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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is me!

The 5th chemo has been a toll on her, as well as her family. With the blessings of angels, Charmaine did not react as bad as the previous round, however, daily nausea still comes about. The tiredness engulfed our Princess too. She wakes up at 9am and fall aslp again at 11am. But we are glad that at least she sleeps =)

Here's 1 for all!

Love, Charlene


2am said...

Seriously, I cannot tell that Charmaine has just went for the 5th round of chemo. She just look like any other normal kids, her eyes is beaming with happainess. She looks good and fantastic! I'm very happy to see her photo. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hey cutieee! take care feisty princess! you did a good fight till now.. im proud of you!
keep on fighting!
big virtual hug to you and cyn mummy

totoro said...

hi princess,

Aunty Totoro feel so heart pain everytime i read about your condition.

Stay brave...for yourself, your bro Jase, mommy and many many more supporters for you !

Mama Joan said...

So happy to see your smile. U must continue to fight the monster and defeat it ok? JIA YOU!!

JKLF said...

Hi Little Princess,
Good to see you with a Big Smile...
Jia You!!!!

yaya said...

Well done, Little Charmaine! Am strongly believed that you can make it! Big hug & kissess to you :)

rachel said...

its good to see lil' charmaine's wide smile!

charmaine, you must fight on!

Irene said...

Little Charmaine and mummy,

Jia you! Good to see charmaine smile!

Hong Wei said...

Well done, Princess!
Be strong and take care.

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