Amazing!! Seems your comments are getting more and more cynical and I sense a tinge of desperation in seeking attention. I guess you did not get your daily dose of attention yesterday and have to wake up early today to ensure you hit your quota or maybe you had a sleepless night. From the responses so far, it looks like you will hit your goal today. Bravo!! Congratulations!!! Perhaps you will not have to work overtime tonight then.
Wonder if everyone has noticed that our NON-response to his rhetoric is getting on his nerves as this is the most attention grabbing topic he has raised yet. Since we can't get him to cease and desist ( despite the best efforts of everyone since Feb 09), let's just enjoy this freakish side show in silence.
Anon, I can just imagine you eventually sticking your head into a toilet bowl and having a conversation with yourself via the echoes.


Anonymous said...

to anon at 0740,

oh really? in that case, why don't you kill yourself now?

Anonymous said...

Charmaine, you are a beautiful little princess! Keep up your smiles and continue to fight! We're waiting for you to kill all the monsters and join kor kor and the rest of the kids in school. You will grow up to be a beautiful girl! You must enjoy your life ok! Always love mummy and the Aunties who have done so much for you.

We'll love you always!

Anonymous said...

Please be mindful, this blog is for the purpose of well-wisher for Charmaine and family. So, we should only write positive comments to the blog. For negative comments, I suggest to just ignore them. The more we reply, the more they send. So, please do not response to any .... and they will just disappeared!

2am said...

Dear Charmaine,

You are looking so happy in the shots that your mummy took. Really brighten up my life to see you jumping and making all monkey faced around.

God Blessed you!

Anonymous said...

hey aaron, soooo sweet of u to post many sweet comments. 1 not enough but 2, 3, 4 after another. too shy to leave ur big name everytime?

Anonymous said...

To some anon at 3rd July 12.07pm

Maybe u have been doing that (posting not 1 but 2, 3, 4 after another. too much of a coward to leave his/her big name everytime)

Ever heard of the saying - Pot calling the kettle black?

There are so many supporters vs the cowards, insensitive, rude...

What makes u think it's Aaron?

ps - stop ur whinning, u still have 45min for lunch... stop waste time reading and posting negative comment

eraser said...

REMINDER, Please do not respond to anon 0740 any further,you are just wasting your precious time typing away.... by responding,you are helping anon 0740 to achieved what he wanted. Ignore ppl like anon 0740 totally. Do no let him make use of this blog to "let go" himself & do not let this blog to become his playground!


Anon 0740, YOU NEED HELP! You know it yourself. poor thing...

Anonymous said...


So nice to see your smile again... stay strong and positive.

Charlene, Happy Birthday.

When will charmaine be going to US? Has all the required funds been raised?

Ken Ang said...

Well, we're still on schedule for the deposits for NY treatment. Lets just ignore those Anonymous. I believe in 'what comes around, goes around'

Feisty Team, don't be angered by their remarks or even feel disheartened by it. Charmaine will prove it to them and let concentrate on planning for the up coming schedule after Charmaine's NY treatment.


Muffy said...

I feel so sorry! Having cancer in the family as well, I know it's difficult, more so when it's a child suffering.

My Mother has Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She's in her 4th year now and she is coping well. Her faith in God is strong and she is a living testament to God's work. However, we know the time will come when chemo doesn't work anymore. And it really scares me.

My Dad had Stage 2 NK/T Cell Lymphoma. He's also undergoing chemo at NUH and my heart aches for the pain he goes through cos he needs injections into the bone marrow every 3 weeks. We don't know if it's gonna work yet, but I'm praying hard.

You and your little girl will be in my prayers... In the end, God will reward us for all the suffering we go through in his glory.

kailin said...

To Anon @ 7:40 AM
you better start praying for yourself or your next generation. cause what comes around goes around. now you are asking a small life to give up hope and die.
scold me evil say me mean. but i m still WAY BETTER THEN YOU.

To Anon @ 7:43 AM
well then when are you gonna help those africa kids? i do have a few volunteer work i cant attend due to work commitment do u wan to take over me instead. but if u have no intention or wasnt even helping but just complaing then pls keep those comment to urself.

To Charmaine/Cyn/Charlene/Jolene/all others~
Jia you~ i m sure with everybody help all hardness can be overcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charmaine,

I am so so so happy to see you smiling are a strong
beautiful feisty princess.

I thank God for answering all our prayers for you, God will continue to watch over you and make you well soon.

We all love you Charmaine

Shanshan said...

Dear Charmaine, the smile on your face really makes my heartache and I would really want to do even more for you T_T

Charmaine, although at such tender age, she has taught me on how to see things in a optimistic way.

Despite of the suffering and pain she is in, she's still fighting on and with so much smiles and laughter.

Wonder if can we really go out with tin cans to do fund raising for little Charmaine.

Pixie said...

Shan Shan,

Unfortuantely, that needs police licenses as far as we understood.


Pixie said...

We will be updating on the good news of fundings, and Char progress shortly. Please bear with us cos kinda busy with stuffs around =(

Thanks for all the good faith!!!!


Anonymous said...

Charlene, no problem and we will wait patiently for the good news! :)

to the anon, you are REALLY VERY PATHETIC!!! Since there are so many "other" ppl need help, why dont you help them rather than telling us all those "noble" things. We are not that noble as you and we only know we are here to help charmaine and the feisty team.

You are really very PITIFUL because you are planting a lot of ill fruits and you won't know when you will reap the "ill" fruits RETRIBUTION!!!Saw many ppl who "act good man" but evil inside and mind you, one's evil will reveal sooner or later!!! WHAT'S GOES ROUND WILL COME AROUND!!! Remember that!

Anonymous said...

Dear Charmaine,

you are brave and you thought me lots of things through your story.
You will be fine :)

adeline n joey said...

Charmaine, you are strong n tough. Is great to see your lovely smile. Jia you! Jia you! you can fight the monster and overcome the pain.

We all love you and hope you will be recover soon.......

Anonymous said...

May God Bless Charmaine to be same old cheerful gal after kicking off the monster.
How is she doing today?
Have you reached the target?Let us know so we can speed up the fund raising,if necessary

vivien said...

Hey hey with a determined heart you will never lose the war, continue fighting, you pretty lil warrior. you'll be in my prayers tonight(:

Anonymous said...

We pray day and night to go to heaven so I hope you will soon be with your GOD today instead of suffering and who knows you may get H1N1 when enter hospital. That's no way to cure cancer till now, no point waste money to someone has not even started to contribute tax to our country. BE REALISTIC go spend your money to buy some nice gadget, clothes, car and help the jobless. So long Charmaine.

Anonymous said...

excuse me what the fuck is wrong with you anon. must you be so cruel to a child? has she offended you in any way? huh? seriously get a life can. or perhaps END your life would be a better option.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, go to NYC, come back and show us a cure. If not, then do a round 2, round 3, round 4, round-forever fund-raising to keep cancer girl alive lor. LOL

Anonymous said...

yea, in the meantime YOU better be hoping you dont get cancer, cuz when you do no one will give a hoot abt you.

why not you take the first plane out to africa and work ur miracles there huh? instead of coming here to post brainless comments since you think its a 'waste of time". walk your talk, coward!

Anonymous said...

To Annon at 0740,1212

I guess these comments were made by the same coward. Pls do curse more, because we Buddhist believe the more you curse, your retribution will be faster and God (all religions) will bless Charmaine more. By the way, do you know by cursing, you will also curse your own luck & fortune away. So please dun stop, curse more.

To all fellow friends,

Let's this asshole do whatever he likes as he is 'more sick' than Charmaine. Although his remarks made us boil but were not able to stop us from helping Cyn & family.

I know it hard to TOTALLY INGORE but pls try. The more we get angry & response, he will be happier but Cyn & family will suffer more.

Cyn, pls ingore those curses. Just remember, the more the curses, the better Charmaine will be. God will always punish the evil & bless the good.

Cobbler Man said...

I'm not sure why anyone will be so cruel to make fun of Charmaine's condition and light of this whole matter.

Whoever those anons are, my sympathy lies with your parents, and who ever who is unfortunate enough in real life to be associated with you.

Because if your parents or your love ones have cancer, instead of doing your best and spending money to save them, you'll donate the money to people completely unrelated to you and a continent away.

Or perhaps you are an unfortunate person yourself. Brought up entirely with no concept of shame.

before the next mean comment you post, I hope you remember what shame is. The three year old in the nearest nursery probably have a better idea then you.

Anonymous said...

I know there is cure for cancer, but I don't think there is any cure for Anon 0740 1212. No wonder he need to pray day and night just to go heaven....

Although, we are angry with the comment, but please try to refrain using abusive language in the blog. If not next time little charmaine happened to read it will asked what is that???

Anonymous said...

haha well said! Surprisingly, I used to get angry by reading dumb Anon's comments... but now, I am no longer affected by what the brainless Anon has cursed or said... coz Charmaine is still our pretty little angel...

Anon @ 12:12... You are such a pathetic fella...

Anonymous said...

we should stop responding to "those anon" and we shouldn't curse "those anon", if not, we will also be like "those anon". Just ignore and what's goes round will come around.

There are lots of such ppl in reality but what to do since they are so evil at heart and keep hurting ppl who did no harm to him/her, kill ppl with words is the worst and evil thing to do. Again what's goes round will come around. yet trying to pretend to be "kind" and hurting ppl, no matter how well you talk, "heaven will have eyes" to see and record down all your words and action!!! YOU ARE SO PATHETIC AND PITIFUL ... I REALLY PITY YOU AND WORRY FOR YOUR RETRIBUTION...GOD BLESS YOU but will your GOD/BUDDHA really bless you??? POOR THING...

This will be my last response to you too!

Anonymous said...

Cmon anon 1212, whats the fuss? Their victory is not with the money but only when (or if) this girl survives cancer. The money is gone for sure so get over it. Now lets just see if its well-spent. But like i said before (yes, that was me), all these money is only to ease the mother's pain of losing the girl too soon. Nevertheless come back next month, or 3 months, or 6 months, 1 year to see if its time to celebrate a cure. I might not have faith in treating stage 4 cancer but still hope u prove me wrong. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way anon 1212, by saying that, it doesn't mean i support what u've said about Char.

Anon 645

Aaron said...

What's this ? Our infamous anon (6:45, 6:53) disagreeing with another anon (12:12) on the same side. Come on, it's like the left hand typing and the right hand responding. It's so obvious that both perpetrators are the same. Still hoping to convince everyone that there are many anons responsible for posting negative comments here ? Or are you having a change of heart all of a sudden ?
Btw, those anons we responded above are not me ( but you don't believe anyway or DO YOU ? )


Jen said...

Hahaha, this is actually getting funny! Can all of you sense how desperate our infamous AH Anon is getting?? I used to weep everytime after reading the blog, but now I actually find myself laughing out loud! Hahaha!

Hey Anon, thanks for easing up the atmosphere here, you have really become our clown, cheering us up daily with your dumber and dumber posts. In the past I only check on the Feisty Team's updates, but now I will read the comments just to see how your stupidity is exposed each day through your nonsensical posts, and get totally cracked up!

Besides making me laugh, you also made me feel tremendously good about myself, I never knew that I am in fact comparable to a saint when contrast with a lowlife like you. Oh thanks so much for being a FOC jester to all of us here and saved us the cost of visiting a shrink. Perhaps we should donate all the money that you have saved us to you so that you can visit one?? I honestly think you need a shrink more than anyone here you know, so give it a thought yeah?!

.:chocolate~penguin:. said...

just wanted to pop by and say 3 CHEERS FOR PRINCESS CHARMAINE!!!! :D u can do it... don't let the monster win okay! the tummyache will go away... must jiayou :) all my friends are praying for u too!

Anonymous said...

Ok anon 1212, i changed my mind. I'm with u. Lets watch this girl fade away. She's going to U.S soon for more pain! LOL

Jason said...

Hello anon whatever number you both are. Since you 2 are regulars of the blog, why dun u leave down your nicknames. Like Joker1, Joker2 or jackass i, jackass ii or something? I think all of us here would love to address the both of you by some names and not numbers like prison inmates.


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