A photo story: Charmaine's 4th birthday celebration

Thursday, July 16, 2009

14th July 2009... a happy occasion for Charmaine and cyn mummy.

For Charmaine, her happiness is of pure innocence. For cyn mummy, her happiness is of eternal gratitude.


Numerous gifts not just for Charmaine but for Jase as well... really thoughtful of all the donors and guests.

Middle top:
The cute little boy up there is Char's boyfriend. Hehe... She often tells us about him and now we finally saw him in real life.

Middle bottom:
When we saw the T-shirts, we just went "WAHHHH! So cute!!!" Jase has one too which he wore immediately.

What is a party without some dancing? Charmaine sure knows how to party!

A barbie cake...

similar to that from last year.

This was what happened to Barbie when Charmaine insisted on sticking the candles into the cake by herself.

Char was allowed to eat anything she wanted that day. She ate lots of cake. She loved the cream part best.

After eating some cake, little princess started her dance again.

The kids had a whale of a time... The Dora tent was enough to entertain them for hours. Charmaine was so happy to be mingling with her good friends -- something which she has not been able to do for months.


Thanx to all the kind uncles, aunties, kor kors and jie jies who donated the gifts and also for making their way down to celebrate Charmaine's birthday and for making the occasion such a joyous one.

More video clips to look out for. I'm still in the midst of uploading them.



YiShan said...

Happy Belated Bdae Charmaine :)

Wish u can grow up healthily.

PEIYIN :D said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the Feisty Princess :D

stay happy and be healthy!

happybee said...

Happy to see Charmaine had a Great birthday party! Happy Birthday Princess Charmaine!!!

Precious Moment said...

glad to see priness and family enjoying themselves so much...

god will bless you guys....

littlestylos said...

Am glad that the Feisty Ones liked their family tees!

Saw the pictures, what a party! :) Happy to see that Charmaine and family are enjoying themselves at the celebration.

God bless...

Brian Chan said...

Happy Belated Bday!!! Charmaine. Too bad i only get to know it now, too late to prepare any gift for you. Just hope you get well soon!!

yaya said...

What a wonderfully birthday party Charmaine has! :)

Is glad to see her dance & enjoying herself with the yummy cake & bubbling with joy!

May everyday is a happy day to you, little Charmaine :)

Daniel said...

Hi, would like to know if I can send some art n craft / scrapbooking printouts for Charmaine to take along to NYC? All she'll need is some glue/ double-sided tape, a pair of sissors and she have hours of creative fun. When a fixed address in NYC is firmed up, I can follow up and send more print outs over too. Please advise. Thanks very much.

Jolene said...

Hi Daniel,

That shld be fine =)
Do email us on it.

Thank you so much!
Love, Charlene

susanteh said...

Happy Birthday Charmaine. May you have many, many more happy days ahead! Your mum and bro are the best too - thumbs up!

God bless.

Jessica:D said...

Happy Belated Bdae Charmaine (:

Stay happy ! :D

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