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Thursday, July 9, 2009

To the readers of WanBao, listeners of Radio100.3 and others who have come forth to us, thank you so much in donating to Charmaine and Cynthia. This huge financial burden on Cynthia especially, carrying the workload of being both a mother, a father, a caregiver, and a playmate to the kids, has been lighten with everyone of you. You had helped us to concentrate more on the wellbeings of the kids, and went beyond the normal call of help. We might be strangers on the roads, but please stop by if you happen to see our Princess Charmaine, and her superb korkor, to give them the encouragement to walk on =)

We never would have come so far, without the media.
Thank you to the radio-ers, the reporters, and of course, to you who believed in us, and give us the faith.

Guitar sold!

Thanks to the seller and buyer!!!

Many have emailed to ask about the trip:

1. When will it be?
Targeting end July or early August depending on Charmaine health status. Last round that she has the same drug, she needs to be back in the hospital quite often. In addition, we just received an email from MSKCC that the amount needs to be remitted first before anything can be started. So the timeline will also be hinged on it.

2. Where will she be?
MSKCC location can be googled, but it willbe in NYC, NY.

3. Do we have accommodation?
Yes. MSKCC will try to refer us to social worker where they most likely will put them in Ronald MacDonald house. It is a place to hold parents like Cynthia. It is not next to the hospital but within blocks. Commute through cab will be expected because weather might turn too bitter for the kids to walk, and Cynthia is alone there. Before anyone starts to cry out loud and ask why are donations turned into luxury (cabs), offer better alternative first. She is, only, a single woman. Not superwoman.

4. Can you pass presents to Charmaine and the family?
Yes you can however, because she will be in NY, toys etc might not be played for long.

5. How do we get in touch with Cynthia in NY if we would like to help?
I am arranging local number for her, and will be posting up the location once she is there. You can contact her through there, or email to the team back in Singapore.

We are still not very sure what kinda help we would most need, but I guess at this point, we are settling the obvious one:
- Immigration (passport, visa)
- Transport (airtickets, internal transfer)
- Clothes (winter clothes)

For those who have left their contacts thru the email, dont worry as they are still kept in with us. =)

OK! Head back to work, and thanks all for helping again!!!

Love, Charlene


JKLF said...

Little Princess,
Be strong and fight the monster... 加油,小公主。

J.H said...

All the best to your princess, I pray that the treatment will be effective!
Told Cyntia not too worry of being alone as there is quite a number of other parents in her shoes whom stayed at Ronald McD.
I hope to hear more updates!
God bless you all :-)

p.s : july/august will be warm in NY (I suppose). But do bring jumper/long sleeve as it can get windy.

totoro said...

I have sent an enquiry to Kris flyer to request if a Kris Miles donation program can be organized to help princess in getting her air tickets.

Keep our finger crossed....

Michel said...

to princess and her mommy,
dun worry about how others think about how the money is managed, we've come this far, I am sure those who had sincerely donated to you will know and believe that you will spent sensibly. taking a cab in NY is not splurging.. instead i see it as you taking good care of yourself. what matter in NY is that you are safe and well, that then we will know Princess and Khor Khor can be safe and well too.
take good care... love, michel

Hong Wei said...

Princess, fight the monster upside down!
Be strong and get well soon ! !

ONG said...

Fight the Monster!!!

Take care of Princess...wear mask whenever in outdoor...

Hope to hear good news form you...

Good Luck!!

JasonConnie said...

Dear Princess & Mummy

Take care and stay strong!

Jia You! Do not give up hope. Have faith, believe and you will gain victory.

God Bless & I pray for miracle healing and speedy recovery.

Mama Joan said...

Go ahead with the cab if you required. Like wat Michel said, do the best for the kids and yourself if you deem fit. M sure no one would question and label this as luxury. It would be very tiring and difficult to be walking to & fro to the hospital with the kids almost every day. We want the best for charmaine. But do remember not to walk on the street with the kids or alone when night fall, it isn't safe. I don't dare to go out alone at night when i was in US the last 2 yrs. Do you have any idea how long you will be there?

Princess: Auntie is praying for you and so does my ger. We will wait for your return back home ok? Remember: Fight and defeat the monster for yourself, your kor kor, mummy and everyone here who cares for you, ok?

singaporedream said...

we will be in new york around that time too. we had left home 18 months ago, riding a motorbike thro asia, europe, south and central america and now in texas. both of u stand out as ordinary singaporeans who fight and did not give up, like we did. we would try our best to go and support you!

goh and samantha

RaTz said...
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RaTz said...

As J.H mentioned, NY's rather hot during Jul/Aug. But it may get chilly at night sometimes (Genting-like).
Mama Joan brought up an important issue - it's not safe at night.
I used to work in Long Island till late last yr, am now in Texas. But if you think you'll need an extra helping hand, I should be able to take few weeks off (sometime from mid-Aug) to help a fellow S'porean in any way I can.

Best wishes to courageous little princess. I'm sure she'll defeat the monster! =)

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