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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The kids had fun parading in front of their gugu, gonggong, with the new found loves - Clothes!
Kingkow had kindly provided us some vouchers to choose the clothes for the kids, and both of them are loving their clothes tremendously! It has been a long time since Cynthia has bought them new clothes given her hectic schedule and I am sure the kids welcome this change.

If not for the TV, the photo below would have been much better!

Check out her Yellow hairband that we thought it was a nice change in her usual pink.
The boy had a baby blue jacket/vest, over the white polo. Jase is eating more now, but still as skinny! Luckily the sales girl from Kingkow recommended this pair of jeans, that has a secret adjustment at the back. Char jiejie is suku when it comes to this. =X

Jase is too engrossed with whatever is showing on the tv, but babes are always babes. Turn on the camera and they will look and smile =D

Their latest toys will be strips of paper coloured with squares and had Ben 10 stickers on them. Each represent a super power. When pressed, selected powers will be activated. Only special ones are given the power strap to fight the monster. A prototype is worn by the Princess. LOL.

As sweet as our Princess, the kids heart the card below:

Thanks to those who had made this card.

Love, Char


susanteh said...

Happy to see Charmaine and Jase looking good. Stay positive and get well soon, Charmaine

yaya said...

Is glad to see Charmaine's wide smile again! She is such a brave girl!

Cynthia, may you have a smooth trip to NY. Do take good care of your ownself & the 2 little kids. We believed more good news will be along the way! :)

NoTheOne said...
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Si Goblog said...

Cheer up charmaine. i can feel how you feel. my mom died of cancer when i was young. hang in there little girl. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.
it's all in your mind little girl =)

And if there is something i can help out with my photography skill i would like to help Charmaine.

everything will be free of charge..
you can kindly drop me a tag in my blog..

May God bless her.

My Asian Kitchen said...

A reader of mine email me days ago,asking me to assist Charmaine and Cynthia when they come to NY.She attach this link for me .I try to look for a contact email here but found none.I'm a Malaysian currantly live in Long Island wt my family.mY daughter is same age as Charmaine.I didn't know if Cynthia leave for NY yet..Pls let her know don't bring too many clothes and toys for Charmaine.I'm going to bring my daugther's clothes and toy for Charmaine if she don't mind..Btw here my email:beachlover1917atyahoodotcom

elena said...

Hi Cynthia, had been wondering how you and Charmaine were since we last met at KKH where my little Jo Ann was also undergoing chemo. Glad all has been well so far. I'm sure Charmaine will fight well against this monster. Remember to take care of yourself too so that you can give both Charmaine and Jase the best care. Lets charge all the way for our kids :)

b|akjak said...

Happy Birthday to Princess Charmaine!! Stay strong and happy!

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