Fund Raising Activities

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

With the completion of many fund raising activities, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the organizers and you all who had participated in it.

The last few days have been busy meeting up with the organizers, and I hope I did not miss out any (if i do, please email me)

1. dphotofolio
The photos done up is very sweet! Thanks for putting it all together for us! We have seen all the well-wishes for Charmaine and glad that they have enjoyed it. =)

2. Otah Boy
Thanks to the kind hearted souls from Motherhood forum and to the organizer. No one will know the extend of help that a small box of otah can bring to us. Coincidentally, the kids used to eat otah too! =) Thanks for the list of donors provided.

3. TupperWare sales
Hope it has been a great success for u all as it has been for us.

4. Doggie Photoshoot
What an encore event it is! Thanks for the dog lovers and photographers who put in much effort in getting this done up.

5. Disney Cushies
It must have been my favourite characters too!

Thanks everyone for giving our Princess the ray of light, hope, and faith that was once dimmering in her life. Yesterday was her birthday and boy, is our girl havin gmuch fun even up till today. Ask her who has turned 4? And she will say, ME! and I am taller and bigger now like Jase Jase.

For donors who have bought her presents in hand-made hair accessories, colouring books, puzzles, dolls, stickers, many forms of Doras that we never have imagined (Dora Tent, Bowl, Pen, Passport Holder, Cardholder, Towel), for her big bro Jase, and of course the three Feisty Family white tees... The kids had a great time tearing the presents up, while we had a long time clearing up...

Yesterday before her party, she went for her regular check in NUH, and had transfusion there and then, before coming back. Her feisty spirit was clearly shown, as the blood that flowed, was not shown on her face.

Photos will be up shortly...

Love, Charlene


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