Off to New York (soon)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Due to Charmaine's medical condition, the doctor has suggested to fly a day later and tomorrow will be the day. She is now back @ home, as feisty as ever, and all so excited in visiting New York. Clueless is she, on the challenges she will be facing. Cynthia Mommy has been busy packing as she was tied down for two whole afternoon on some private matters. Bitter reality we have seen, but saving your own kid has nothing been more important than it. A strong denial of your own, is shameless. (I digress and pardon for the moment of disgust felt.)

While the two kids were mom-less (and of cos dad-less) for yesterday afternoon, brought them out for a fun in the car. It is interesting to see that, a car is a car for me, but they can spend 2 hrs in the car, roleplaying. Even an unknown "monster" neighbour who parked beside us, joined in the fun for a short while!

They misses their mom so much it is hard to distract them for long.

Want to see how media can train up one's mind? Watch the short clip below. They were singing, this song from a Taiwanese show. Because of charmaine's condition, they are unable to get out of the house so tv remains one of their luxury item.

While Charlene jiejie is also only allowed to bring 10 toys of her own to NY as instructed by the kids, Mommy Cynthia has to keep her to the lightest to accommodate the Mr. Barney, Winnie the Pooh, manymany Doras..

I have also met up with some donors to pass their love notes and gifts to little Charmaine and Mom. Photos are quite dark as I had my phone camera only.

Jase with the piggy bank from Pinky and supporters

Charmaine excited with the Singapore flag pin-up.

Thanks for everyone who made this trip possible, and for helping Cyn mommy in bringing up her odds more than 5times from 10% of survival to 50% chance of survival. We never could have done this without you all!

From the people who care, people who she is related to, to those who gave strength and faith to her to fight on, and even those who ought to but did not help, Mom's a fighter, Char will be a winner in the Monster showdown too!

Next update could be in airport or New York already, so .. take care all!

Love, Charlene


Chris said...

Hi Chalene, Cyn & princess,

Have a safe trip to NY. Charmaine
is on the road to recovery, she is

We will be praying for her.


yaya said...

Charmaine, we are sure that you will defeat the monster & come back home victoriously.

Stay strong & be brave. Wait for your good news, ya! :)

Cyn mummy, do take good care & have a safe trip to NY. It's glad to hear that Charlene will be travel with you too.

Jing..xx said...

Hi Charlene, Cyn, Charmaine & Jase,

All the best! Take care and pls keep us posted.

Keeping you guys in my prayers.

shida said...

Hi Charmaine & gang,

Take care at NY, and I'll be praying for your good health, and please keep us updated on how it's going there (ie : Charmaine's treatment) as much as possible.


totoro said...

"Bitter reality we have seen, but saving your own kid has nothing been more important than it. A strong denial of your own, is shameless."...

This is the quote of the day !

I believe mother's instinct is the strongest. So it will tell you what is the right thing to do, the right decision to make....

All the best to all of you !!!

dharma said...

Win she will, for she is feisty.

Mama Joan said...

Cyn, Charmaine, Jase & Charlene:

Have a safe trip to NY. God will watch over you every minute and take good care. Glad to hear that Charmaine can proceed with her treatment as scheduled. Princess: Fight Hard ok? And be a victorious winner. My ger Roxanne had been praying for you everyday which is something so unexpected given her age (she is only 3yrs old). I believe it must be God's power. She is sick now but yet never forgetting her prayer for your recovery. So for all of us who are supporting you, PLEASE FIGHT HARD AND GET WELL. We love you Charmaine.

littlestylos said...

Hi the Feisty Ones,

Have a safe trip to NY! All the best ans take care. We will be waiting to see you guys back in Singapore :)

qiao said...

All the best...
Have a safe journey...
Take very good care of all of you especially in NY, in a diff environment...
Will continue to pray for you all... Be strong there! :)

Michel said...

Dear Princess, I will be praying for your victory over the naughty monster! Keep up the good work! You are the cutest!

Maggie said...

Wishing U all the best and love from Singapore. Continue to be brave and strong. We will be waiting for your return


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