The colours i like

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"I like pink, red and white"
" U know why I like red and white?"
"because when you do painting, u use red and white, together it becomes pink!"
- By Charmaine

Love, Charlene


JKLF said...

Smart Little Feisty Princess
Good to know that she is doing so well.
Have fun painting....

Timothy said...

stay strong charmaine!
just believe and have faith.
you will definitely get well soon (:

Hong Wei said...

Smart Princess! =)

yaya said...

Clever girl, sweetie! :)

Mama Joan said...

Smart lil' princess!! Have fun painting! You will find that you can create alot more colours by mixing the paint together!!

eunice_sng71 said...

wow... very very clever Princess.

Michel said...

So clever Princess...good job :)

mrs tan said...

shes such a darling

Maggie said...

Dear Charmaine,
Hello! U are a very brave girl. I have been reading about you in the newspapers. And I know U will be going to New York city to do treatment for your sickness. Let me tell U something about New York. New York is one of my favorite city in the world. I have been there many many times. There are hot dogs stands in almost all busy streets of the city. The sounds, the atmosphere even the air gave me endless energy. There is a huge park where U can run free, There will be alot of people running their dogs there in the mornings.U will be there in the summer when there will be a lot of games carnivals as it is school holidays for the children in New York. there will be people rollerblading down the streets, everywhere. And the pizzas there are very nice too.
One of my favorite activity was to look out of the windows and see papers flying in the wind. It is very windy there. So often U will see papers flying high up and then floating down again. It always amazes me no end. You will be able to see all these when U are there. Please continue to be strong. I will pray for U each day and I will continue to look out for your news and updates. I look forward to reading about your recovery soon.

Auntie Maggie

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